Best 10 Hotels Near Italian Stock Exchange from GBP 42/Night-Milan for 2022 |

Well, this hotel provides what you need at a reasonable cost. It is a 15 to 20 min walk from the Duomo, so the worst tourist traffic is gracefully avoided at this location. By the way, this location also means advantages for close by visits to restaurants etc. Instead of ending up at expensive tourist traps near the Duomo with si-so food, you can find excellent, genuine small restaurants in this area serving georgious non-over-complicated food and very nice wines at reasonable prices So far, I have only stayed at this hotel for 1 night, so my experience is limited. However, i will book this hotel on my next trip to get more input. The only negative thing noticed so far is the single rooms being very tiny – these rooms are not for the clausrtofobic! Otherwise, the room was good, clean and in good condition. The bed was small, but gave me a good nights sleep. Oh, if you are very (VERY) easily disturbed at night, you may catch the noise from the subway passing under the hotel. I was situated on the 4th floor, but late in the evening when everything else was quiet I could hear a weak rumble from the trains passing by. However, this was not frequent and did not bother me going to sleep. Breakfast! Well, the selection was not vast, but the quality on the offerings were very good and service prompt and friendly. In fact, at this hotel I had the best scrambled eggs and bacon ever! The bacon were very thin and perfectly crispy and the eggs were for some reason more tasty than ”normal”. Front staff was friendly and helpful. In fact, tThe entire hotel seems to be friendly and helpful in many details. You can e g have complimentary: -Tea or coffe with some bread in the lobby, – An electronic ”travelguide” (located in your room) which you can take with you (like a mobile phone) on your excursions in the city. – A bike to borrow to cycle around Milan. As mentioned above, I will explore this hotel further in the future!

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