Angola: Elections 2022 – Electricity From Capanda, Laúca Dams to Benefit Whole Country

Luanda — MPLA candidate for President of the Republic João Lourenço Wednesday in northern Malanje province assured that the energy produced from Capanda and Laúca dams will reach the country’s 18 provinces.

João Lourenço made the pledge at a mass political rally, as part of the electoral campaign underway in the country.

He said that the Executive had already taken energy produced from Capanda and Laúca hydroelectric dams (both located in northern Malanje province) to 10 provinces of Angola.

He said that the challenge for the next term, in case of the victory in the elections on August 24, is to take energy from Malanje to the country’s south and eastern region.

He assured that, within some time, all of Angola will consume the energy produced in the province of Malange.

He stated that the energy will be extended to the 14 municipalities in Malange province. As example, he pointed to the completion, in the next two months, of the Cangandala electrical project, which will benefit 5,000 households.

Logistics platform

In his speech, Joao Lourenço announced the construction of a Logistics Platform in Lembe, Malanje province, which will facilitate the distribution of products from traders and, therefore, reach consumers.

He also predicted to turn Angola into industrialised nation in the near future.

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Njinga Mbandi University

João Lourenço said that the Rainha Njinga Mbandi University will have new facilities in the near future and assured that the Executive is working on funding of the project.


The MPLA leader also announced the intention to build a monument in Malanje province to honour the rulers of the Kingdom of Ndongo (Ngola Kiluanje and Queen Njinga Mbande), similar to what happened to the sovereigns of the kingdoms of Cuanhama and Bailundo.

Strong Economy

In his an hour speech, João Lourenço promised, for the next five years, to work for Angola to be a strong economy, producing the goods and services that its citizens need to live well and surpluses to export.

“This is the great mission for the next term”, said João Lourenço, who pointed to the need to create a good business environment for this to happen, which involves the continuous fight against corruption.


The MPLA candidate slammed the accusations that his party is doing nothing in terms of fighting against corruption.

João Lourenço said those who back this point of view “have made a deal with the corrupt and are being financed by Angola’s money coming through the door of corruption”.

The MPLA, UNITA, PRS, FNLA, PHA, APN, P-NJANGO and the CASA-CE party coalition are running for the general elections on 24 August, 2022.

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