ATC Tires Private Ltd. Tirunelveli Plant (ATG-TN) | THE YOKOHAMA RUBBER CO., LTD.

Business activities

Manufacturing of Agricultural, Forestry, Construction, Industrial and OTR tires

Total site area

Total site area

47.04 ha

Number of employees

Number of employees

2,450 (as of December 2020; includes contracted laborers)



Sipcot SEZ, A-2, Sipcot Industrial Growth Centre, Gangaikondan, Dist. Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu – 627 352, India

Contact for consultation and complaints

Contact for consultation and complaints

Human Resources and Administration Dept.
Tel: +91-462-6600620 / +91-462-6600612

Message from the President

PN Rajendran

As we are part of Yokohama, improving and matching the quality of our parent company has now become a very essence of our daily activity. To promote the culture of quality we have kick started Q-Open house program covering all the employees in the plant, as a platform to share our views, ideas and commitment to quality in all our activities.

In addition, we have upgraded one FID line as a “World Class FID” by providing inspection hangers and creating unidirectional flow. This will be horizontally deployed across the plant with the purpose to prevent defect miss out and sending an instant Q-alert on detecting the defect to the production line.

Towards building a strong culture and to achieve “Business Excellence”, we have started implementing TQM & TPM towards this journey, by expanding our Continuous Improvement (CI) Umbrella.

The COVID Pandemic has taught us many lessons, and we had to follow new norms in tackling the disease to safeguard our associates and family members.

This has given us new challenges in the form of societal pressure on the organization, when we tried continuing our production activities. We have tackled these issues by strengthening our PR activities and the CSR activities that we are carrying out in the nearby villages helped us in building relationship with the villagers and making them understand the COVID preventive activities carried out by the plant.

We have revised our mobile phone usage policy inside the plant, and restricted use of smart phones inside the plant.

Organizational Governance

Code of Conduct

In keeping with the ATC core values, this company undertakes suitable business activities with an emphasis being placed upon value creation. To achieve the organizational objectives which we base upon such behavior, we remain committed to superior levels of corporate governance while managing our business.

This policy covers various fields such as compliance with applicable laws and responsibilities to shareholders, etc.

Schedule of Authority (SOA)

Through the SOA published in July 2014, and subsequently revised on three occasions (in May of 2017, in January of 2018 and in March 26th of 2019), we are clarifying a range of decision-making rights within our organization.
Using Legatrix, an online legal tool, we have been promoting and undertaking surveillance activities for the purpose of having our compliance functions within the company operate correctly.

Organizational Structures & Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

In order to improve the corporate reporting system, we review our organizational system every quarter.
Furthermore, each department has its own SOP to assure the maintenance of consistent product quality.

HR Policies

All company policies are uploaded in the intranet site of ATG, made available to all employees for their reference round the clock. To enhance the awareness, E-Learning Modules on Mandatory Policies are developed and compliance of attendance is also ensure.

Usage of mobile devices

Policies covering both the usage and connection of mobile handsets and devices is also available in intranet site.

Whistleblower policy

Concerning the company’s whistleblower policy, in addition to it acting to protect employees from unethical business practices, we have put in place our “Vigil System” to provide for the reporting of real concerns and complaints.
Furthermore, regarding both the basic principles of the company’s business and the reporting of any habitual practices, such matters are processed using methods that are fair and unprejudiced as is regulated by the corporate laws of 2013 and company rules 177 (9) and (10) from 2014.
All the company’s policies are published on the intranet portal that acts as an in-house communications server, and through that channel all employees are made aware of their details.

Human Rights

Preventing sexual harassment

Our “Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy” is the result of considerable hard work on the part of ATC India Pvt. The aim of this Policy is to provide employees with a workplace that is free from sexual harassment, intimidation, and exploitation. The objectives outlined in the Policy are to protect all employees in the specified workplaces from the misery of sexual harassment, and provide assistance in cases where it has been experienced, as well as protecting employees from related problems.
In order to raise awareness among all of the company’s employees, sexual harassment prevention training is being implemented in individual workplaces in line with the Policy.
The company has established an Internal Complaints Committee which is responsible for the following matters:

  • Investigating all formal complaints of sexual harassment.
  • Implementing appropriate corrective measures in relation to reports of sexual harassment.
  • Combating and preventing employment-related sexual harassment.

The company’s corporate values, which are outlined below, offer assurance that the proper approach will be adopted in all of our business activities:


The company will maintain fairness in its dealings with all stakeholders, and it will always act in an appropriate manner.

“Responsibility to explain”:

The company recognizes the need for accountability in all of our actions, and in relation to all of our responsibilities.

The company’s Code of Conduct includes the following stipulations relating to discrimination and harassment:
The company shall maintain a workplace environment in which every employee is protected from discrimination or harassment based on race, gender, nationality, age, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, genetic information, sexual preferences, disability, or other aspect of the employee’s status or personal characteristics that is protected by law, and in which every employee is able to maximize their potential.

Labor Practices

Quality, Environment, Health and Safety (QEHS) Policy

We at ATC Tires Pvt Ltd., involved in manufacturing of Commercial Tires, are responsible to create, implement, maintain and ensure Quality of our product, Health, Safety and Environment for our people and business. It is an integral part of our planning and decision making.
We are guided by the principles and are committed to,

  • Conduct our business with respect and care for our customers, people and environment.
  • Achieve the customer satisfaction by manufacturing and delivering the products as per the customer requirements.
  • Satisfy applicable requirements related to quality of the products.
  • Ensure occupational health and safety of all stake holders of the company.
  • Fulfil the statutory, regulatory and other requirements, compliance obligation related to Quality, Environmental aspects and Occupational Health & Safety hazards.

To this end, we realize the following items:

  • Protect the environment by effective utilization of resources and preventing pollution by Reduce, Reuse and Recycle methods, control of process emission by incorporating new technologies.
  • Prevent injuries and ill health by elimination Occupational Health and Safety hazards through consultation and participation of employees.
  • Promoting dialogue and exchanges with all the stakeholders on Quality, Health and Safety and Environmental performance through various forums.
  • Conserving biological diversity in our business activities.
  • Continually improve the integrated management system effectiveness and its performance.
  • We shall make this policy available to the stakeholders.

Safety week celebrated on 06.03.2020

Safety week celebrated on 06.03.2020

  1. Implementing Safety, Health and Environmental management systems and MSRs to comply the safety and health of the employees.
  2. Annual Safety, Health and Environmental Plan has been established, Objectives and targets has been and periodical monitor its implementation and establish review mechanism to ensure that it is achieved.
  3. Adopting relevant techniques, methods like safety audits, inspections and risk assessment for periodical assessment of status on health, safety and environment and taking remedial measures.
  4. Employee engagement has been focused to improve the standards of safety and health in the working environment.

Code of Conduct

Specific Initiatives

  1. Identifying all EHS hazards and target of 1 near miss identification/employee are put in place measures to control and prevent the incidents and accidents. Conducting regular workplace monitoring and preventive health surveillance.
  2. Subcontract and Project safety Manual Implementation.
  3. Adherence level for On the job JSA and HIRA training to all the workmen (KYT).
  4. Fostering culture of reporting and investigating all types of incidents including near misses, all types of accidents.
  5. Horizontal deployment of learnings shared with all concerned stakeholders and implemented across the business.
  6. Conserving the natural resources by effective utilisation and preventing pollution by Reduce, Reuse and Recycle method, incorporation of new technologies etc.
  7. Responding effectively to Safety, Health and Environmental emergencies involving our activities and product.
  8. Fixing the job responsibility and authority at all levels of the organisation and those of the contractors for Safety, Health and Protection of Environment.
  9. Informing and appropriately train all employees and contractors to enhance their Safety, Health and Environmental competencies and awareness.

A safety guide for has been prepared for employees and visitors who are entering the plant premises has been developed and distributed.

Social Security and Health Insurance

Our company provides employees with social assurance coverage and medical/injury insurance such as PF, ESIC, Gratuity, Group Medical and Group Personal Accident Insurance, etc.
As a senior level resource, we undertake to oversee and ensure occupational health and safety activities.

Collective bargaining wage agreement

In October 2020, a collective bargaining agreement (12(3) – Tripartite) was signed with the Labour union. As a Long-Term Settlement, an agreement was concluded that covered the issues of labor wages, efficiency, output, welfare matters and the conferring of bonuses.
This agreement is valid for 3 years till 31st March 2023, the discussion for next settlement will be on 2023.

Celebration of festivals

The winners of the essay, slogan, and drawing contests for all employees, staff, and children of all employees were honored.


The year 2020, was badly affected the Training Activities due to the restrictions imposed towards preventing the spread of COVID19, most of the training programs have been cancelled to avoid gathering. However, we could execute a part of training programs planned in 2020,

  • We planned a training calendar (Full day training programs by internal / external faculty members) that involved 4 categories of programs
  • EHS Skill Development – 10 Programs
  • Functional Skill Development – 10 Programs
  • Behaviour Development – 15 Programs
  • Improvement Related – 5 Programs

11 out 40 planned full day programs have been completed, due to COVID19 Restrictions.
Apart from the above, we have conducted internal training programs for all staff and worksite employees on various subjects such as 7 Step problem solving method, Role of supervisors in handling workmen, Covid-19 Awareness & prevention training, Kaizen training, Autonomous maintenance (JH), Safety, Job safety analysis, Management system implementation, Quality Control Circle process, Process SOPs etc., on a regular basis.
The average hours of training conducted in 2020 amounted to 1.19 Man-days per employee.


We undertake the following additional measures:

  • Visiting employee home for all functions (marriages, etc)
  • Visit of condolence to deceased employees.
  • A staff canteen facility is provided for plant employees.
  • Transportation (buses) is provided for all employees on all shifts.
  • 5S audits are conducted each month.
    5S programs are carried out throughout the plant, with the plant itself divided into 31 specific zones.
  • To enhance employee engagement in all activities, Small group activities were initiated through Quality Control Circle conventions (Internal conventions by TN Plant).
    Employees were participated and won different awards at state and national competitions through QCFI Chapters, ABK AOTS DOSAKAI etc.
    Every employee is encouraged to submit one kaizen per month per employee and being followed up for implementation.
    All employees doing an exceptional jobs are being felicitated through SPOT Recognition and Monthly Kaizen programs.

The Environment

ISO14001 Certificate

Environmental data

Move the screen to the left or right to see the table information

FY 2016
FY 2017
FY 2018
FY 2019
FY 2020

Waste generated (t)

Proportion sent to landfill (%)


Landfill waste (t)


Energy use
(oil equivalent: kl)
Electric power






Greenhouse gas emissions (1,000t-CO2)


Water usage (1,000m3)

  • FY: January to December
  • Greenhouse gas emissions for the overseas site were calculated based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative.

In 2020,

  • 12 Diesel forklift replaced with Battery operated Forklift.
  • 8 Power consumption project carried out and 109033 Units saved.
  • Reduction of Coal consumption 37 Kg/Ton through Modification and diversion of Hot recovery line into Makeup tank project.
  • As a CSR Initiative, Check dam project constructed around 10 nearby Villages where 8000 Persons benefited.
  • Drip irrigation system increased from 640 to 890 Mtrs.

The events planned were cancelled due to restrictions during the COVID19 pandemic.

Fair Operating Practices

Code of conduct to regulate fair competition and trade

The tire business is a competitive industry. Nevertheless, at this company we are entirely committed to behaving in a manner that supports fair competition and business dealings.
All our employees are required to act ethically, and to communicate frankly and honestly. We act fairly in all our dealings with colleagues, managers, customers, suppliers, consultants, and government officials (both domestically and overseas).

Consumer Issues

To promote a culture of quality, we have launched the Q-Open house program (Quality Open House Program) for all employees in our plants. This program is a platform for sharing opinions, ideas, and quality achievement goals in all our activities.

Community Involvement and Development

Social contribution activities

We engage in the following activities:
In 2020, we have adopted 2 Schools to enhance the infrastructure and overall development of the schools to providing a better education to the children. Around 820 students are part of this project for the period of 3 years.
In 3 years duration we will be building infrastructure, setting up STEM* labs, enable digital education, and conduct Life skill and remedial sessions. Below are details of details of schools adopted.

  1. Gangaikondan Government Higher Secondary School, Gangaikondan.
  2. Chathram Puthukulam Government Middle School, Sankar Nagarm.

*STEM labs: an educational system that fosters children to learn and understand science, technology, engineering, and math fields on their own.

Children’s Day celebrations

Not conducted due to COVID19 restrictions.

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