Best Stock Broker in Bilaspur – Compare Top 10 Stock Brokers in Bilaspur

One of the essential needs in order to start investing is having a demat account with a well-known stock broker.

In the case of Bilaspur, it is important to find the best stock broker in Bilaspur so that investors can join them to build a strong and profit serving portfolio.

To ease the search for good stock brokers in the city, we have assembled particulars on the top 10 stock brokers in Bilaspur.

Investors can read through the facts served by these broking firms and make a decision as to which suits their priority the best.

List of Top 10 Stock Brokers in Bilaspur

Here we have listed the best stock broker in Bilaspur based on ranks from 1st to 10th.

The amount of brokerage per transaction along with other services on trading and investing differ from broker to broker, therefore selecting the broking firm that serves best to the clients interest is often the first and the most important step towards broking.

Read thorough this article to know more on all the top 10 broking firms in Bilaspur. The table below has the names of all the firms in an ascending order of rank.

The list includes Angel broking, Sharekhan, Geojit finance, Upstox and more.

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    Rank 1 – Angel Broking – Number 1 Stock Broker in Bilaspur

    The number one broking house among the Stock Brokers in Bilaspur is Angel broking.

    It is a largely demanded broking firm in the Indian market and has easy procedures for opening a demat account. The company has survived all the market forces and has sustained in the market for over 30 years.

    Their corporate office is located in Mumbai and has over 1 million customer base. For more information on Angel broking contact them with the details mentioned below.

    Rank 2 – Sharekhan – Top Share Broker in Bilaspur

    The second Top Share Broker in the Bilaspur is Sharekhan. It is located in Kanjur Marg and has online steps for clients to start a demand account.

    The procedure is very simple, however, in case of any queries, their customer care team is always on the go to help new clients.

    Sharekhan is a very popular and growing broking house. Its employee base large and it provides various other services alongside broking.

    Tips on market conditions and advisory on what is the right time to invest is also provided by sharekhan.

    Rank 3 – Geojit Finance – Best Share Broker in Bilaspur

    The 3rd in line for the Best Share Brokers in Bilaspur is Geojit finance. Geojit has its headquarters in Kochi and has other financial related services like investment planning, retirement planning and tax planning.

    It has easy 3 steps procedure for opening an account and works hard to offer clients a large range of investment solutions.

    We have provided contact details for Geojit finance so that it is easy for the reader to get in touch with their team to know more about the same.

    Rank 4 – Upstox – Share Broker in Bilaspur

    Brand NameUpstoxCorporate AddressSUNSHINE TOWER, 30TH FLOOR SENAPATI BAPAT MARG, DADAR (WEST) MUMBAI-400013Phones022-67107379/0-9619254709/0-9820407230Fax022-67107492Corporate Emailhiren.thakkar@rksv.inBranch OfficesUpstox Branch Office

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    Another commonly known Share Brokers in Bilaspur is Upstox. It is very well known for its discounted brokerage charges and easy demat opening procedure. It provides 25x leverage on cash segment which is very attractive in sight of customers.

    It serves great rating from its existing clients which are a boon to the company and the reason for multiple new account openings every day.

    If you think Upstox is the best pick for your investment then open an account with them now.

    Rank 5 – Motilal Oswal – Top 10 Stock Broker in Bilaspur

    Brand NameMotilal OswalCorporate AddressPALM SPRING CENTRE, 2ND FLOOR, PALM COURT COMPLEX, NEW LINK ROAD, MALAD (WEST), MUMBAI-400064Phones022-30801000/022-30801001/022-30801048Fax022-28449002Corporate Emailneeraj.agarwal@motilaloswal.comBranch OfficesMotilal Oswal Branch Office

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    At rank 5th for the Top 10 Stock Brokers in Bilaspur stands Motilal Oswal. It is a listed company located in Mumbai which great market experience. Its broking also comes with advisory services that are in high demand from the public.

    The procedure to open a demat account with Motilal Oswal is an online medium and can be done by a smartphone or computer.

    Because of the expertise in financial services it is greatly in demand from the residents of Bilaspur.

    Rank 6 – IIFL – Best Stock Broker in Bilaspur

    The next Best Stock Brokers in Bilaspur is IIFL. Ranking 6th in Bilaspur, IIFL is a large broking house situated in Lower Parel, Mumbai. It is also listed in the NSE and BSE.

    Known for excellent service and pricing policy, the demand for IIFL, as a broking firm is high from Indians dealing in stock market.

    Contact IIFL now to know more about their broking services.

    Rank 7 – Karvy – Best Demat Broker in Bilaspur

    Karvy is one of the leading and Best Demat Broker in Bilaspur. Its wide range of services apart from broking are data and wealth management, portfolio management, stock picks after high end market research and more.

    It has a 70 million customer base and is always on the go to reach out to new clients. If you are looking for a good place to make sure you have smooth investment flow, contact Karvy with the below contact details.

    Rank 8 – Prabhudas Lilladher – Top Demat Broker in Bilaspur

    Prabhudas Lilladher stands 8th in the Top Demat Broker in Bilaspur. Its head office is located in Mumbai and has a well set up team of research that are into thorough market study.

    We have provided you contact information along with email and fax number information so that the reader can contact the firm to know more on services and charges to trade or invest.

    Rank 9 – Zerodha – Stock Market Broker in Bilaspur

    Brand NameZerodhaCorporate Address#153/154, 4TH CROSS, DOLLARS COLONY, OPP. CLARENCE PUBLIC SCHOOL, J.P.NAGAR 4TH PHASE, BENGALURU-560078Phones080-40402020FaxNACorporate Emailinfo@zerodha.comBranch OfficesZerodha Branch Office

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    Zeroda is the 9th most wanted Stock Market Broker in Bilaspur. It is very well known for zero brokerage on equity and mutual fund transaction and minimal charges on intraday and future and options trade.

    It also provides education on open market that can help clients to make investment pertaining decision. It provides service on stocks, derivatives, mutual funds and more.

    Rank 10 – Aditya Birla Money – Share Market Broker Bilaspur

    Lastly another demanded Share Market Broker in Bilaspur is Aditya Birla money. Its head office is situated in Chennai and has set up an easy to use set up app which can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

    It comes with low pricing and nil annual charges for demat account holding. More information on Aditya Birla money is mentioned below for the readers’ reference.

    Stock Broker in Bilaspur – Conclusion

    To build a portfolio on a smooth ground it is essential to be a part of a steady and growing brokering firm.

    Therefore, the insight of the best Stock Broker in Bilaspur mentioned in this article will lay down options to make a firm choice based on prices and services offered by the firm.

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