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Once you’ve soaked up the smells and colors of Zanzibar, don’t forget to take them home with you. Stock up on some cinnamon and turmeric, and haggle a bit over the beloved tingatinga paintings.Darajani MarketIf you are looking to get the most of local vibe on the island, head to Darajani Market: there’s nothing you will not find here — intense flavors, fresh seafood, colorful souvenirs, and even electronic gadgets. The main structure of the market was built back in 1904.
Read More…Address: Market Street, Zanzibar Town
More Info: Also known as Estella Marketand informally as Marikiti Kuu (Swahili for Main Market))
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Aromas of ZanzibarUnique souvenirs made with great local care, from recycled materials and with a sense of social responsibility.
Read More…Address: Gizenga Street, Stone Town
Phone: +255 784 200 242
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Zanzibar Curio ShopSouvenir stalls are found easily everywhere in Stone Town, but visit the Curio Shop if you are on the lookout for some really exciting finds. It’s a huge shop with every souvenir and gift item imaginable: clothing, keychains, bags from local artists reflecting the artworks of Zanzibar, new and antique treasures.
Read More…Address: Hurumzi Street, Zanzibar Town
Phone: +255 777 411 501
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Memories of ZanzibarThe largest souvenir shop in Zanzibar, this is where you can do all the souvenir shopping under one roof, across two floors.
Read More…Address: Kenyatta Road, Shangani, Stone Town
Phone: +255 24 223 9376

FahariAn internationally acclaimed company with a wide range of fabrics showcasing Zanzibar’s rich Indian and African cultural heritage, made with the use of unique materials like oyster shells and palm leaves.
Read More…Address: 62 Kenyatta Road, Stone Town
Phone: +255 77 266 1065


Surti & Son’sThis tiny shop has been providing locals and visitors with premium quality leather products like sandals and bags for several decades now.
Read More…Address: Gizenga Street, Stone Town
Phone: +255 777 472 742

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The Coins ShopA local craftsman company selling uniquely designed coin jewelry. Find the medal that best fits you, or show them the drawing of your favorite symbol! They also ship worldwide.
Read More…Address: Soko Muhogo Street, Stone Town
Phone: +255 658 195 972

Operating Hours: Daily 10am–6pm

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