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As Elon Musk famously tweeted, “ You can basically learn anything on YouTube/Reddit ”. YouTube is a fantastic resource for personal finance and induct. however, the wealth of contentedness floating around can be consuming.

here are 14 of the top YouTube channels to get started ! Read on if you want to find the best invest to learn about budget, neckcloth analysis, fiscal news program and more. Personal Finance/ Investing YouTube channels Ken Teng, AKA Chicken Genius, is credibly the most popular Singaporean finance YouTuber. He ’ s most celebrated for being a huge Tesla-bull. Since then, he continues to churn out videos explaining why the company is his highest-conviction sprout. Tesla makes up the majority of his portfolio, with the rest comprising early high-growth stocks. Chicken Genius ’ methods are improper, but he does a well job of explaining his investment philosophy. He besides discloses all his holdings and trades, so you know he has skin in the game. Suggested watch : I made $ 1.5 million in 4 months | Stock Market Portfolio | Stocks to buy now The Fifth Person ’ s YouTube channel is a good company to their blog. Their videos are largely round table discussions featuring the co-founders and head editor as they dissect fiscal news. Watching their video feels like lunching with a bunch of season investors and hearing their thoughts on the latest issues like the technical school crackdown in China. Compared to their web log, you get to hear more of their personal opinions and thoughts on the grocery store. Suggested watch : China Tech Crash – Is It Time To Buy ? here at Financial Horse, we cover macro message, and psychoanalysis on stocks, ETFs, REITs and more ! On our YouTube Channel, we offer the lapp in-depth content but in a bite-sized format, perfect for catching up on the markets during a quick break. Suggested watch : lead 5 Growth Stocks for Singapore in 2021 Kelvin ’ s colloquial and playful expressive style is fun and easy to watch. Great for novice investors, his channel is a good place to learn about investing and personal finance. We ’ ve interviewed Kelvin on Financial Horse as well – where he shared his early retirement goals with us ( FIRE before 40 ! ) Suggested watch : How To Get high Interest On Your Cash Savings In Singapore 2021 Josh Tan is a fiscal planner turned blogger/YouTuber. He shares great insights on personal finance plan and retirement strategies. We ’ ve besides interviewed Josh on Financial Horse – check out our consultation where Josh shares his top retirement plan strategies for Singaporeans ! Suggested watch : No more CPF shielding soon ? ARK Invest is the YouTube channel of the investment firm run by Cathie Wood. even if you ’ re not invested in ARK ’ second funds, the channel is worth following. every calendar month or sol, the duct publishes an episode of “ In the Know ”. For 30 minutes or so, Cathie weighs in on the biggest fiscal news at the fourth dimension. It ’ sulfur perplex ( and rare ) that you get to hear directly from one of the earth ’ s top investors – on her thoughts on fiscal policy, the economy, market signals, invention, and more. Suggested watch : commodity Markets, Innovation Surprises Brewing, Economic Indicators | ITK with Cathie Wood Graham Stephan is a US-based YouTuber with over 3.4 million subscribers. Graham became a millionaire at 26, starting as a veridical estate agent. He ’ mho now become a full-fledged internet personality whose known for his economical life style and engaging comment on personal finance issues. Graham ’ s engaging personality, economical life hacks and skill in explaining complex issues makes him decidedly worth a vigil. Suggested watch : Kevin O ’ Leary Reacts To My $ 10 Million Dollar Investment | Shark Tank rich Dad, Poor Dad is one of the best-selling personal finance books of all prison term. If you ’ rhenium fan of the classical, you ’ ll want to check out writer Robert Kiyosaki ’ s YouTube transmit.

many of the lessons taught in the ledger are dateless, but this YouTube transmit gives you a chance to hear Robert ’ s thoughts on building your fiscal future in nowadays ’ second earth. note : Robert Kiyosaki is not without controversy, but you can even learn a thing or two from his video. Suggested watch : The Biggest Mistake Young People Make many millenials discovered Mark Tilbury on TikTok. His lessons on investing and personal finance are entertaining and educational. If Mark ’ randomness TikToks are good for bite-sized content, his YouTube distribution channel is where he goes into a bunch more detail. Suggested determine : The 13 BEST side Hustles To Start ( at EVERY AGE ) The Financial Diet is a web log and YouTube distribution channel for millennials. Founder Chelsea Fagan does a bang-up job at making personal finance topics unintimidating aboard engaging comment on dad culture topics that involve money. TFD besides features a weekly television test, “ Making It Work ”, that tells us personal finance stories from real life people. Suggested watch : 5 Consumer Habits that are making us depress Ali Abdaal is better known on YouTube as a productivity-guru. Although investing and finance is not the independent focus of his groove, he offers a alone perspective. For exercise, his video on a democratic personal finance book, Your Money or Your life, offers a great high-level overview on how you can transform your relationship with money and work. Ali ’ south videos are a great place to learn mental tools and habits to become a better investor. Start here : The Book That Changed My Relationship With Money Andrei Jikh ’ s investing groove has a focus on cryptocurrencies. His video break down complex topics, making the channel a good place to start if you ’ re looking to dip your toes into crypto. Suggested watch : The Safest way To Store Bitcoin ( Step By Step ) Coin Bureau is one of the go-to sources for crypto news on YouTube. With 1.4 million subscribers, this is one of the more popular channels for catching up with the latest crypto news program, altcoins and projects. Suggested determine : Ethereum : ETH 2.0 Projections You HAVE To See ! Asianometry provides high-quality television history essays on Asia and beyond. Asianometry covers interesting and in-depth content, from exploring Asus in Taiwan, Naver in South Korea, to the rebel and fall of China ’ s Evergrande Group. Suggested watch : India ’ s Semiconductor failure


We hope you enjoyed this tilt of personal finance & investing YouTube Channels ! There are decidedly many more big channels we could have discussed. Did we miss any of your favourites ? Let us know in the comments ! Join Financial Horse’s Investing Community!

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