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Very very disappointing!!!! I stayed at 610. And by the time we stepped out of the lift, we could smell rubbish in the air.. And then, We experienced a very bad service, with misleading information given by receptionist, housekeepin and the laundry form. We would like to have pressing service, they said it’s not available and we need to go with complete laundry or dry clean service and we are fine with that (however, pressing services are available in the form!). They confirmed that the laundry can be done within hours and we can have the clothes by tonight. Turned out when we call the housekeeping service to order the service, They cannot do that as it was already passed the service hours. Wait what? Why was it so different? Housekeeping said that We need to drop the clothes by 12 noon at the latest to have it done by tonight. However, something odd that it was clearly stated in the laundry form that there are 2 laundry services, i.e laundry received from 8-10 and returned at 17.00 on the same day; and laundry services applicable from 8-16.00 returned/sent on the same day within 4hrs with extra charge of 100% from normal price – which we are fine with such clause. When I argued with the statement in the form, they said that they just changed the vendor, and this current one has “operational hour”. They also said the receptionist doesnt know the current situation so they confirmed that it can be done. ***! Why do I need to know such answer?? And why do u need to throw ur team under the bus? What an ATTITUDE! I complaint to the receptionist – who confirmed before, for giving me wrong information and also questioned the different information within hotel staff. They apologized and mentioned that my call to the housekeeping was taken by the intern. So?? It didnt change the fact that the information on the paper and from the staffs are different. They also said that they will revise the laundry form accordingly. Yeah right! They said that they’ll send an iron here, but it’s been 30 mins, and I hear nothing!!

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