Best Stock Broker in Firozabad – Compare Top 10 Stock Brokers in Firozabad

In order to start investing, an essential need from the investor is to have a demat account with a reputed stock broker.

Therefore, it is important to know about the best stock broker in Firozabad to make a choice as to with whom the investors can join hands with.

To make the search simpler, we have summed up all necessary information on the top 10 stock brokers in Firozabad in this article.

We hope this data is a key to finding the likely stock broker you are looking for in Firozabad that will be a stepping stone to smooth investing.

List of Top 10 Stock Brokers in Firozabad

This section lists the best stock broker in Firozabad with ranks from 1st to 10th.

Every broker has different broking charges attached to different types of trade placed. Therefore, to make a choice of which is the best broker for an investor it is a cumbersome decision from an investors end.

It takes a thorough background check in services and pricing to know which would be the best fit broking firm to be a part of.

For Firozabad, the table below shows rank wise demand for broking houses. The 1st being Sharekhan, 2n dUpstox, 3rd Angel broking and 7 more follow the list.

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    Rank 1 – Sharekhan – Number 1 Stock Broker in Firozabad

    Sharkhan tops the list of Top Stock Brokers in Firozabad. It is located in Kanjur Marg in Mumbai and is known to be an ancient and demanding broking house by investors.

    It has learning module for new investors looking to grab market opportunities which is an attractive feature for the enterprise

    We have lined up information if the reader is in need to contact the broking house to know more about services.

    Make sure you call or drop an email in case of queries related to opening a trading account with Sharekhan.

    Rank 2 – Upstox – Top Share Broker in Firozabad

    Brand NameUpstoxCorporate AddressSUNSHINE TOWER, 30TH FLOOR SENAPATI BAPAT MARG, DADAR (WEST) MUMBAI-400013Phones022-67107379/0-9619254709/0-9820407230Fax022-67107492Corporate Emailhiren.thakkar@rksv.inBranch OfficesUpstox Branch Office

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    The 2nd on theTop Share Broker in the Firozabad is Upstox. Its office is located in Mumbai, but has an online paperless account opening method. Its software is built in an innovative way that services the clients to place quick and accurate trades.

    They have minimal broking charges that serve to be on the priority list for the investors in Firozabad.

    To know more about their broking methodology, contact Upstox via the contact information available in the table below.

    Rank 3 – Angel Broking – Best Share Broker in Firozabad

    Brand NameAngel BrokingCorporate AddressACKRUTI STAR, 5TH FLOOR CENTRAL ROAD, MIDC MAROL ANDHERI (EAST) MUMBAI-400093Phones022-39413940/5338/022-39415662/68/69/70Fax022-28358811Corporate Emailcompliance@angelbroking.comBranch OfficesAngel Broking Branch Office

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    The 3rd in line for the Best Share Brokers in Firozabad is Angel broking. Its corporate office is in Andheri East, Mumbai.

    It has been a part of the market for the past 30 years and has more than a million customers who are a part of the firm.

    Their customer care team is ever ready to welcome new customers on board. If you wish to start trading with Angel broking, call them to know more.

    Rank 4 – IIFL – Share Broker in Firozabad

    Share Brokers in Firozabad shows high demand in using IIFL to start trading with.

    Because of it being a large firm, its features allow all kinds of trade through a single platform that attracts investors to be a part of the firm.

    It has services on equities, mutual funds, IPO’s, portfolio management and more. Its growth story has influenced its client base largely.

    Rank 5 – JM Financial – Top 10 Stock Broker in Firozabad

    Another addition to the list of Top 10 Stock Brokers in Firozabad is JM Financial. The patent is a part of diverse business in banking, equity, debt, asset management and more.

    With its corporate office in Mumbai, it has spread across various cities providing broking service to investors.

    To know more on how the firm carries out broking, contact them with the available information.

    Rank 6 – SBICap Securities – Best Stock Broker in Firozabad

    The 6th rank for the Best Stock Brokers in Firozabad is SBIcap Securities. It is a broking and advisory firm with its headquarters in Mumbai serving a wide range of clients.

    Considered to be one of the country’s leading investment bank and advisory it has successfully made its way to broking and serving its client in all possible segments.

    Its team works on assisting clients in investment and trade related segments.

    Rank 7 – SAS Online – Best Demat Broker in Firozabad

    SAS online is considered to be the Best Demat Broker in Firozabad for its excellent pricing policy. Its daily turnover is about 10,000 crore that makes it shine like gold in the eyes of investors in the state.

    It provides high quality and easy to place trades and complete support from its back end team.

    To know more on broking with SAS online, refer the below contact information and get in touch with an assistant who will solve all your queries now.

    Rank 8 – Zerodha – Top Demat Broker in Firozabad

    Brand NameZerodhaCorporate Address#153/154, 4TH CROSS, DOLLARS COLONY, OPP. CLARENCE PUBLIC SCHOOL, J.P.NAGAR 4TH PHASE, BENGALURU-560078Phones080-40402020FaxNACorporate Emailinfo@zerodha.comBranch OfficesZerodha Branch Office

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    Zerodha is the 8th demanded Top Demat Broker in Firozabad. It is a large discount broking house with its corporate office located in Bengaluru.

    It is very attractive and demanded from the people of Firozabad for the range of cheap rates offered on trading and investing.

    It aims to grow in the years to come and help clients benefit from the market by paying minimal broking charges on their trades.

    Rank 9 – SAMCO – Stock Market Broker in Firozabad

    Brand NameSAMCOCorporate Address1004-A, NAMAN MIDTOWN, 10TH FLOOR, SENAPATI BAPAT MARG, ELPHINSTONE (WEST), MUMBAI-400013Phones022-24391813/022-24391807Fax022-24031691Corporate Emailinfo@samco.inBranch OfficesSAMCO Branch Office

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    Another heavily demanded Stock Market Broker in Firozabad is SAMCO. Their motto is to make trading easy and personalized.

    Therefore, they provide information and research to their clients to have a better investment pattern that can serve worthy on a long-term base.

    The served numbered of cities is counted to be 3180 and is soon to expand to more in the years to follow.

    Rank 10 – Religare Securities – Share Market Broker Firozabad

    The 10th in rank of the most used Share Market Broker in Firozabad is Religare securities which is situated in Noida.

    It has future and options related services along with mobile trading for equity, commodity, currency and more.

    The exclusive portfolio tracker feature available by Religare allows clients to keep a track of their till date portfolio performance.

    Stock Broker in Firozabad – Conclusion

    With reference to all the details provided in this article, it is now easy to understand the workings of the top most Stock Broker in Firozabad.

    We hope you thoroughly read through all the facts mentioned in this article and contact the respective stock broker that serves your best interest before you make the final decision on the suited broking house where your portfolio will flourish.

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