10 Best YouTube Channels for Real Estate Videos in 2021

think of real estate investing as a prize treasure trove of goodies. But navigating the plains, hills, and godforsaken oceans along the direction can get submerge. That ’ south why you need to tap into the experience of others to help you on your real estate investing travel through substantial estate videos, real estate blogs, and substantial estate of the realm podcasts .
so if you ’ ve been thinking about starting your own real estate business or adding newly and better real estate selling and wealth build strategies to your repertoire in 2021, you may not have to look any further than these YouTube channels. The detail cognition and wealth of experience they provide you with is indispensable .

1. The BiggerPockets Youtube Channel

The Biggerpockets Youtube channel has closely 700k subscribers and over 2,000 very estate videos. It is a growing savings bank of information on real estate of the realm topics such as finding real estate of the realm properties, Airbnb invest, building fairness, retentive distance investment, and indeed on. besides included are helpful podcasts, success stories, and indispensable occupation advice .
The videos are delivered in an excessive manner that leaves you wanting more ( sometimes with practical shell cogitation videos from top real estate agents and adept investors ). If your finish is to learn angstrom much as you can about the real estate of the realm commercial enterprise to achieve fiscal exemption, retire early, or make extra money from a side hustle, you should decidedly check out the real estate videos on the Biggerpockets ’ groove.

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2. Graham Stephan

Graham Stephan is a 30-year honest-to-god very estate investor who has been working in real estate since he turned 18. His channel provides investors with his wins, fails, and experiences in the business. If you are thinking about getting into real estate of the realm, you may want to take a spirit at this channel .
With over 3 million subscribers accumulated over the years, Graham ’ second channel can be described as nothing short of impressive. You ’ ll find real estate of the realm videos that offer practical advice on actual estate of the realm, stocks and cryptocurrency, savings, remodeling, renovating, and general passive income. You might besides find Graham ’ s savings acculturation and profit maximization lifestyle something you would want to adopt .

3. Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is an author, investor, and commercial enterprise influencer, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as a sales flight simulator, speaker, and entrepreneur. Cardone is a real estate mogul who built a $ 1.9 billion portfolio of multifamily properties, starting from scratch .
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At 1.55 million subscribers with over 5,000 videos, a fortune of people are surely interest in what Grant has to say and you should be besides, if you ’ ra looking for technical fiscal advice from a successful businessman. You can look forward to videos on sales and market equally well as very estate videos. The contentedness types broadly include ledger reviews, interviews, lead generation, motivational talks, and investment advice. Grant offers some of the best real estate videos and inspirational advice. however, when learning real estate of the realm investing for beginners, the advice Grant Cardone gives can sometimes be generic or airy for new investors .

4. Max Maxwell

Max Maxwell ’ s channel teaches you very estate of the realm from scrape. Self-described as a serial entrepreneur and real estate investor, Maxwell ’ randomness real estate of the realm videos will take you on a travel to fiscal exemption, complete with the technical foul information and self-development needed. With high-quality real number estate of the realm videography and practical ideas for wholesaling and flipping, this is the transmit every novice real estate of the realm investor needs on the road to success .
Max emphasizes that he ’ mho fair like you, merely a couple million dollars rich, as he breaks down the real estate commercialize and walks you through his own step path to success .

5. Phil Pustejovsky

The independent guy behind FreedomMentor.com, Phil Pustejovsky ’ sulfur unique approach to teaching real estate invest has helped his mentees achieve fiscal achiever over the years. Phil teaches you how to start from the prime up with insightful advice using a procedural strategy. You stand to learn place analysis, wholesaling real number estate, flip, vacation lease, and creative real estate investments .

6. Joe Crump

Joe Crump has been a real estate investor since 1986. Since then, he has learnt some valuable lessons that he isn ’ triiodothyronine hesitant to share. Want to get into the real estate of the realm market with little or no cash down ? then Joe ’ s your guy. On his YouTube real estate impart, he walks you through the process of starting up your real estate of the realm investment business and explains the likely pitfalls and how to avoid them or ease into them at least .
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7. Lex Levinrad

Lex Levinrad is the laminitis and CEO of Lex Real Estate Group and besides the fall through and CEO of the stressed real Estate Institute. He is an active investor who has personally bought and sold more than $ 100 million worth of real estate and has personally flipped over 1,000 single family homes. capacity in his impart includes real estate videos covering fixation, flipping, invite, and wholesaling. New investors stand to gain a fortune about fixer-ups from this transmit .

8. Flipping Mastery TV

Jerry Norton claims to have helped his students flip over $ 100 million worth of actual estate through his education program, Flipping Mastery. Jerry discovered real estate in his mid 20s, previously working minimum-wage construction jobs. He started wholesaling and flipping houses public treasury he became a millionaire at long time 30. He ’ s a leading technical in the art of flip and wholesaling real number estate of the realm. In this YouTube channel, you ’ ll get a hands-on, simplify substantial estate videos on flipping veridical estate of the realm, observing trends, and expert tips and advice.

9. Accelerated Real Estate Investor – Josh Cantwell

This duct is geared towards multifamily very estate investors looking to build passive voice income and retire early. You can expect to find video content on flip, support, passive income, portfolio construction, and syndication .
Every substantial estate video recording in the Accelerated Real Estate Investor channel is designed to fall into the be categories : no hype real number estate investing education, simple but prove strategies, syndication stories, self-development hacks, and adept interviews .

10. The Mashvisor Youtube Channel for Real Estate Videos

If you ’ re a new investor, one of the most crucial cognition to have is step by step guidance on calculating the profitableness of your investment and sometimes, done-for-you analysis of the most profitable investments. This is one of those things that the Mashvisor Youtube Channel provides. The goal of Mashvisor ’ s real estate video is to help new investors avoid money traps by giving them the tools and information to find the best investment properties .
Mashvisor ’ s video recording capacity chiefly focuses on :
1. Weekly presentations of the five best rental properties in the Mashvisor database based on cap rate, cash on cash return and, incontrovertible cash flow. These are normally 20-30 minute long podcast presentations .
2. Short 2-3 minute guides that cover every view of investing in lease properties for beginners a well as advice on general actual estate investing strategies .

These try to show you how to navigate the Mashvisor technical school stack, how to start an Airbnb clientele, how to get started in real estate, and how to calculate different rental profitableness benchmarks. Some of these videos besides answer questions raw very estate of the realm investors have .
Have you subscribed to the Mashvisor Youtube channel yet ? Click here to subscribe so you never miss out on new real estate videos and guides to making the best very estate investing decisions .
so, there are the 10 best YouTube channels for real number estate videos for novice and experienced property investors in 2021. Make certain to check them out as education is the first step towards starting a successful, money-making investment business .
If you ’ re ready to start your investing travel, sign up for Mashvisor to start searching for and analyzing the most profitable traditional and Airbnb rental properties in the US market .
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