The Best Youtube channels about Value Investing

I have been watching Youtube channels about investing for a while and would like to share with you my favorite ones .
many new YouTubers have started posting video recording on Youtube, but these are for me the best endow youtube channels with a very analytic approach using measure investing .

Top 7 Youtube channels about value investing

1. Learn to Invest

Learn to Invest is for me one the of best Youtube channels about value investing. Jimmy has a very analytic access and makes very comprehensive video recording explaining some identify concepts of investing, and besides sharing some stocks analyses .
He now does some shorter analysis with Learn to Invest Shorts, which are besides big to know if some stocks would be interesting for a deep dive.

I besides like the fact that he has a very bourgeois approach and always takes a very boastfully allowance of safety when he decides to buy a stock. Therefore has identical few stocks in his portfolio ( Disney, Lockheed Martin, … )

2. Cameron Stewart, CFA

Cameron Stewart is one of my favored channels about stocks valuations .
Cameron is a CFA and does a hebdomadally stock analysis with a very analytic model where he explains his DCF evaluation .
This channel might be a morsel hard to get into for beginners, but it is a gold gem that would deserve a draw more followers. I watch every individual of his video and found he often likes the lapp stocks as I do .

The Popular Investor is a Youtube transmit about long-run induct .
Robert has often great investing ideas he shares on his channel, and you can besides follow his portfolio on eToro. He besides does some more educational television.

4. Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D.

Value Investing with Sven Carlin is another bang-up impart that focuses on value investing. I like the fact that Sven Carlin besides follows european stocks

5. The Plain Bagel

The Plain Bagel is a capital educational Youtube distribution channel about personal finance and endow .
He is an investment analyst and a CFA holder but does not do stock analyses on his channel. He besides does not share his portfolio, but the educational videos are very valuable .

6. Ishfaaq Peerally – Value Investing

Ishfaaq Peerally has a great Youtube channel where he discusses key concepts about investing arsenic well as his stock picks .
What is big is that you can follow precisely what he bought his eToro score. I wish I had listened to his advice when discussing with him on his Discord, when I about bought Gamestop at around 9 $ / plowshare in September 2020 !

7. Investing with Tom

Investing with Tom is a value investor from New Zealand and a winnow of Buffett & Munger. He keeps a conservative overture on valuations, with much 50 % gross profit of safety, which I like.

Other value investing Youtube channels

The previous ones are the best finance Youtube channels in my public opinion. here are some other interesting Youtube channels I besides like and follow on a even basis :
last, if you want to dig into more finance course-like content, Aswath Damodaran ‘s Youtube impart teaches about Corporate Finance and how to value companies .
I lone listed English-speaking Youtube channels, but as I speak french I besides truly like the following channels :

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