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(1) % growth is year on year % change in EPS. Basic earnings per share are earnings from continuing and discontinued operations that are attributable to current equity holders.

Earnings per share of -0.03p for 06/2021 has grown from -0.12p in 06/2019 or 75% over the period. Looking at this trend over the last 3 reported periods earnings are showing a growth.

The company has no Revenues over the period.


Financial Metric
Price multiple to metric
Relationship strength between metric and share price ±


The Relationship Strength is statistical measure of how close the data is to a line of best-fit line between share price and the metric shown. It is scaled between zero (no relationship) and 5 (strong relationship).

In this case Free Cash Flow to Equity has the strongest relationship to share price, with the company’s Market Capital value at -18.5x Free Cash Flow to Equity.

+ In cases of change in accounting period length, the average is for the last 3 periods. In all cases, it is dependent on published available data and may be for periods shorter than 3 years

± The ‘Strength’ bar shows the strength of the statistical linear relationship of the metrics shown in the chart over the last three periods of data.

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