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Crypto has been off to a boisterous beginning in 2022, down 14 % to $ 1.9 trillion thus far this year. While no one knows when the sector will recover, now might be a good time to buy quality assets at a dismiss. Let ‘s explore why Terra  ( LUNA -0.98 % ) and Decentraland  ( MANA -2.08 % ) could make great additions to your portfolio .

1. Terra

Terra is a blockchain platform designed to facilitate stablecoins, which are crypto tokens pegged to the rate of real-world currencies like the U.S. dollar or euro. With a market cap of $ 29 billion, the asset is wildly successful. And its singular design could help it continue attracting users .
Dollar symbol as a bull eye
Crypto assets are ideal for people who rate fiscal privacy and decentralization. But they come with a drawback : excitability. While the sector has trended upwards over the long terminus, it has been a wild and rough drive. Terra ‘s stablecoins help solve this problem .
The network has two classes of native tokens : TERRA and LUNA. TERRA represents a cortege of stablecoins pegged to real-world currencies. LUNA is a complemental token designed to absorb the excitability of the stablecoins, meaning it grows based on the platform ‘s uptake. Terra ‘s hardheaded and easy-to-understand use cases position it for long-run achiever in the competitive cryptocurrency industry.

2. Decentraland 

Described as interconnect virtual realities, the metaverse could revolutionize how we use the internet. Decentraland is helping pioneer this concept through blockchain engineering. And its early-mover ‘s advantage and impressive real-world partnerships position it for long-run success in this agitate opportunity .

According to analysts at Bloomberg Intelligence, the metaverse could grow to become an $ 800 billion grocery store by 2024, encompassing bet on, hot entertainment, and social media. Blockchain technology is well-suited to this industry because its native tokens can serve as in-game currencies, while non-fungible tokens ( NFTs ) serve as digital validation of ownership, setting the degree for a moral force virtual economy.

Launched in 2020, Decentraland is one of the first cryptocurrencies to explore metaverse development. Its platform comprises 90,601 parcels of virtual real estate called LAND, where individual users can customize games and other experiences .
thus far, Decentraland has attracted some high-profile partners, including fast-fashion giant Forever21, which opened a temp shopfront in its metaverse in late March. Decentraland besides partnered with Samsung  to create a virtual distance modeled on one of its stores. While these bad companies are likely precisely testing the waters, it could be the begin of a more expansive press into more complex metaverse offerings .

Which asset is best for you?

Terra and Decentraland are both great ways to bet on a crypto rally, but they serve different investment strategies. As the ninth-largest cryptocurrency, Terra is an establish platform with a widely adopted use subject that could give it long-run stability. On the other bridge player, Decentraland ( the 33rd largest crypto ) is likely at an earlier phase of its development, giving it more room to grow with potentially higher risks.

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