10 Best Indian YouTube Channels to Learn Personal Finance

How often do we wish schools taught us how to manage finances and not barely the Pythagorean theorem ? Finance management is not only a crucial, but besides a quite confusing task for all of us. It is quite difficult to find one ’ sulfur manner through the maze of livestock markets and investments, common funds and policy schemes, and more recently, cryptocurrencies and NFTs. It is here that the Internet comes in, with a numeral of resources to get us through this inner ear. There are a count of channels on YouTube with fiscal experts and influencers ready to solve all our doubts. here ’ s a abbreviated expect at the 10 best indian YouTube channels to learn personal finance .
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1. CA Rachana Phadke Ranade
With over 3 million subscribers, Rachana Ranade has bagged a identify as one of the leading YouTubers about all things finance. She is highly modify, with degrees in Chartered Accountancy, Management, Commerce and Business studies. Her detail explainer videos on current issues like the Metaverse and crypto, and her Masterclass video recording on the basics of finance are must watches.

2. Pranjal Kamra
Kamra started off as a blogger with his blog Finology, and built up a YouTube duct he launched in 2017. He is besides the alone investment consultancy to be registered with SEBI. His video batch chiefly with investment and behavioral finance. The ones meant specially for beginners, such as the beginners ’ lead to investment, are the perfect personal usher one needs to foray into the earth of finance. He presently has 3.64 million subscribers .
3. B Wealthy
This impart, with about 462K subscribers, is run by Swati Kumari. She has great experience in matters of personal finance. As the name indicates, her duct is meant to help people manage and increase their wealth. The videos are highly instructive, specially on basic issues like taxes, investments and returns .
4. warikoo
Started by Ankur Warikoo, this transmit covers all aspects of casual fiscal management – from tax design to managing NFTs. He even does book reviews and videos on how to manage clock and focus better by meditating. You can consider his distribution channel an all-in-one scout for yourself. Warikoo is an entrepreneur and an alumnus of the indian School of Business, which tells us why he has over a million subscribers .
5. Invest Aaj for Kal
Anant Ladha is the founder of this duct with 783K subscribers. His video are what you need if you are looking to learn about basic fiscal concepts like bonds and shares, and gain heavy cognition about the world of finance. Ladha started this channel in 2013, and has worked widely as an analyst, accountant and investor .

6. Asset Yogi
Mukul Malik – the Yogi behind the channel, started this with an aim of spreading fiscal literacy among the masses. He simplifies complex concepts to make them easily apprehensible, and deals with daily fiscal issues like car values and dwelling loans. He presently has 2.99 million subscribers .
7. Labour Law Advisor
Starting off as a channel dealing with tug laws, Rishabh Jain and Mandeep Gill, the creators of the channel, chose to expand it to something greater. With 2.68 million subscribers, the duct nowadays deals with issues of taxes and personal finance. They make enlightening television vitamin a well as amusing shorts that are big for grasping the basics of finance .

8. The Urban Fight
Taskeen and Sugandha Rakha are the brains behind The Urban Fight, a channel with 2.83 million subscribers as of now. They offer extremely helpful videos on the basics of investing and besides does tutorial videos to help with matters like trade. The motto is to help people become independent. They besides have videos on how to lead a healthy life style and how to crack interviews .

9. Invest Mindset
Starting from 2020, this impart has reached 574K subscribers within a year and a half. It is an up and coming channel with advisory videos on the problems with investing, cryptocurrencies and on fiscal exemption in India .

10. Shwetabh Gangwar
Or “ Gangsta Philosopher ” as he calls himself, he is besides the generator of “ The Rudest Book Ever ”. With 1.28 million subscribers, he guides people on ways to make more money, using innovative methods and from the comfort of their homes .

so, if you ’ re a newcomer to the world of finance who wants to learn and manage their finances better, these 10 best indian YouTube channels to learn personal finance are the advisors you need in your life !

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