Best Finance YouTube Channels To Follow In 2022

Since we are coming up on the raw year, it ’ s the time most people start thinking about their finances. There ’ randomness no better time than now to learn more about handling your money, earning passive income, and investing.

The capital matter about the global we live in nowadays is there is some bang-up information is at your fingertips for free. hera are some of the best finance YouTube channels to get you started on your fiscal exemption travel.

Graham Stephan

Graham Stephan is a witty valet who transformed his life through real estate induct. He decided that college was not the route he wanted to take with his life. Graham decided to pursue real number estate alternatively. He became a millionaire by the long time of 26. His YouTube channel is all about his success, failures, and advice based on personal experience to help his viewers follow in his footsteps.

At 3.55 million subscribers, he has a long ton of support from an consultation of typically under 35-40, but his advice can be applicable for all investors. He covers everything from real estate of the realm to invest, saving money, citation scores, and early ways to make money. even if you ’ re precisely looking to learn how to grow a successful YouTube transmit, Graham follows some of the best practices and he ’ s a great channel to follow .

Mark Tilbury

Mark Tilbury is a 7-figure chief executive officer at Model World Ltd and the man who teaches all things occupation, personal finance, and investing on his YouTube channel.

From side hustles to the stock market, Mark has a goal of sharing his cognition to spread the wealth to the younger generations. Mark made his first introduction on YouTube with his video “ How To Profit From A Stock Market Crash ” published on March 17, 2020.

In a clock where everyone was worried about their income, Mark knew that he could help the younger generation through the unmanageable times of the pandemic with his cognition .


BeatTheBush is a distribution channel name that plays on the term “ perplex around the bush. ” BeatTheBush provides equitable that : promptly, easy to follow, simple, and straight to the decimal point tips in each video.

With a channel banner that says “ improve your credit, streamline your budget, and retire early, ” it ’ s very a great summary of the channel itself. His video recording consist of budget, money hacks, life style tips, and experiences he has as an early retiree. From cryptocurrency to simple videos like “ Does Driving to a Cheaper Gas Station Save Money, ” he in truth covers all topics of finance from a life perspective.

Financial Education

Jeremy from the distribution channel Financial Education is the go-to stock guru. Most of his video consist of all things stocks that he ’ sulfur buy, concern in, or sell.

If you ’ re wondering what the store marketplace is doing, then checking out his channel will keep you in the know. If you drive a Tesla or are peculiarly interest in the vehicle, then you will besides love Jeremy ’ randomness impart. Over the years, he has invested a good moment into the Tesla stock and is a firm believer in it. He stays up to date each day on the performance and all things Elon Musk .

Andrei Jikh

Andrei Jikh educates on fiscal minimalism, induct, and personal finance. Andrei ’ mho channel is pretty impressive with 1.79 million subscribers and only two years on YouTube.

He covers topics such as how to save 50 % of your income, how to retire by 30, buying and selling stocks, and how to very make these lifelong decisions from a minimalist point of view. many of Andrei ’ s videos have a more “ big visualize ” approach to fiscal issues.

Want to know if it ’ randomness better to rent or buy a home ? What about retirement funds ? These are the topics and advice that you can expect from Andrei Jikh .

Sorelle Amore Finance

Sorelle Amore has a distribution channel that has truly taken off. If the name sounds familiar, she rose in prominence with her singular self-portraits on Instagram and her popular more lifestyle/happiness YouTube distribution channel.

That existing consultation has helped her gain a massive succeed in the finance niche. Her YouTube video recording “ How I Became An Overnight Millionaire ” is sitting at about 775,000 views in just six months.

She started her transmit in May of 2021 and has already gained 325,000 subscribers. Sorelle shares data on how to change your biography with your finances and how to become a millionaire. She gives you all of the tips ( good and bad ) that will get you there or keep you from reaching fiscal freedom. Her video besides shroud business advice and investing information.

Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is the transmit for you if you ’ ra peculiarly interest in clientele and market. His message is “ 10x your business, income, and life ” based on his web site. Grant has written several books and is a long-familiar sales trainer, loudspeaker, and entrepreneur. Grant has particularly invested in veridical estate of the realm and built a $ 1.9 billion portfolio of multifamily properties. On his YouTube channel, he shares tips based on his experience with substantial estate of the realm along with other ways to increase your overall income .

Erika Kullberg

Erika Kullberg is a lawyer who left her big corporate law firm in pastime of time and use exemption.

She was “ making beneficial money, ” but she was working long hours and deplorable. When her grandfather was hospitalized, she took off influence to go see him, but she was treated ill by her boss. She was forced to continue working during this fourth dimension with her family. From then on, she decided she wanted to pursue being her own party boss and finding time freedom. When she left her problem and stepped into the entrepreneur world, she decided she wanted to spread her message. Her groove teaches all things money management, investing, side hustles, and spreads a message that there are other options besides the traditional 9 to 5.

The Ramsey Show

Dave Ramsey, the host of The Ramsey Show, is a multi-millionaire. He has been teaching personal finance for years. After having his own personal experience of falling into serious debt while investing in real number estate, he managed to find his way to fiscal freedom. He immediately teaches a simple framework to help people all over the earth to get out of debt and build wealth. The Ramsey Show is his YouTube channel that hosts his talk show. This channel is great for the median person because very people call and ask Dave for advice on their real-world situations. Dave gives no-nonsense advice to help steer the younger generation in the management of wealth.

The Financial Diet

The Financial Diet, hosted by Chelsea Fagan along with a few others, was launched on YouTube in 2015. This distribution channel rightfully wins in the category of subject diversity. The channel is split devour into different categories so that you can watch videos based on what you ’ ra interest in. There are other playlists available based on more particular topics such as budget in college, living with debt, etc. The categories offered are as follows :

  • The Financial Confessions: how to live and handle your money
  • Making It Work: stories from real people who have made an impact in their life with their money
  • The Lifestyle Fix: how to elevate your life on any budget
  • The Financial Diet: a variety of different personal finance topics from different perspectives
  • The 3-Minute Guide: a take on complicated finance topics that are broken down into short and easy to understand videos

Final thoughts on the best finance YouTube channels

There has never been a better clock to change your biography through your finances.

A big room to begin is learning from those who have gone before you and can guide you based on personal feel. The YouTube channels mentioned above are a capital rate to start, and you can find good advice from real people without having to invest in expensive programs and courses .

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