12 Best Real Estate Youtube Channels to Follow in 2022

Becoming a successful real estate of the realm agent, investor, or industry professional requires motivation, industry insights, and expert cognition. While you can always find information inside an on-line path from an accredit real estate school or within a very estate web log, you can besides get absolve insight from diligence leaders on Youtube .

Why Every Real Estate Agent Should Use Youtube to Learn About Real Estate

YouTube has over 1.9 billion monthly users !
Youtube is a capital educational resource for individuals who have a interfering agenda and want to learn things on the go and for individuals who are ocular learners and prefer learning by watching short circuit, enlightening video recording .
here is our tilt of the top 12 veridical estate Youtube channels to follow in 2022.

1. Graham Stephan

3.72M subscribers

With over 3.7 million subscribers and close to 600 uploads, Graham Stephan tops our list of very estate Youtube channels to follow in 2022 .
Graham started working in the actual estate diligence at the age of 18 and has sold over $ 120,000,000 in residential real estate of the realm. nowadays, at the historic period of 30, Graham is a millionaire who creates videos to share his success, failures, and experiences .

Topics covered in his channel

  • Investing to create wealth
  • How to make passive income
  • Real estate investing
  • Remodeling & renovating
  • Real estate agent strategies

Youtube Channel: Graham Stephan

2. BiggerPockets

863K subscribers

BiggerPockets.com is a very estate investment lead that was founded in Denver, Colorado in 2004 by entrepreneur, Joshua Dorkin .
With closely 600,000 subscribers and over 1,500 video recording uploads, BiggerPockets is arguably the best Youtube channel to learn about real number estate invest and strategy .
Their channel offers alone and fresh capacity that covers every view of very estate of the realm investing from analyzing deals, how to find & finance properties, tips & advice, and much more .
extra topics that are covered include :

  • Success stories
  • Podcasts
  • Coronavirus real estate advice
  • Analyzing investment deals
  • Testimonials

Youtube Channel: BiggerPockets

3. Grant Cardone

2.01M subscribers

arguably one of the most successful real estate of the realm Youtubers, Grant Cardone is the founder and coach of Cardone Capital, a real number estate of the realm investment tauten with $ 1,000,000,000 ( 1 billion ) in assets .
Cardone is besides the writer of eight occupation books, thirteen business programs, and is the chief executive officer of seven privately held companies. recently, Forbes named him one of the top social media commercial enterprise influencers in the populace !
On his channel, you will find topics including the follow .

  • Lead generation and marketing
  • Investment tips and tricks
  • Book reviews
  • Motivational tips
  • Lessons on how to become a better salesperson

Youtube Channel: Grant Cardone

4. Bryan Casella

191K subscribers

While many channels on this tilt are aimed toward investors, Bryan Casella provides fresh and prosecute message for real estate agents and brokers .
Bryan Casella is a substantial estate of the realm agentive role in Southern California and works in a team with another Youtuber on this list, Loida Velasquez
Topics you will find on his channel admit :

  • Advice for Millenials
  • Presenting, prospecting, and lead generation
  • Cold calling
  • Tips and strategies for REALTORS®
  • Entrepreneur tactics and mindset
  • Lifestyle vlog

Youtube Channel: Bryan Casella

5. Max Maxwell

300K subscribers

Max Maxwell is an experience and successful real number estate investor who provides videos that teach beginners how to start investing with fiddling to no money .

I am a serial Entrepreneur & Real Estate Investor. hera on my distribution channel, I go over multiple topics walking you through the process of how to Wholesale Real Estate from A-7 with no money required ! I have owned and worked on multiple ventures and businesses in multiple industries thus applying my cognition to this was an easy dance step. now it ‘s your turn to take the information I ‘ve gathered over time to apply it to your life. Because remember, you ‘re only ONE DEAL AWAY from changing your life for the better .
Max Maxwell

Topics you will find on his channel include :

  • Vlogs
  • Podcasts
  • Cold calling
  • Investment mindset

Youtube Channel: Max Maxwell

6. Loida Velasquez

80.3K subscribers

With over 112,000 subscribers, Loida Velasquez, a bilingual real estate professional in Southern California, is one of our darling energetic Youtube stars .

real estate streetwalker, fitness enthusiast, ad-lib adventurer. My channel will provide you with real estate tips/advice on the casual struggles and what it takes to succeed in this business specially when you ‘re modern.

Loida Velasquez

Topics on her channel include :

  • Agent tips
  • Real estate scripts
  • Where to find leads
  • Open house tips
  • Working with buyers
  • FSBO/Expire Listings

Youtube Channel: Loida Velasquez

7. Phil Pustejovsky

322K subscribers

Phil Pustejovsky is a successful real estate mentor and owner of FreedomMentor.com, a program that was created to help entrepreneurs transform their fiscal lives through veridical estate .
Pustejovsky ‘s channel has over 300,000 subscribers and contains vides on the pursuit topics .

  • Flipping houses
  • Vacation rental investing
  • Home buying
  • Financial wisdom
  • Real estate investing news
  • Personal finance

Youtube Channel: Phil Pustejovsky

8. Kevin Ward

166K subscribers

Kevin Ward is a actual estate bus, loudspeaker, and flight simulator at YESMasters.com and # 1 Bestselling author of The Book of YES: The Ultimate Real Estate Agent Conversation Guide .
His duct has about 60,000 subscribers and contains playlists and topics on the follow .

  • Agent mastery
  • Millionaire mindset
  • Role-playing scripts
  • Coronvarius and real estate
  • Hidden secrets of money

View Youtube Channel

9. Jennifer Bergman

10.6K subscribers

Jennifer Bergman is a newly licensed real estate agent in Colorado who started her own channel to help other prospective licensees rehearse and prepare for the real estate examination. She besides happens to be a student at VanEd !

Hey guys ! Jen here ! There are n’t excessively many videos to help those of us studying for the real Estate examination so I figured why not make some ? I ‘m a professional athlete starting a new career as a real number Estate Agent and I ‘ll be upload videos every Wednesday at 12pm MST. I ‘m studying in Colorado but most of my videos will be for the National parcel of the examination. ( I besides speak spanish, happy to make a bilingual video recording ! )
I hope this helps you on your travel to starting a new career which can be daunting but the study does n’t have to be : ) I break all of the concepts down and make them SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND and EASY TO REMEMBER with tips, tricks, phrases and acronym .

Youtube Channel: Jennifer Bergman

10. The Mike Ferry Organization

53.1K subscribers

Mike Ferry was recently voted Most influential real Estate Coach in North America by the National Association of REALTORS®. His transmit discusses a variety of topics to help real estate agents and brokers grow their substantial estate of the realm business by focusing on improving their mentality, developing their skills, and creating a plan of military action to increase their production .
extra topics you will find on his channel include :

  • Becoming a great listing agent
  • Prospecting and lead follow-up
  • Working past clients and creating your sphere of influence
  • The Mike Ferry Sales System

Youtube Channel: The Mike Ferry Organization

11. Neva Williamson

15.7K subscribers

Number 11 on our list is Neva Williamson who is a real Estate Lifestyle YouTuber who makes videos about real estate of the realm invest and being a accredited real number estate of the realm agentive role .
Her impart focuses on helping agents with marketing their business and the day by day grind to help them become more successful and make more money .
extra topics on her duct include :

  • Wholesale real estate
  • Motivational videos
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Investing in 2022
  • Vlogs
  • Marketing tips

Youtube Channel: Neva Williamson

12. Thach Nguyen

22.7K subscribers

The newest addition to our number is Thach Nguyen, a REALOTR® and Philanthropist, was featured on the “ american english Hero ” section of the CBS “ early indicate ” in March 2004 .
Thach Nguyen has grown his Youtube distribution channel by creating a variety of Youtube Shorts that answer some of the most ask questions from fresh and draw a bead on real estate agents. These include :

  • Do you need to go to college to become a real estate agent
  • How to increase your earned income
  • How to make money with passive investing

Youtube Channel: Thach Nguyen

No topic your experience, these Youtube channels provide free and valuable advice, tips, strategies, and methods from the most experience industry professionals .
Continue your path to becoming a successful investor, agent, or agent with VanEd ‘s real Estate Continuing Education Courses .
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