Best Stock Broker in Udaipur – Compare Top 10 Stock Brokers in Udaipur

First aspect you need to consider is stock broker you will open a demat account with. This is to ensure; you are provided uninterrupted services while investing in the stock market.

In this article, we have gathered the information on all the Best Stock Broker in Udaipur. The list goes on for Top 10 Stock Brokers in Udaipur, alongside their contact.

You can easily check out with the stock broker you are interest in, using the contact information we provided. The illustration is made in graphical form, to make it easy for you to consider the same.

List of Top 10 Stock Brokers in Udaipur

Take a glance at the table, which contains the Best Stock Broker in Udaipur.

10 of the best options from the market are provided to you, which are cleanly presented to you via tables. Each and every broker mentioned has a track record in terms of experience, excellence, reliability, innovation and also customer service.

The list of 10 best stock brokers starts with Zerodha on the top and Astha Trade on the bottom, i.e. they are ranked 1st and 10th respectively.

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    Rank 1 – Zerodha – Number 1 Stock Broker in Udaipur

    Brand NameZerodhaCorporate Address#153/154, 4TH CROSS, DOLLARS COLONY, OPP. CLARENCE PUBLIC SCHOOL, J.P.NAGAR 4TH PHASE, BENGALURU-560078Phones080-40402020FaxNACorporate Emailinfo@zerodha.comBranch OfficesZerodha Branch Office

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    First and the best investment option available in the city is Zerodha. It is grouped as the Top Stock Broker in Udaipur as it provides exclusive and distinguished offers for its clients. They are also indulged in the provision of open market education for the investors who are in need of it.

    Their online platforms are the gateway to create high investment profile. Being the largest stock broker in India, you can invest through them using the details we provided in the table.

    Rank 2 – Angel Broking – Top Share Broker in Udaipur

    Second position in the city is occupied by Angel Broking, which is a well established firm with a great deal of experience under its hood.

    It is one of the most aspired brokers, as their charges, offers, products and services are in line with the industry standards. Their technology hold is remarkable as well.

    The table makes it easy for you to check out on this Top Share Broker in Udaipur. It contains the details of contact, its official location, and also the sub units near you.

    Rank 3 – Sharekhan – Best Share Broker in Udaipur

    Furthermore, Sharekhan occupies the 3rd position in the city, making it a well-established stock broker of the city.

    They are however, headquartered in Mumbai, but they have created a prominent presence across the city. The table has the details on its location, contact information.

    As for the service listing of this Best Share Broker in Udaipur is of concern, they have products and services focused to serve for both beginners and advanced investors.

    Stock market education is their concern as well and so, they have free as well as paid plans.

    Rank 4 – Motilal Oswal – Share Broker in Udaipur

    As for the assistance provided by Motilal Oswal, it comes on the 4th position of Share Broker in Udaipur.

    Assistance is in context with the research and advisory services they provide. Also, their product and services line up is pretty well devised and fulfils the need of all the investors efficiently.

    Take a quick view at the table and opt for the company’s services sooner. You shall be able to avail all the products from the list, as per your personal preference.

    Rank 5 – Alice Blue – Top 10 Stock Broker in Udaipur

    Brand NameAlice BlueCorporate AddressM R B ARCADE NO. 153/2, BAGALUR MAIN ROAD, DWARAGA NAGAR, IAF POST, YELAHANKA, BENGALURU-560063Phones080-28478599FaxNACorporate Emailcompliance@aliceblueindia.comBranch OfficesAlice Blue Branch Office

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    Alice Blue has a special stature in the city, and it is in accordance with the huge range of benefits it provides.

    Some of the listed benefits are high exposure, great listing of products and services, ANT technology, bracket order benefits, trade school and ANT Plus.

    Alice blue is listed among the Top 10 Stock Broker in Udaipur as it also includes the facilitation of trading tools. It is the holder of a lot of awards and hence, is a great option of investment.

    Rank 6 – Upstox – Best Stock Broker in Udaipur

    Brand NameUpstoxCorporate AddressSUNSHINE TOWER, 30TH FLOOR SENAPATI BAPAT MARG, DADAR (WEST) MUMBAI-400013Phones022-67107379/0-9619254709/0-9820407230Fax022-67107492Corporate Emailhiren.thakkar@rksv.inBranch OfficesUpstox Branch Office

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    The next raked Best Stock Broker in Udaipur belongs to the discount brokers domain. Upstox is 6th on the list of best stock brokers and it is on account of the stature of leading discount broker it holds.

    It has all financial solutions for the clients, grouped with low brokerage, which is subject to client’s benefits.

    The tools and offers provided by the company are attractive, making them a well opted stock broker. Enjoy the high-profile services at low prices by connecting with the broker virtually.

    Rank 7 – Aditya Birla Money – Best Demat Broker in Udaipur

    The next major player, i.e. stock broker you can consider is Aditya Birla Money. It is yet another Best Demat Broker in Udaipur as they provide highly tailored products and services to their customers.

    They make use of the latest and the finest technology to help their customers with the right offerings. Use the tabular representation and learn about the stock broker in question.

    Rank 8 – ICICI Direct – Top Demat Broker in Udaipur

    ICICI Direct belongs to the reputed brand from the banking arena, which makes it a popular choice in the finance domain.

    This Top Demat Broker in Udaipur has all the offering related to a seamless and uninterrupted trading and investment journey.

    Refer to the table and use the data in the it to establish a contact with the stock broker and avail for its services.

    Rank 9 – IIFL – Stock Market Broker in Udaipur

    9th position is held by IIFL which has a well-diversified offering to make for stock market investors and enthusiasts alike.

    The Stock Market Broker in Udaipur is highly reputed and has well-structured offerings which include news, education, research and advisory, ideas, and effective investment.

    For your convenience, you may choose to invest with this company after referring to the data we compiled in the table of this section.

    Rank 10 – Astha Trade – Share Market Broker Udaipur

    Another reputed Share Market Broker in Udaipur is Astha Trade, and holds the 10th position in the list. They have been a market place from 20 plus years, and are entirely customer centric.

    They provide financial products and their services include investment consultancy, equity and commodity trading.

    Pursue your trading journey along with this broker, using the information provided in the table.

    Stock Broker in Udaipur – Conclusion

    We tried to include every major aspect about the Stock Broker in Udaipur, which you should be well read about. You can use our information for further research and take the best deal as available in the market.

    Weigh in all the aspects like the costs associated, brokerage, offers and more, and make your final call of investment.

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