Top 10 Public Companies Investing Big Time on Cryptocurrency

Top 10 Public Companies Investing Big Time on Cryptocurrency

CryptocurrencyTake a look into the top 10 public companies investing in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin).

With cryptocurrencies gaining popularity across the world, institutional investors and corporate treasuries are showing more matter to in crypto investments. As of 28 June 2021, 34 public companies jointly hold over 213,000 bitcoins, according to data from CryptoTreasuries. together, these represent 1.14 % of the total supply of bitcoins in circulation and are equivalent to US $ 7.4 billion based on price on 28 June 2021. In addition to blockchain and bitcoin mining companies, some companies that do not conduct businesses relate to digital assets such as the commercial enterprise intelligence software company MicroStrategy and electric-automobile manufacturer Tesla besides hold big amounts of bitcoin on the balance sheet, as bitcoin is seen as an inflation hedge. Let ’ s take a look at the circus tent 10 public companies investing in cryptocurrency .


MicroStrategy, a big clientele analytics platform, has adopted Bitcoin as its chief reserve asset. Throughout 2021, the firm which produces mobile software and cloud-based services continued its Bitcoin buying gorge. It now holds 105,085 BTC in reserve, equivalent to over US $ 3.3 billion in BTC.


Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla has joined the ranks of companies holding Bitcoin, with an SEC file unwrap that the ship’s company invested “ an aggregate US $ 1.50 billion ” in the cryptocurrency. Tesla sold 10 % of its Bitcoin holdings in Q1 2021 ; according to CEO Elon Musk, this was “ to prove fluidity of Bitcoin as an alternative to holding cash on the counterweight sheet. ” Tesla ’ s 42,902 BTC are presently worth US $ 1.37 billion, with Bitcoin ’ randomness 2021 price decline mean that the party potentially faces an deterioration loss of between US $ 25 million and US $ 100 million in the future quarter. Tesla ’ s Bitcoin leverage reflects an update investment policy aimed at diversifying its cash on hand and maximize returns .

Galaxy Digital Holdings

The largest institutional holder of Bitcoin to be directly involved with the crypto diligence, crypto-focused merchant depository financial institution Galaxy Digital Holdings holds 16,400 BTC worth good over US $ 522 million at current prices .

Voyager Digital LTD

Crypto brokerage Voyager Digital holds 12,260 BTC worth around US $ 390 million at current prices. The firm aims to provide a one-stop-shop for trade digital assets, and in May 2021 reported quarterly tax income of US $ 60.4 million, up 16x from the previous quarter. “ We saw exponential adoption of cryptocurrencies as a recognized and investable asset classify, ” said CEO Steven Ehrlich at the time .

Square Inc.

Payments firm Square purchased approximately 4,709 bitcoins for an sum price of US $ 50 million in October 2020 and acquired an extra 3,318 bitcoins for US $ 170 million in February 2021. The average price of all its bitcoin purchases is US $ 27,407 per nominal. The company announced that it has no plan to purchase more bitcoin in May 2021, while it is looking into creating a hardware bitcoin wallet for users to store their cryptos without Square ’ s custody.

Marathon Digital Holdings

Marathon Digital Holdings, a US bitcoin mine company, increased its bitcoin holdings to around 5,518 bitcoins as of May 2021. The company purchased approximately 4,813 bitcoins at an average price of US $ 36,857 in January 2021. From January to May 2021, it has produced 580.5 newly minted bitcoins. Hut 8 Mining, another bitcoin mining caller based in Canada, holds more self-mined bitcoin than any early bitcoin miner or populace company .

Coinbase Global, Inc.

arguably the best-known crypto fast in this tilt, crypto change Coinbase went public in a calculate list on the Nasdaq in April 2021. The go was greeted as a landmark for the crypto industry, though that hasn ’ thymine been borne out by Coinbase ’ s declining lineage price ; by July 2021, COIN was a full moon third lower than its price on its list. Ahead of its number, in February 2021, Coinbase revealed that it held US $ 230 million in Bitcoin on its balance sail ; by July 2021, its Bitcoin holdings had slipped to US $ 143 million ( 4,482 BTC ) .

Bitcoin Group SE

Germany-based venture das kapital firm Bitcoin Group SE holds 3,947 BTC, worth US $ 126 million at today ’ sulfur prices. Its investments include crypto commute and Futurum bank, which merged in October 2020 to form “ Germany ’ s first crypto savings bank ” .

Hut 8 Mining Corp

canadian crypto mining tauten Hut 8 holds 3,522 BTC, worth US $ 112 million. In June 2021, the company was listed on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the HUT ticker, with the company ’ s SEC file noting that it ’ mho “ committed to growing stockholder value by increasing the count and value of our bitcoin holdings. In June 2021, Hut 8 shared its ambitious finish of mining 5,000 BTC by the end of the year ; with the company snapping up new mine machines and China ’ s crackdown reducing

Riot Blockchain, Inc.

Another crypto-mining outfit, US-based Riot Blockchain, brings up the back of the lead 10, with relatively modest holdings of 2,243 BTC, worth US $ 71 million at today ’ s prices. Join Our Telegram Channel for More Insights. Join immediately

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