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Jobs Roles In Share Market

If you looking for a jobs or wants to build your career as self employed, many good job options are there. In “Coach Raghav Gupta” we not only train people how to trade in stock market but also guide people for their good career.

There are multiple types of job in stock market with following roles, some are given below-

  • Stock Exchange Broker
  • Investment Advisor or Planner.
  • Financial Advisor.
  • Online Stock Market Trader.
  • Portfolio Management Service.
  • Fundamental and Technical Equity Analyst.
  • Financial and Research Analyst.
  • Insurance advisor or Life Planner.
  • Mutual Fund Advisor.

Or any person who wants to make money in part time or full time. There is nothing to lose but lots of things to gain.

“If you want to grow fast and for long term than stock market trading is one of the best option”.

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