Billionaire Superyacht Showdown: Who’s Who In St. Barths For New Years 2022

Gustavia harbor, St Barts, Caribbean


Every time I arrive at St. Barths, I feel an instant buzz of energy. Typically on tropical Caribbean islands, I am lulled into a quiet calm, but this island’s life is far from that, especially during the holidays. Beaches are full of sun worshippers, while streets are filled with traffic and shoppers, this paradise is pulsing with action.

This year many of the hotels are celebrating refreshed, renovated re-openings including my favorites; Cheval Blanc, Eden Rock, and Le Toiny. Also restaurants like Bagatelle, Le Tamarin, L’Isola and even a cool new bohemian beach club Gyp Sea (where you might rub elbows with Jeff Bezos). You will often see the yacht owners and their guests dining out at these boîtes, but during festival season, it is nearly impossible to get a table.

Anchored overlooking the action is a vast collection of some of the most spectacular superyachts in the world. Russian oligarchs and international CEOs rub shoulders with tanned and toned celebrities as they tease the paparazzi, and the nightlife seems to go on until the early hours.

This year, the legendary superyacht showdown started with numerous high-profile billionaires already anchored outside of Gustavia harbor and Anse de Colombier. Many stayed throughout Christmas on neighboring islands like Antigua, and Virgin Gorda, and then partied with the outrageous fireworks New Years’ Eve celebration in St Barths.

Nikki Beach New Years Eve

Getty Images for Nikki Beach

Despite the pandemic hitting all industries hard in the past two years, the yachting industry is thriving. In a recent Global Order report by Boat International, an impressive 1,024 yacht projects are being built or on order for 2022. Demand is strong across almost all superyacht categories and sizes 147 feet and above saw a rise of 10.5 percent. The Expedition yacht category grew by 33 percent, with 85 vessels recorded on build or on order.

Hot spots around St Barths hosted New Year’s Eve parties, including Bonito (Kool & the Gang concert), and Nikki Beach, while Eden Rock had Dua Lipa performing at the Luisaviaroma x UNICEF gala.

Here is a selection of some of the largest yachts that were in and around St. Barths for the holidays. This list with owner details was sourced by my friends at Superyachtfan.


OVER 300 Feet

Superyacht Eclipse


ECLIPSE (533 feet)

Owned by billionaire Russian Steel magnate Roman Abramovich 

Rising Sun yacht

AFP via Getty Images

RISING SUN (454 feet) 

Owned by billionaire entertainment mogul David Geffen 

‘Flying Fox’, one of the top 20 largest superyachts in the world

Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

FLYING FOX (446 feet)

Previously rumored to be owned by Jeff Bezos but denied by Amazon

‘Le Grand Bleu’ yacht


LE GRAND BLEU (371 feet)

Owned by Russian oil billionaire Evgeny Shvidler 

KAOS (361 feet)

Owned by Walmart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie

DREAM (348 feet)

Owned by Greek shipping magnate George Prokopiou

MOONRISE (327 feet)

Owned by billionaire WhatsApp founder Jan Koum

The Newly Restored Christina O, Former Private Yacht Of Aristotle Onassis

Getty Images

CHRISTINA O (325 feet)

Owned by Irish lawyer Ivor Fitzpatrick. Previously a Canadian anti-submarine frigate converted into a superyacht by Aristotle Onassis.

LAC LEMAN (315 feet)

Owned by biotech billionaire Ernesto Bertarelli.

KISMET (312 feet)

Owned by billionaire Jacksonville Jaguar owner Shahid Khan

QUEEN MIRI (300 feet)

Owned by casino magnate Sheldon Adelson.

TRANQUILITY (300 feet)

Owned by Malaysian Casino billionaire Lim Kok Thay

UNDER 300 feet

ADDICTION (172 feet)

Owned by Russian telecom oligarch Sergey Adoniev

AIR (266 feet)

Owned by Italian candy billionaire Augusto Perfetti

ARCHIMEDES (222 feet)

Owned by Renaissance Technology billionaire Jim Simons

AQUILA (281 feet)

Owned by Walmart heiress Ann Walton Kroenke

AXIOMA (240 feet)

Owned by Russian steel billionaire Dmitry Pumpyansky

AZTECA (236 feet)

Owned by Mexican media billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego

BATON ROUGE (205 feet)

Owned by construction magnate Martin Bouygues

BROADWATER (184 feet)

Owned by AnyBill founder Matthew Voorhees

CHAKRA (282 feet)

Owned by Lebanese/Saudi construction CEO Kheir Eddine El Jisir

ELYSIAN (253 feet)

Owned by Boston Red Sox billionaire owner John Henry

EXCELLENCE (263 feet)

Owned by billionaire car dealer Herb Chambers

FLAG (205 feet)

Owned by fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger

GENE MACHINE (180 feet)

Owned by Engineer/Scientist Jonathan Rothberg who has a lab aboard his yacht where is developing an at-home antigen test

HALO (189 feet)

Owned by Mexican beer billionaire Maria Asuncion Aramburuzabala

HOME (164 feet)

Owned by private investor and adventurer Harald McPike

HOSPITALITY (164 feet)

Owned by American Recovery Services founder Patrick Willis

ILLUSION V (189 feet)

Owned by property developer Brett Alexander Palos

JOY (230 feet)

Owned by real estate magnate Sahmeer Gehlaut

KAMALAYA (180 feet)

Owned by PokerStars billionaire Mark Scheinberg

KISSES (175 feet)

Owned by Florida car dealer Norman Braman

LADY JORGIA (243 feet)

Owned by waste managment magnate Patrick Dovigi

LADY KATHRYN V (203 feet)

Owned by Construction CEO Leo Vecellio

LARS (154 feet)

Owned by construction magnate Henry Holterman

LAUREL (240 feet)

Owned by Paychex founder billionaire Tom Golisano

LIONESS V (208 feet)

Formerly owned by British retail billionaire Sir Philip Green 

LUNASEA (240 feet)

Owned by video game developer Yahn Bernier

MEAMINA (194 feet)

Owned by oil and gas magnate Beny Steinmetz

METIS (207 feet)

Owned by pharmaceutical billionaire Wilhelm Beier

MIA ELISE II (198 feet)

Owned by US car dealer Terry Taylor

MOSKITO (181 feet)

Owned by retail billionaire Tom Morris

MUCHO MAS (144 feet)

Owned by construction magnate Juan Carlos Mas

NENINKA (222 feet)

Owned by Grupo Financiero Interacciones billionaire Carlos Hank Rhon

NERO (296 feet)

Owned by Digicell billionaire founder Denis O’Brien

OLIVIA O (291 feet)

Owned by shipping billionaire Eyal Ofer

PARSIFAL III (177 feet)

Owned by coffee brewer magnate Kim Vobe Petersen

PLANET NINE (240 feet)

Owned by banker Nat Rothschild

POWER PLAY (181 feet)

Support vessel to yacht Moonrise, owned by WhatsApp founder Jan Koum.

ROCHADE (156 feet)

Owned by billionaire beer importers Rob and Richard Sands 

ROSEHEARTY (183 feet)

Formerly owned by Rupert Murdoch and now developer/adventurer Joey Kaempfer

SAMURAI (197 feet)

Owned by German advertising billionaire Udo Mueller

SEANNA (213 feet)

Owned by real estate billionaire Stan Kroenke, and wife Walmart heiress Ann Walton

SEASENSE (207 feet)

Owned by real estate billionaire Charles Cohen

SILVER LINING (164 feet)

Owned by Life Cares billionaire founder Forrest Preston

SIREN (240 feet)

Owned by tech and real estate billionaire David Reuben

SOARING (224 feet)

Owned by Russian gas pipe magnate Ivan Shabalov

SYCARA V (233 feet)

Owned by Auto Group CEO Ray Catena

TITANIA (232 feet)

Owned by mobile phone billionaire John Caudwell

TRIUMPH (213 feet)

Owned by British retail magnate Chris Dawson

UNBRIDLED (191 feet)

Owned by chewing gum billionaire William Wrigley

W (190 feet)

Owned by WeatherTech founder David Macneil

*Yacht owners note: If you would like listing removed please email me directly at: theluxeworld(at)

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