11 Best Places for Shopping in Florence

The wonderful thing about shopping in Florence is that it’s contained; the centro storico, or historic center, is small enough that you can cover the whole place—and its shops—on foot. And, while many of the international designer labels have store frontage in the city center (mostly on chi-chi Via Tornabuoni), it’s the hidden away independent boutiques and ateliers, where centuries-old artisan traditions continue to thrive, that make the city’s retail scene so compelling. Step into these shops, and you’ll find everything from exquisite bespoke shoes and tailored clothing to jewelry, leather goods, artisan-made perfumes, and hand-bound books (not to mention a palate-perplexing variety of food and wine).

There’s no less intrigue at the independent clothing and jewelry boutiques in the Santo Spirito and Santa Croce neighborhoods, either, and the markets, with their decidedly non-designer finds, are also well worth exploring. Whether you’re all about quality, or just want to pocket something with a story behind it, we’ve got you covered: here are our picks for the 11 best places for shopping in Florence.

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