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I ’ ve been spending A LOT of clock time on YouTube recently
As the # 2 highest traffic web site on the internet and by far the # 1 video recording platform on-line today – there ’ s a lot of stuff going on here .
Whether you ’ re looking for instructions, tutorials, lessons, or just arrant entertainment ( on virtually any topic you can imagine ), there ’ s something for everybody… if you know where to look .
In this blog post, I want to tell you about 5 YouTube Channels I ’ ve been paying care to recently in the real estate of the realm investing space.

When I ’ megabyte looking for a good YouTube Channel, there are good a few basic standards they have to meet…

1. Quality Content

Whether the purpose is for entertainment, teaching new skills or informing the earth about what ’ s relevant today, a great YouTube channel MUST produce quality subject. The kind of data that changes your life, helps you see a new perspective and makes you stick with the video recording from beginning to end .

2. Regular Uploads

As a YouTuber myself – I know that full videos require a TON of skill, feat and time to produce… so I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate necessarily expect every YouTube channel to publish new videos day by day, or even hebdomadally for that matter – but if a channel international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate posting new video every few months at the very least, they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate belong on this list .

3. Viewer Focused

Every good YouTube groove I ’ ve seen exists for the ultimate determination of being monetized ( even if it ’ south in an indirect way ). What separates the best channels from the rest is that they ’ rhenium much more tactful about how they do this. When I ’ megabyte watching a video recording – I ’ m not watching for the sole function of being sold on that person ’ randomness latest course, book, or whatever. However, if a television delivers some kind of BIG “ Aha moment ” or keeps me thoroughly entertained ( even if I don ’ thyroxine bribe that person ’ s latest thing ), it can still make for a bang-up television .
And of course, a web log post on this subject wouldn ’ metric ton be complete without a VIDEO. so here you go !

Note: This is NOT a pay endorsement of any kind. I just thought these YouTube channels were cool and wanted to share them with you .


These guys have been dominating the real estate of the realm investing space on-line for years now, so it ’ s no surprise that the BiggerPockets YouTube transmit besides delivers great content on a regular basis ( and I mean like… every day, regular – which is pretty impressive ) .
Most of their videos are the “ talking head ” type, along with re-purposed video recordings of their podcast episodes. here ’ s a flying expect at one of my favorites from my buddy Brandon Turner…

If you ’ re not familiar with BiggerPockets however, be sure to check them out and sign up for a free report .

John Fedro

I ’ ve been following John ’ s YouTube Channel for a couple years now, and this guy very brings some prize to the board. He ’ randomness got a capital demeanor on camera and knows how to convey his points and ideas distinctly. here ’ s a immediate preference of his videos…

Learn more about John at MobileHomeInvesting.net .

Epic Real Estate Investing

I discovered Matt Theriault ’ s YouTube Channel a few years ago and I ’ ve been impressed with all of his television I ’ ve seen to date. He ’ randomness got a no-nonsense set about that doesn ’ t over-sell or over-hype, he equitable dishes out great advice and wisdom of solomon from his years of know in the actual estate business. Check this one out…

You can learn more about Matt at EpicRealEstate.com .

Phil Pustejovsky

I ’ ll be wholly honest – I wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate crazy about the first few videos I saw from this guy. I ’ thousand not wholly indisputable why, but for some argue, his presentation fair didn ’ thymine land right with me .
After writing him off for a while, I kept seeing his video recording all over the place – so I decided to give him a casual and watch a few of his television in their entirety. As I finally found, most of Phil ’ randomness videos are actually very, identical estimable. This guy offers a TON of sage advice and insight on how to make a stamp out as a substantial estate investor – and when you boil it down to the actual substance of what he ’ randomness saying, there ’ s a lot to learn from this ridicule .
It ’ mho besides deserving mentioning – Phil ’ s YouTube Channel presently has the highest subscribership of any substantial estate investing duct on-line, and whether you ’ re a fan or not… you can ’ t build up that kind of following on YouTube unless you ’ re bringing some solid respect to the postpone .

You can learn more about Phil at PhilPustejovsky.com .

Fix And Flip Hub

There are a draw of real estate investing channels on YouTube, and most of them are fairly amateur in their television production quality. There ’ sulfur nothing wrong with shooting every video recording on a webcam or phone if you ’ rhenium explaining things that actually help people – but I think there ’ mho besides something to be said for video that tell a good fib and are produced well .
Marty Boardman and Manny Romero have put together some fabulously entertaining and enlightening videos on their YouTube Channel, showing their localization and flip projects in Phoenix and Milwaukee. Marty handles all the video himself – and even though there are no camera crews involved, every video is the kind of thing you ’ five hundred experience on television receiver. They ’ re truly good ! just look at this example…

These guys are the substantial deal – and they prove it in every video recording they publish. Learn more about these guys at Fix and Flip Hub .

What Are You Watching Right Now?

This should go without saying – but I ’ ll say it anyway… I realize there are a TON of other capital YouTube Channels I haven ’ thyroxine mentioned here… but I ’ thousand merely one guy, and I can lone pay attention to a minor handful of YouTubers at a time .
This is where YOU come in. If you know of any bang-up YouTube Channels that I ( and the rest of the REtipster consultation ) should check out, let us know about them in the comments below !

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