Bitcoin just blasted to a new record high – What is the future of Bitcoin? by The Dr Boyce Breakdown

Snoop Dogg ‘s Call of Duty gambling could finally make him a billionaire I love the game # CallOfDuty and play it with a bunch of my evenly immature 50 class old friends. While we grew up seeing videogames as child ‘s dally, I saw it as a very interesting on-ramp to the # metaverse, where trillions in commerce will be happening over the next 20 years. call of Duty is not a bantam thing. The company that owns Call of Duty, Activision, is presently being acquired by # Microsoft for a humongous $ 68 billion dollars. Given the degree to which they are marketing Snoop ‘s engagement, it would n’t surprise me if the metaverse could make Snoop into a billionaire. Snoop ‘s moves are concern, because he ‘s besides been making major acquisitions in digital real estate, NFTs and other areas that are key to the populace ‘s economic future. If you are an investor and want to be connected to the future, I encourage you to pay close attention to these moves that are being made. You do n’t want to get into this diligence when it ‘s besides late. I spoke nowadays on The Black Financial Channel about Snoop Dogg ‘s moves and besides how you can benefit financially from economic trends in the metaverse, NFTs, etc. You are welcome to watch the podcast here or you can besides listen on Spotify. Dr Boyce Watkins is a Finance PhD and writer of the koran, “ Black american Money. ” To learn more, please travel to 21:00 April 20, 2022

Why are there so many men bashing black women on the internet ? Dr Boyce and Dr Alicia Watkins speak about the industry of bashing black women on the internet. You can do the Black Love Challenge with Dr Boyce and Alicia by visiting 01:17:55 April 18, 2022 Dr Boyce exposed – ask me any interrogate and I ‘ll answer today I am speaking to listeners and answering any and all questions you may have. You can follow me and gain more information by visiting 57:25 April 16, 2022 Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter – here ‘s why I do n’t think they will Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter completely – should he ? According to Fox Business : Tesla CEO Elon Musk offered to buy Twitter in a hand worth more than $ 43 billion and take the social media company individual. Musk ’ mho best and final offer was to pay $ 54.20 per contribution for 100 % of Twitter, and said that if his offer was not accepted he ’ d have to reconsider his place as a stockholder, according to an SEC filing. 26:53 April 14, 2022 How the US constitution steal black wealth today in the Dr Boyce Book Club, we discuss how the US Constituion has rarely presented itself as a supporter to black people who are seeking wealth v symbolism in a basically racist club. Close examen will reveal that blacken wealth has barely budged since we were freed from slavery. This is n’t going to change until we understand the deviation between real number economic progress volt merely receiving more opportunities for black people to work for white people. I discuss the Constitution ‘s function in the larceny of black wealth over the past 150 years by reading directly from the bible “ Powernomics ” by Dr Claud Anderson. You can watch the video of depart of the discussion here and if you ‘d like to join The Dr Boyce Book Club, you can visit 45:52 April 14, 2022 Black faces in senior high school places – Dr Randall Pinkett and Dr Jeffrey Robinson discuss their new book today I speak with Dr Randall Pinkett, CEO of BCT Partners and Dr Jeffrey Robinson, the Prudential Chair of Business Management at Rutgers University. We talk about their newly book, “ Black Faces in High Places, ” and what it means to be a stratetic, authentic and unapologetic leader in the black business community. 39:26 April 11, 2022 chirrup investors are surprised by Elon Musk ‘s latest move today, I spoke about Elon Musk and his massive aquisition in Twitter, angstrom well as his reasons for wanting to own the company. I besides spoke about what ‘s happening in the livestock commercialize correct now. I found a malcolm stock I very love and plan to add to my portfolio, and I partake it during the video recording. additionally, you should be aware that there are a limited issue of Financial Workbooks for children back in stock. If you want your children to be prepared for their economic future, feel absolve to take a front by visiting You can watch my fiscal comment for today at The Black Financial Channel by visiting this connect. Please take care and have a fantastic day. sincerely, Dr Boyce Watkins 11:57 April 11, 2022 Chris Rock says he wo n’t talk about Will Smith till he gets paid Chris Rock ‘s reaction to the Will Smith incident explains precisely why he will be richer and Smith is going to be poorer. It ‘s about the discipline necessary to build true wealth. 20:14 April 10, 2022 Will and Jada have a dreadfully awkward moment The Will and Jada saga gets worse. I discuss this issue with my wife, Dr Alicia Watkins 16:11 April 08, 2022 Why America was builit from slave labor and why we have n’t so far got reparations Tonight, I am reading from the record, “ Powernomics ” by Dr Claud Anderson as part of The Dr Boyce Book Club. We meet for the Book Club every Wednesday night at 8:30 prime minister EST, and you can register at 30:21 April 07, 2022 The racism behind the Tiger Woods objective on Netflix I was watching the Tiger Woods documentary on Netflix and realized that it reminds me of the villification of the black beget in America and how this has significantly harmed black wealth. 25:46 April 06, 2022 Why your stocks are getting slammed today ​Hello, I hope you ‘re doing well. I wanted to mention these three things to you as we start this beautiful day : 1 ) I spoke today on The Black Financial Channel regarding why your stocks were slammed. You can hear my analysis at this connect. 2 ) tomorrow, we are having our Dr Boyce Book Club touch, and you can join the lecture for dislodge. We are analyzing the record, “ Powernomics ” by Dr Claud Anderson. You can register nowadays at If you ‘d like to get 40 % off the former 35 lectures I ‘ve done on Dr Anderson ‘s books, please visit Please take care and have a fantastic day. sincerely, Dr Boyce 10:46 April 05, 2022 Black Lives Matter again accused of doing louche things with the money The New York Post is reporting about a $ 6 million dollar house reportedly purchased by the leaders of Black Lives Matter. This alone adds to the long list of accusations that they are doing strange things with the money. 19:18 April 05, 2022 NY Post congratulates Ketanji Brown Jackson for having a blank conserve I read a truly strange article in the New York Post about why black women should marry white men and I wanted to address it. 32:08 April 04, 2022 Will Smith ‘s billion dollar family mark is in hazard today I read an article in the New York Times about the sword price that Will smith and Jada Pinkett Smith may endure as a leave of “ the smack ” that occurred against Chris Rock at the Oscars. According to The New York Times, Will Smith ‘s lighter persona was called “ Uncle Fluffy, ” where he made people laugh as a mean of survival. then there was “ the general, ” another side of Will smith that confused those who are accustomed to seeing him friendly and compromising. 21:24 April 04, 2022 Will Smith ‘s hearing seems to hate him I spent an hour reading comments about Will Smith on his Youtube groove and what I saw was astonishing. 01:08:52 March 31, 2022 Being black means that building wealth is a wholly different experience today on my podcast, I spoke about a few factors that impact the wealth building travel of black people in America and beyond. The first gear thing on my mind is that the livestock grocery store just had its bad quarter since 2020 with many major technical school companies taking a hard nosedive. Making matters worse is that ostentation is at its highest level in the last 40 years. issue chain issues impacting inflation are entirely made worse by the war in Ukraine. I then thought about the black wealth building feel and the unique challenges that black people face when it comes to building our economic armies for the future. This requires us to have specialized solutions to solve our problems, rather than generic ones. Most universities do n’t particularly explain how black people, in the confront of systemic racism, low inheritance levels and a countless of social problems, can break generational curses and produce opportunity where there is none. This is on my mind nowadays and that ‘s what I spoke about on my podcast. You can watch the video here. sincerely, Dr Boyce Watkins 20:16 March 31, 2022 Why we are probably heading toward a recess today I spoke about the fact that most economic indicators seem to imply that a recession is around the corner. 19:58 March 30, 2022 Chris Rock is laughing all the means to the trust Turns out that Chris Rock is selling more tickets than always after the Oscars incident with Will Smith. According to Variety, Chris Rock ‘s tour ticket prices have gone up 800 % since “ the bang, ” and there are more opportunities sure to follow. As a finance professor, this news led me down a lapin hole of thoughts regarding what it means for a black man to be a “ knob ” vs one who is beholden to the rules of the institution. After breaking down all of this with elementary logic, I ‘ve concluded that both Chris Rock and Will Smith generated over $ 100 million in economic opportunity by creating one of the greatest moments in television history. I spoke about this today on The Black Financial Channel. You can take a heed here. 19:03 March 29, 2022 Will Smith and Chris Rock both apologized – they were ill-timed to do that I understand the reasons that Chris Rock and Will Smith apologized for the Oscars slapping incident, but I do n’t like it. I personally believe that both of these men could have stood their grind and everything would be finely. The concern act of total darkness men systematically apologizing for closely everything is one of those things that reminds me of the white domination that exists in America. 27:28 March 29, 2022 What media will never tell you about the Chris Rock Will Smith slap Dr Boyce Watkins and Dr Alicia Watkins speak about the slap incident with Will Smith and Chris Rock at the Oscars 01:41:50 March 28, 2022 Black people need a Powernomics design to overcome racism nowadays in The Dr Boyce Book Club, I am reading the book “ Powernomics ” by Dr Claud Anderson. In this script, we discuss the Powernomics design for America, and what black people must do in order to win. You can join The Dr Boyce Book Club by visiting 51:40 March 24, 2022 5 things you should worry about in the stock certificate market right now ​Hello, I hope you ‘re doing good. If you ‘re worry about your stock market investments, there are basically five areas of concern that fill my mind this dawn : 1 ) The war in Ukraine 2 ) The raw virus outbreak in China 3 ) The magnitude of fertilize matter to rate hikes 4 ) The rate of economic growth 5 ) The trajectory of ostentation over come months. I spoke on these five factors this dawn on The Black Financial Channel. You are welcome to hear my Dr Boyce Breakdown here. second, if you ‘d like to help your syndicate learn black wealth principles on a casual basis, we have a few more Black Wealth Calendars available. Feel release to take a attend by visiting We ‘ve reduced the price significantly since it ‘s now March, but the principles featured each month are of ageless measure to you and your family. Please take care and have a fantastic day. sincerely, Dr Boyce Watkins 14:15 March 16, 2022 This woman ‘s family makes hundreds of thousands of dollars from Digital Real Estate Teaila Kidd is a veridical Estate Broker and Crypto fancier. She ‘s been studying and learning about crypto for a couple of years nowadays and she ‘s recently gotten involved memorize and education in the NFT ( Non-Fungible Token ) outer space. now she has the opportunity to travel the country and teach people online how they can get involved in creating, buying, and selling respective NFTs like virtual state, virtual games, and virtual art. Teaila is an adjunct staff member in The Black Business School. 24:26 March 15, 2022 Is Kanye West abusive or the victim of parental alienation ? nowadays on this sequence of Pillow Talk with Dr Boyce and Dr Alicia Watkins, we ask whether or not Kanye West is an abusive man or a victim of parental alienation. 50:26 March 14, 2022 The Chris Brown accuser should be in jail today we talk about the woman who accused singer Chris Brown of an ineffable crime and consider the fact that she should be locked up for what she did. 33:40 March 12, 2022 Russia, Ukraine and the stock market – a Finance professor ‘s point of view Vladimir Putin ‘s words are driving stock prices up and depressed, but I personally believe that much of this is ephemeral. however, there are more fundamental issues to address regarding how the Russia-Ukraine War is impacting commodities prices, a well as the fundamental factors that are nowadays posing significant economic threats, such as rising inflation or declining consumer confidence. Dr Boyce Watkins is a Finance PhD and fall through of The Black Business School. Learn more by visiting hypertext transfer protocol : // 04:22 March 11, 2022 This man wants to build black-owned aesculapian care facilities across the United States nowadays I speak with Dr Akili Hinson, CEO of Juno Medical. Akili is doing something amaze, and we should all know about it. He ‘s besides looking for those interest in investing in his sight. You can learn more about Dr Hinson ‘s travel by visiting 27:05 March 10, 2022 Dr Boyce exposed – ask me any doubt and I ‘ll answer here, I spend one hour answering any and all questions you may have. Fire away. 39:50 March 08, 2022 How to be ambitious and successful here we talk about how to achieve any goal you may have and how to remain ambitious and successful, no count what. 24:21 March 05, 2022 social media companies conspired to disrupt Farrakhan ‘s final speech I went to this class ‘s Savior ‘s Day, hosted by The state of Islam and Min Louis Farrakhan. I was surprised by the extent to which social media companies went to try to disrupt the language to ensure that black people were not able to hear it. 22:03 February 28, 2022 This is a great stock to buy during the Russian-Ukraine crisis I spoke today about the affect that the situation in Ukraine is having on standard markets around the populace. As with every situation, a buy opportunity about constantly emerges. here ‘s what I am seeing from where I stand. 08:35 February 26, 2022 Joe Biden picks his black woman for the Supreme Court – here ‘s what we found out SHOW LESSJoe Biden just announced a black charwoman that he would like to see on the Supreme Court. therefore, I did some inquiry on Ketanji Brown Jackson and found some interesting facts that you might want to know. According to Politico : President Joe Biden is planning to nominate Ketanji Brown Jackson to succeed retiring Justice Stephen Breyer on the Supreme Court, according to two sources familiar with the decision. Jackson, 51, has been viewed for months as a crown rival and fits the beak that Biden and left-leaning activists have sought in the aftermath of Republicans ’ successful try to pull the judiciary to the right under early President Donald Trump. Her name has farseeing been floated as a electric potential Supreme Court judge, particularly after she was tapped to fill the seat left by now-Attorney General Merrick Garland on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, generally considered the second-most authoritative court in the U.S. Education — Jackson studied government at Harvard University, graduating in 1992. She besides received her law degree from Harvard in 1996. ( She reportedly once partnered with actor Matt Damon in a play course. ) — A Washington, D.C., native who grew up in Florida, Jackson graduated from Miami Palmetto Senior High School, where other noteworthy alumni include Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, two-time U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, equally well as a act of early Olympians and professional athletes. Before the bench — Jackson clerked for three federal jurists, including a zone court judge in Massachusetts, an appellate evaluate in the 1st Circuit and Breyer himself. — Earlier in her legal career, Jackson worked as an assistant federal public defender in Washington, D.C., where she worked on appellate cases, and served as vice professorship of the U.S. Sentencing Commission for several years. 0 Comments SORT BY cloud 35:33 February 25, 2022 This will make your kids want to become investors and entrepreneurs Most of us have kids who do n’t want to get up in the dawn. Mine do n’t either. Each day is a fight, with threats, yelling and lots of solitaire. But then I realized that I could use this conflict to our family ‘s advantage by linking our dawn struggle royale to a long-run objective of helping them to become economically secure. The method acting involved using that consequence of discomfort to help them realize the value of economic freedom and how this might create a more comfortable biography they can dream of during adulthood. I broke the method acting down today on The Black Financial Channel, even as my youngest interrupted the podcast to tell me that she forgot she had to go to her mathematics baseball club confluence. But I got enough out that this technique might help you and your family. You can take a heed here. If you ‘d like to subscribe to our BMOT Land Wealth Building course of study for kids that uses cartoons and puppets to teach valuable fiscal concepts, feel detached to visit 11:23 February 23, 2022 social media depression and addiction and how it ‘s killing our young people nowadays we talk about the deaths of two beauty queens within the context of social media depression and addiction and how it ‘s affect young people. 31:00 February 22, 2022 Killer Mike defends rappers and their efforts in the black community today we finish up with the discussion about rappers and their contributions to black people. A holocene Your Black World Survey concluded that most Black people do not believe Rappers do adequate for the black residential district. I want to finish this conversation. 40:39 February 22, 2022 Three reasons why Kanye West is pissed off at Apple Kanye West has some matter to things happening in his bargain with Apple Music. According to BillBoard, this is all that ‘s going on in the matter to life of Kanye West : After announcing Thursday that his forthcoming album, Donda 2, would be streaming entirely on his branded Stem Player, Kanye West ( immediately known as Ye ) says he ’ sulfur raked in over $ 1.3 million in sales over the past day alone. On Instagram Friday ( Feb. 18 ), Ye posted that as of 11:09 ante meridiem PST he had sold more than 6,200 Stem devices in the past 24 hours, with sales totaling over $ 1.3 million. “ Thats faster than I ’ ve ever sold any T shirt. God has a design. New frontier, ” Ye wrote of the sales figures. “ Everyone that is supporting our revolution is changing the bet on for all artist. We no longer have to bow to people who don ’ thyroxine even sincerely care about music. I feel like I ’ molarity back at SOB ’ s performing Jesus Walks. ” At the meter of the post, according to the composition Ye shared on-line, he had sold 39,500 Stem Players to date — for a total net sales topping $ 8.6 million. 25:24 February 20, 2022 Is Cathie Wood a ace or a lunatic ? here I break down the investment scheme of Cathie Wood from Ark Investing and whether or not she can be good in the long-run. 10:36 February 19, 2022 Woman only dates prison inmates, 10 at a time nowadays on the Pillow talk with Dr Boyce and Dr Alicia Watkins, we address the woman who says that she merely dates prison inmates, and does so 10 at a time. 25:40 February 16, 2022 How Warren Buffett earns $ 37 million dollars a day Warren Buffett, besides known as the Oracle of Omaha for his invest ability, is making some concern moves in the stock market. Following Buffett ‘s trades could be an comfortable way to secure a solid long-run portfolio. According to CNBC, Buffett equitable made a major go in Chevron, which could go a long way : Warren Buffett ’ s Berkshire Hathaway made a swerve of changes to its equity portfolio last quarter. Most notably the fabled investor ramped up his Chevron military position by over 30 %. Berkshire owned over 38 million shares of Chevron at the end of 2021, about 33 % more than what it held in the previous one-fourth, a regulative file revealed. now the conglomerate ’ s bet on the energy name, worth about $ 4.5 billion, is the one-ninth biggest holding in its equity portfolio, according to psychoanalysis. Buffett beginning bought Chevron at the end of 2020, which was largely viewed as a classical prize play and a count on the rebounding economy. The bet has paid off handsomely as the energy stock rallied 39 % in 2021 and has gained another 16 % year to date. Chevron besides pays a 4.2 % dividend. The pudding stone besides scooped up a timely 14.7 million shares of Activision Blizzard in the one-fourth stern, before the video game agreed to an acquisition by Microsoft. Activision enjoyed a big rally this year, up 22.5 %, after the announcement of the $ 68.7 billion all-cash deal. 21:36 February 15, 2022 The Economics behind the Super Bowl tonight we talk about the Super Bowl, best ads, 50 cent ‘s wife beater and other economic issues behind the bad plot. 21:38 February 14, 2022 Used car prices have gotten so high, people are selling them back to the dealer at a profit The monetary value of use cars has skyrocketed due to the chip deficit. I am reading on Instagram about people who are selling their used cars for closely the lapp price they bought them for many years ago. This might be a time to get rid of your used car and it is credibly not the best time to buy one. But if you do choose to buy a exploited cable car, you may want to make surely that your options are flexible so that you don ’ t end up over paying for the cable car 11:12 February 12, 2022 Amazon is making some major moves in the stream space today on The Dr Boyce Watkins Black Stock Market report, I wanted to talk about some of what ‘s going on with Russia, Amazon and why the standard market took a honkytonk today. The price of oil went up as the universe worries about what will happen in the Ukraine. besides, Amazon has a billion dollar Lord of the Rings franchise on the way that shows how unplayful they are about getting into the pour clientele. According to the Hollywood Reporter, # Amazon is making some large economic moves. he Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Amazon will spend roughly NZ $ 650 million — $ 465 million in U.S. dollars — for just the foremost season of the express. That ’ s army for the liberation of rwanda above previous reported estimates that pegged the illusion drama as costing an already record-breaking $ 500 million for multiple seasons of the picture. “ What I can tell you is Amazon is going to spend about $ 650 million in season one alone, ” Stuart Nash, New Zealand curate for economic growth and tourism, told Morning Report. “ This is fantastic, it truly is … this will be the largest television serial ever made. ” 14:44 February 12, 2022 Snoop Dogg gets accused of sexual assault right after buying Death Row Records nowadays we speak about what happened with Snoop Dogg and why his most holocene allegation will probably cost him millions. 35:39 February 11, 2022 Stock market inflation and Snoop Dogg ‘s skill of Death Row Records The surly animal of inflation has reared it ‘s forefront and the stock market is reacting. According to CNBC, this is the worst ascent in inflation since 1982 : The consumer price index for all items rose 0.6 % in January, driving up annual inflation by 7.5 %. That marked the biggest derive since February 1982 and was even higher than the Wall Street calculate. Core inflation rose 6 %, which besides was a notch above expectations. real earnings for workers increased fair 0.1 % on the calendar month when account for inflation. weekly idle claims declined to 223,000, below the 230,000 appraisal. We besides discuss the acquisition of Death Row Records by the knocker Snoop Dogg, and what this means for long-run brand in the rap music diligence. I think that Snoop is going to do great things with the asset and that the failure of Death Row was a observation of bad economic culture. You can join the Dr Boyce Watkins Stock Market investing class by visiting 19:01 February 10, 2022 There are serious concerns about Netflix I read a disturb report about Netflix and the slow of the increase of its exploiter base. There are some who believe that # Netflix should offer tiered price and should flush consider selling itself. This is concern. I ‘ll give you my personal remove on Netflix and whether it would make sense to buy Netflix Stock. 21:35 February 07, 2022 Amazon stock certificate rises $ 190 billion in grocery store detonator overnight Amazon standard equitable did something amazing. The company, run by CEO Jeff Bezos, just saw a stun rise in value of $ 190 billion dollars practically overnight. # Amazon appears to be firm and # Amazonstock is one of the assets that are expected to do quite well during the stake pandemic economy. Amazon ‘s ascent is interesting in contrast to the steep worsen of Facebook owner Meta. Meta saw a major evaluation dangle in its holocene earnings composition. Amazon is now worth $ 1.6 trillion and may finally challenge Apple as the largest company on land. The Black Financial Channel is a newsworthiness and business channel designed specifically for the african American community. We give daily fiscal updates on stock markets, investing and other relate topics that appear in fiscal news. The Black Financial Channel is sponsored by The Black Business School. To join The Black Business School and get started for free, please inflict hypertext transfer protocol : // You can enroll in Dr Watkins ‘ Stock Market Investing class by visiting hypertext transfer protocol : // 03:48 February 05, 2022 Amazon, Facebook, Kanye West and the Stock Market – The Dr Boyce Breakdown In today ‘s Dr Boyce Breakdown, I analyze a string of events including the sudden rise of Amazon stock, Facebook ‘s atrocious decline and why rappers like Kanye West sleep together to brag about their wealth but dont ‘ create jobs for the black community. 26:51 February 04, 2022 Dr Boyce has a heavy conversation with knocker Immortal proficiency nowadays I had a herculean, all-around conversation with the amazing rapper Immortal Technique. 01:09:27 February 02, 2022 What to expect from the stock market in February here I talk about conditions in the stock market and what to expect during the month of February. You can join my Stock Market Investing class by visiting 13:59 February 01, 2022 We in truth need to talk about Cosby and Showtime ‘s racism today, Dr Boyce Watkins speaks about racism and the raw Bill Cosby objective. 44:14 January 31, 2022 The accuracy about the Janet Jackson documentary Dr Alicia and I speak today about the latest Janet Jackson objective. We besides discuss the bequest of her beget Joe Jackson, her buddy Michael and what the Jackson family means to the total darkness community. 01:16:13 January 30, 2022 The stock commercialize is sending strange signals today we talk about the stock market, fed tightening and other things investors should know about 16:04 January 27, 2022 These two black men are doing something amazing I speak nowadays with Brother Ben X and Brother Farrakhan Muhammad Ali about their here After Farms Project that is set to transform the total darkness community. 33:24 January 26, 2022 Why the public school arrangement does n’t teach black wealth here we talk about bootleg wealth and why our kids can never learn these things from the populace school system. 15:54 January 25, 2022 Is the standard market in a state of hand brake ? I spoke today on my podcast about the holocene descent in the stock commercialize and what this means as we head into 2022. 30:47 January 24, 2022 real number critical Race Theory should n’t be taught in white-owned public schools today I read from the reserve “ Black Labor, White Wealth ” by Dr Claud Anderson. We besides discuss critical Race Theory and the fact that black people should be the ones educating total darkness children 38:50 January 23, 2022 The stock market is melting down – here ‘s how you want to play it According to CNBC : U.S. stocks tumbled on Friday, closing out a losing week and continuing a approximate originate to 2022. The Nasdaq Composite was hit the hardest with Friday ’ south selling sending the tech-heavy index to its worst week since 2020. The Nasdaq Composite declined 2.7 % to 13,768.92 on Friday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 450.02 points to 34,265.37. The S & P 500 slid 1.9 % to 4,397.94. The Nasdaq posted a 7.6 % loss for the week, its worst since October 2020, and immediately sits more than 14 % below its November record close. Both the Dow and S & P 500 closed out their third straight workweek of losses and their worst weeks since 2020. The S & P 500 is off more than 8 % from its phonograph record cheeseparing. Netflix ’ s disappoint quarterly report is the latest reverse for engineering investors. Shares of the streaming giant tumbled 21.8 % on Friday after the company ’ s fourth-quarter earnings reputation showed a slowdown in subscriber growth. Its competitors ’ shares besides declined, with Dow part Disney, which operates the Disney+ cyclosis military service, off 6.9 %. stock market, stock market crash, investing for beginners, livestock grocery store for beginners, stock market crash coming, breed market stocks, breed market nowadays psychoanalysis, stock commercialize know trade, investing for beginners 2021, neckcloth market psychoanalysis, stock market live stream, investing for beginners crypto 20:10 January 22, 2022 inflation is at its highest level in 40 years and Joe Biden is in perturb today we talk about the curse of ostentation and how it ‘s weighing on the economy. President Joe Biden ‘s blessing rat keeps dropping, largely because inflation has gotten sol far out of operate. 16:47 January 14, 2022 Alabama, Georgia and the NCAA grove : How black wealth is drained by college sports nowadays I speak about how the Georgia vanadium Alabama NCAA championship is a reminder of just how much wealth is taken out of the black community for the sake of college sports. 31:03 January 12, 2022 podcast hosts say they refuse to date black women – Dr Boyce responds nowadays on Pillow lecture with Dr Boyce and Dr Alicia Watkins, we speak about the hosts of the Fresh and Fit podcast and their statements about black women. The hosts both stated that black women are unattractive to them and that they fulfill alot of despicable stereotypes. We discuss this genial illness and get to the bottom of it all. 01:20:04 January 09, 2022 How black families are plagued by generational curses I know families that live the like nightmares repeatedly because there is no desire to Warn the kids about the mistakes of their parents. This can include : Dangers of Alcohol and drug abuse No economic train to get off the bodied grove Unwanted pregnancy and poverty that plagues many single parent households Unhealthy food that kills us not investing and saving for the future to create a solid economic basal for the family Toxic message in music that glorifies the hood culture and gets # blackmen sent to prison not valuing department of education not teaching our kids how to date and marry quality people who won ’ triiodothyronine ruin their life with baby ma drama Building multiple streams of income to avoid family economic play # blackpride # blackexcellence # blackfamily # drboycewatkins # b1 01:19:56 January 06, 2022 Reparations needs to become a major national publish for black people tonight in the Dr Boyce Book Club, we talk about reparations and why this must become a national write out. 01:04:35 January 06, 2022 Turn off the newsworthiness, it ‘s depressing you today I speak about studies that show that watching the news can create depression and anxiety in the american public, all for the sake of corporate profits. 08:42 January 06, 2022 Apple is nowadays worth $ 3 trillion dollars – you could have bought for about nothing finance professor Dr Boyce Watkins speaks about the fact that Apple is now a $ 3 trillion dollar company. 11:04 January 05, 2022 How Warren Buffett merely made $ 120 billion dollars Turns out that Warren Buffett made a stake on Apple stock years ago that turned into a sock $ 120 billion dollar win. According to CNBC :, this one of Buffett ‘s biggest wins in history : Warren Buffett ’ s out-of-character bet on Apple may end up being one of his winningest investments, making more than $ 120 billion on newspaper as the technical school giant shattered yet another phonograph record to top a $ 3 trillion market evaluation this workweek. Berkshire Hathaway began buying Apple stock in 2016 and by mid-2018, the pudding stone accumulated 5 % ownership of the iPhone maker, a interest that cost $ 36 billion. Flash forward to 2022 and the Apple investment is now worth $ 160 billion as the massive tease extended into the new year. 19:40 January 05, 2022 Why Antonio Brown suddenly quit a multi-million dollar caper I just found out why Antonio Brown abruptly quit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 12:15 January 03, 2022 Did Ice Cube rip off the cast of Friday ? Let ‘s break that down today I speak about the on-line chatter regarding whether or not the knocker Ice Cube did right by the cast of Friday. Without passing judgment one means or the other, I wanted to break the matter down as an opportunity to discuss the dynamics of wealth initiation, occupation possession and investing in yourself. 37:56 December 30, 2021 Is McDonalds stock a good buy ? today I talk about McDonald ‘s stock and some interest things they are doing in China. I besides explain why you may or may not want to add McDonald ‘s stock to your portfolio. 19:39 December 26, 2021 The Meagan Good – Devon Franklin divorce – a Relationship Therapist breakdown In this conversation, Dr Boyce and Dr Alicia Watkins speaks about the disassociate of Devon Franklin and Meagan Good. We discuss the issue from a therapist perspective and the things that can make relationships difficult. 47:20 December 26, 2021 Why you should NEVER put all your money in a bank ​\As my wife and I prepare to leave the country, I wanted to share a breakdown I did on Financial Juneteenth television receiver explaining how putting money in the bank can be identical harmful to your finances. You can hear my psychoanalysis at this radio link. second, I want to remind you that we meet Tuesday for Stock Market Investing class at 11 am EST. If you have questions for me to answer ( they can be specific to your situation ), login and leave them at You can learn more about our platforms and programs by visiting 18:44 December 26, 2021 Why my professor wife loves The Matrix Resurrections Dr alicia and I equitable watched The Matrix Resurrections. here are our thoughts. 31:42 December 25, 2021 Why do n’t black people own a professional sports league ? I speak today about the Kaepernick protest and wonder why black people do n’t own a professional sports league 01:04:03 December 23, 2021 Was Kamala Harris lying ? Why the Democrats go to the same racial playbook nowadays, our All Black Panel speaks about the manner in which the Democratic Party goes to the lapp playbook in their quest to control the african American community. 01:11:27 December 18, 2021 Kamala Harris battles Charlamagne tha God and goes to the Joe Biden playbook today I speak on the interest interview between Kamala Harris and Charlamagne tha God. It was interesting and I think that Charlamagne scored some points for the black community. 46:15 December 18, 2021 Without economic baron, there is no such thing as racial equality for black people nowadays, I speak about racial equality and how this is linked to economic equality, specially for the black man. 45:40 December 17, 2021 Jasmine Guy ‘s atrocious marriage and bankruptcy – She shares her lessons today, my wife Dr Alicia and I speak of the hideous bankruptcy and marriage of ace Jasmine Guy. Guy speaks about how the disassociate ruined her, but besides speaks about the challenges that come with being a fame and the anticipation of being perfect. Jasmine Guy was a star on the reach television receiver read, “ A Different World. ” Dr Alicia Watkins is a license couples counselor and wax professor of Social Work. Dr Boyce Watkins is a Finance PhD and founder of The Black Business School. 45:33 December 13, 2021 The Dr Boyce Breakdown – Stop letting them dumb you down today I answer questions and talk about why the black man should stop allowing others to dumb us down. 38:32 December 13, 2021 Vicki Dillard and Rizza Islam give the truth about the pandemic Rizza Islam, Vicki Dillard – The All Black Horrors of Biden Today we have the one and entirely Vicki Dillard joined by Rizza Islam to give a naked and bootleg first discussion about all the things we ‘re seeing right now in american politics. According to, Born and raised in Compton California, Doctor, influencer, activist, author, and research worker Ronnie Steven better known as Rizza Islam has spend years ( and multiple social media accounts ) bringing awareness to facts behind what many believe is ‘ misguided ’ and false accuracy behind this state. His outspoken/humorous personality, and fearlessness to speak out has won him millions of fans and supporters from all over the world. In an single interview, JaGurl TV sat down with Islam to dive deep into his breeding, fearlessness, and his newly script ‘ message to the Millineals ’. Growing up with 5 brothers and 5 sisters, Islam was proud to express his mothers strengths raising all of his siblings as a single parent. “ My mother is a firm, ” Islam explained, “ she was a harbor and then she moved into naturopathy, and before that of course MGT ( Muslim Girls Training ) and the state of Islam. Raising us by herself, a young women who had 3 unlike clinics, I mean she was truly putting in work. ” Although he didn ’ t have much growing up, Islam shared his gratitude and sexual love for the hard work and knock-down influence his mother had in his life. With a potent women like his mother supporting him, Islam has over the years evolved into the drawing card that our nation needs during this time. “ I started working in a non-profit social amelioration program, a literacy and drug education program, ” Islam tells JaGurl television, “ so my people at the lowest discipline is who I ’ megabyte working with. I ’ thousand sitting across the table from people who are on drugs, coming out of the prison system ; people on probation, people who are trying to get their children back, brothers who can ’ metric ton read or write 30, 40 50 years old. This is our people at the bottom. ” Islam continued, “ Thats who I ’ ve been manipulation to working with since I was 9 years old. What in the hell am I fearing this government for ? I ’ ve been down their with my people, I know precisely what it looks like, so what else can you do to me ? ” Islams ’ unafraid repel has pushed him to take a position. “ I ’ ve seen what they ( politics ) can do, I got it, cool, but I don ’ thymine give a blasted. Because if I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate do it, all right, then were just going to give this to another genesis to carry on ? I ’ megabyte not interest in that. We ’ rhenium presuppose to pass down money, we ’ ra speculate to pass down domain, we ’ ra suppose to pass down power, we ’ re suppose to pass down opportunity. not another curse, not another bill, not another drug summation, not another bad trait or characteristic, not a negative environment, minus condition. Why the hell are you gon na sit here and make me believe that I have to continue to perpetuate this ? I ’ megabyte not concern in it no more and I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want any coevals to be concern in it at all. ” Rizza Islam, Vicki Dillard – The All Black Horrors of Biden Tags used in this video : Vicki Dillard, rizza islam, black politics, government, the jab, Joe biden, kamala harris, dr boyce watkins, black men, black women, black, covid19, pandemic, lockdown, mandate, death, coronavirus, aureole, black community, healthy, health, unemployment, pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, ecomony, money, wealth, ball-shaped pandemic, treatment, america, masks, black people, the pill, trump, newsworthiness, president Joe biden, immigrants, Omigron, random variable, Rizza Islam and Vicki Dillard discuss political lies and propaganda # vickidillard # rizzaislam # drboycewatkins # joebiden 01:23:21 December 04, 2021 Black people lose trillions of dollars because of this We discuss the brain drain with black kids going to work for white people 14:49 December 01, 2021 Travis Scott lawsuits are up to $ 2.75 billion dollars In this episode, I talk about the status of the Travis Scott lawsuits, along with other issues in hip hop music. Rap music is beautiful but complex. There is quite a piece to talk about. 33:59 November 28, 2021 The hidden and atrocious risks of being a livestock commercialize day trader Being a lineage marketplace day trader – here are the pros and cons – Dr Boyce Watkins. nowadays, I talk about being a day trader, including the pros and cons of engaging in this difficult investing work. The thing about sidereal day trade is that it ‘s very excite and feeds into our crave for gambling. Millions of people have started day trade and it seems to work well when the stock market is strong. however, there ‘s a dark side to day deal that can consist of forming a gamble addiction, losing sleep, being hit with margin calls and possibly losing all of your family wealth. indeed, I am going to give you the pros and cons of day trade in this video and you can learn more about stock market investing by visiting Tags for this television : livestock trade, day deal, stock market, stock market for beginners, swing trade, how to day trade, investing for beginners, penny stocks, day trader, day trading bitcoin, sidereal day trading strategies, neckcloth commercialize movies, stock deal path, lineage trade 101, day deal cryptocurrency, store trade for dummies, day deal robinhood, dr boyce watkins, the black occupation school, Being a stock market sidereal day trader – here are the pros and cons – Dr Boyce Watkins 35:26 November 23, 2021 Entrepreneur Couple ‘s murder-suicide shocks the black community According to the Atlanta Journal- Constitution : A conserve and wife who had recently moved to the Atlanta area to expand their businesses were found dead of an apparent murder-suicide earlier this month, patrol said. Shortly before 9 post meridiem on Nov. 6, Keianna Burns, 44, shoot and killed her conserve, 46-year-old Ronnell Burns, before turning the accelerator on herself, according to Sgt. Salvador Ortega with Sandy Springs police. No one else was in the home at the meter of the shootings, Ortega said. The couple founded 4 His glory Ministries and Kritique Designs Beauty & Barber Salon in their hometown of St. Louis before moving earlier this class, Keianna Burns said in an October Facebook live video recording. “ properly now my husband is at a retreat. I stayed bet on because we have our children here, ” she said. “ however, I good hopped on here because you have to be prepared for life changes no matter what it is that is taking put. I ’ molarity trying to encourage person because things in your life sentence can change for the good or the bad overnight literally. And if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate feel like you are a potent enough individual, some things may take you out. ” 56:33 November 21, 2021 The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial : The shyt display of the hundred here I give an honest total darkness perspective on the Kyle Rittenhouse test. 32:07 November 20, 2021 How Kanye West can raise billions for the total darkness community # KanyeWest is a bang-up man and an amaze # knocker. A powerful follow up to # Kanye ‘s outstanding interview on # DrinkChamps would be for him to raise a billion dollars for # BlackPeople. This can be done. right immediately. @ mrjaymorrison was able to raise over $ 11.5 million with a social media following of a few hundred thousand people. With the following that Kanye West has, along with his 15 closest friends, they could well raise several billion dollars WITHIN A MONTH. This money would fund thousands of # BlackOwned schools, to liberate # BlackChildren from the highly subscript and awful public school system. This money could fund thousands of # BlackOwnedBusinesses, many of whom are boycotted by EVERYONE and STARVING for capital that is NOT provided to them by the # racist banking system. This money could buy thousands of acres of LAND, creating the greatest land-ownership campaign in all of # BlackHistory. We could build black owned universities preferably than allowing # BlackChildren to become saddle with devastating # StudentLoan debt. This money could even lead to the initiation of black own sports leagues, so our athletes are n’t begging for opportunities from the # NBA, the # NCAA and # NFL. The move would be EPIC and would free our community from the # SystematicRacism of the Democrat and Republican Parties, the corporate grove and early systems that serve to keep our people oppressed. I would advise Kanye and his team FREE OF CHARGE on what to do with the money. besides, there are THOUSANDS of blacken educators, attorneys, PhDs, Scientists, Accountants, Doctors, Parents, and Developers who would get on board with such a project IMMEDIATELY. This is what # BlackPower looks like. It must be INSTITUTIONAL ability, not precisely charismatic leadership. We can do this. We can raise this money. It ‘s clock to take it to the sign of the zodiac for our people and build for the following 300 years. Our grandchild will be identical proud of what we ‘ve accomplished. sincerely, Dr Boyce Watkins hypertext transfer protocol : // Follow Dr Boyce Watkins on Instagram at hypertext transfer protocol : // … # BoyceWatkins # DrBoyceWatkins 31:44 November 17, 2021 Dr Boyce Watkins, Judge Joe Brown and Dr George C Fraser address on the country of black in America and beyond In this conversation, Dr Boyce Watkins speaks with George C Fraser and Judge Joe Brown. The varied negotiation covers a numeral of epic issues on subspecies in America and what it ‘s going to take for black people to be successful. 01:23:29 November 13, 2021 Travis Scott, Astroworld – The most dangerous minstrel read on land Travis Scott, astroworld – The most deadly minstrel appearance on ground The calamity of knocker Travis Scott is very matter to against the backdrop of over 200 rappers dying this year. Well rap has frequently been baneful for black people, America has a different chemical reaction when the victims are not black. Travis Scott is besides in a world of fuss because of the serious legal implications of having a big, drug infested event that has led to peoples deaths. I thought about the Travis Scott site for the last couple of days, and I am now ready to make my comments on the issue 33:42 November 10, 2021 An All Black review of the Colin Kaepernick Documentary We watched the Colikn Kaepernick documentary – here ’ mho our review. According to : As the binary nature of its championship suggests, Colin in Black & White feels split down the in-between. Though it ’ s a reference book to the polarize converse around football player Colin Kaepernick, it besides feels indicative mood of the closely irreconcilable separate between its two modes of presentation. One has Kaepernick onscreen as a good presenter, delivering information about both american english history and his own life ; the other has performers reenact that life as a coming-of-age drollery. The express aims to tie personal experience to the bigger painting of racism in american sport institutions — and not only in the NFL, which continues to ostracize Kaepernick for exercising his right to protest ( he ’ s not played in a game since 2017 ). 01:11:21 November 07, 2021 Meek Mill and Summer Walker have atrocious contracts – here ‘s why Summer Walker and Meek Mill appear to have atrocious contracts – what happened ? today on The Black Financial Channel, I am going to speak about the hideous contracts of superstars Summer Walker and Meek Mill. I read a long Rolling Stone article about the contracts and find it quite interesting that across generations, black artists have run into the same problems. As a person who has taught finance for a very hanker time, I find it odd that this narrative keeps coming up, particularly when there are artists like @ dee1music who actually LEFT their read labels to become economically golden in an independent way. We wo n’t precisely talk about the poor economic terms of the contracts, we will besides discuss varioius aspects of economic theory, good as ex-post vs ex-ante analysis and what this means in the world of music, contracts and negotiation. 45:34 November 07, 2021 Joe Biden merely passed a bill that will put money into your stocks Joe Biden and the Democrats finally got an infrastructure bill passed, and it means a lot to your stock portfolio. 35:48 November 06, 2021 HBCUs are in unplayful perturb – here ‘s why today I spoke about HBCUs and why many of them are struggling. This is crucial for those who care about Historically Black Colleges and Universities. 04:16 November 04, 2021 Why the music diligence promotes the kill of black people today we discuss Why the music diligence promotes the killing of black people. I find it interesting that you ca n’t make derogative music about any other group of people, but you can market that music when it references black people. 01:02:35 October 25, 2021 Donald Trump announces new social media platform Donald Trump announces new social media chopine 14:53 October 22, 2021 Paypal wants to buy pinterest, but experts do n’t believe it ‘s a good deal I spoke nowadays about the decision by Paypal to purchase Pinterest. This deal precisely does n’t make any sense. 18:08 October 22, 2021 Bitcoin just blasted to a new record high – What is the future of Bitcoin ? Bitcoin equitable hit an amazing new record high of $ 65,000. This is a identical large distribute, as the cryptocurrency has been going through a approximate class. It ‘s taken respective months to get back to where it was before, and it appears that Bitcoin is on it ‘s way in the travel to $ 100,000. According to CNBC, this move by bitcoin is huge for investors : Bitcoin notched a fresh all-time high on Wednesday as investors cheered the successful launch of the first U.S. bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund. The earth ’ mho largest cryptocurrency climbed about 3 % to $ 66,024.99 by 10:10 a.m. ET, topping a former record of $ 64,899 set in mid-april. bullish comments from a fabled trader besides boosted opinion. Billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones called crypto his prefer inflation hedge over gold. “ Bitcoin would be a capital hedge. Crypto would be a great hedge, ” Jones told CNBC ’ s “ Squawk Box ” on Wednesday. “ There ’ s a plan in set for crypto and intelligibly it ’ south winning the subspecies against gold at the moment … I would think that would besides be in very full ostentation hedge. It would be my prefer one over gold at the moment. ” Ethereum besides rose more than 4 % to cross back over the $ 4,000 level. The populace ’ s moment largest cryptocurrency traded at $ 4,005.91, approaching its all-time intraday high of 4,380 in May. The ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF, which tracks bitcoin futures contracts speculating on the future price of the cryptocurrency, rose closely 5 % on its first base day of trade Tuesday. not everyone in the crypto commercialize was impress. several bitcoin investors want an exchange traded fund that tracks blot prices quite than futures. Novice investors have had to get to grips with terms like “ contango, ” where the futures price of a commodity is higher than its touch price, and “ backwardation, ” which is basically the inverse. here ‘s the definition of bitcoin, according to Investopedia : What Is Bitcoin ? Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currentness created in January 2009. It follows the ideas set out in a whitepaper by the mysterious and pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto.1 The identity of the person or persons who created the engineering is still a mystery. Bitcoin offers the promise of lower transaction fees than traditional on-line payment mechanisms and, unlike government-issued currencies, it is operated by a decentralized authority. Bitcoin is known as a type of cryptocurrency because it uses cryptography to keep it dependable. There are no physical bitcoins, only balances kept on a public ledger that everyone has transparent access to ( although each record is encrypted ). All bitcoin transactions are verified by a massive amount of computing might via a work known as “ mine. ” Bitcoin is not issued or backed by any banks or governments, nor is an individual bitcoin valuable as a commodity. Despite it not being legal tender in most parts of the earth, bitcoin is identical popular and has triggered the launch of hundreds of early cryptocurrencies, jointly referred to as altcoins. Bitcoin is normally abbreviated as “ BTC ” when traded. # Bitcoin # BitcoinPrice # BitcoinPrediction # DrBoyceWatkins Dr Boyce Watkins is a PhD in Finance. You can learn more by visiting hypertext transfer protocol : // # BlackWealth 54:08 October 21, 2021 Colin Powell dies – what you do n’t know about his bequest nowadays I talk about the belated Colin Powell, who fair died at the age of 84. I speak about Colin ‘s bequest and what he means to bootleg people. 34:11 October 18, 2021 Netflix confronts employee who sabotaged Dave Chappelle ‘s special by leaking individual information Chappelle made his film debut at the age of twenty in the 1993 Mel Brooks comedy Robin Hood : man in Tights. Chappelle then took early film roles ( including a modest separate in the Eddie Murphy-starring feature film The Nutty Professor in 1996, and co-writing and star in stone film Half Baked in 1998 ) and try respective failed television pilots before launching his own series, Chappelle ‘s Show on Comedy Central in 2003. The show was wildly democratic and ran for two successful seasons and was nominated for two Emmy Awards before Chappelle abruptly left during production of the third gear season, though Comedy Central late aired the episodes created without him. Chappelle cited the fact that he did not like the guidance the show was going, that he was overworked with 20-hour workdays, and did not have time to devote to his stand-up career as reasons for leaving. Walking away from the show meant the cancellation of a $ 50 million dollar contract with Comedy Central. Dr Boyce Watkins is a Finance PhD and founder of The Black Business School. You can obtain a unblock ecopy of Dr Watkins bible by visiting hypertext transfer protocol : // You can learn more about The Black Business School by visiting hypertext transfer protocol : // 35:03 October 17, 2021 Lizzo, Meek Mill and the disrespect of black women – How racial stereotypes oeuvre Lizzo, Meek Mill, and total darkness women stereotypes Are on our mind nowadays for nowadays ’ sulfur pillow lecture with Dr. Boyce and Dr. Alicia Watkins. Dr. Alicia happens to be an adept in the subconscious mind, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as traditional stereotypes that are held of black women. thus today, we will talk about the interest equip that Lizzo wore to the Cardi B party and whether or not this is an empowering persona of black women or an image that is degrading. Rapper Meek Mill besides received some pushback for an album embrace that some considered to be derogative toward black women. The reply that we both saw on-line was that a black woman had actually done the painting for Meek Mills album cover, but we wonder if this is adequate of a reason to allow any image of black women to be put on the side of a bus topology. Dr. Boyce Watkins is a finance PhD and founder of the blacken business school. Dr. Alicia Watkins is a wide professor of social employment and a accredited therapist. To learn more about Dr. Alicia, please visit Http : // To learn more about Dr. Boyce, please visit hypertext transfer protocol : // 01:00:13 October 16, 2021 What Kyrie Irving and his friends need to do adjacent What Kyrie Irving and other brothers might want to do right now Today, I want to talk for a second about Kyrie Irving. Kyrie is under a capital cope of controvesy regarding the assorted mandates and other things being imposed on him by the NBA. But this leads to a motion we ‘ve been asking for quite some time : Why do n’t these black men start their own league ? Kyrie Irving is worth tens of millions of dollars. There are dozens of black athletes and celebrities worth hundreds of millions of dollars each. What ‘s stopping black athletes from starting their own league preferably than just being employees of the NFL and NBA. ESPN says that Kyrie Irving is likely going to have trouble from the NBA, but will receive support from the public : ” The fiscal consequences, I know I do not want to even do that, ” Irving said. “ But it is reality that in order to be in New York City, in order to be on a team, I have to be va**. I chose to be unva***, and that was my choice, and I would ask you all to fair respect that choice. “ I am going to just continue to stay in shape, be fix to play, be ready to rock out with my teammates and just be part of this wholly thing. This is not a political thing ; this is not about the NBA, not about any organization. This is about my life and what I am choosing to do. ” Irving spoke out on sociable media one sidereal day after the Nets decided to not allow their starting point guard to rehearse or play with them at all until he complies with New York City ‘s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Irving made it clear that he is not upset with the Nets organization, his teammates or the NBA, and he said he was not trying to make a political argument. He repeatedly said he respects doctors who continue to try to keep people safe and those who are vaccinated, while besides respecting those who are n’t vaccinated and “ are being mandated to do this and are losing their support. ” Nets cosmopolitan coach Sean Marks said Tuesday that the decision to not let Irving join the team until he gets at least one vaccine shot was ultimately made by him and team owner Joe Tsai. Marks besides said Irving will lose only the money he was due to play in home games, which he is not allowed to do under New York City ‘s mandate. If Irving misses every game in Brooklyn this season ( including preseason games ), along with the two regular-season games against the Knicks at Madison Square Garden, he could lose over $ 17 million, according to ESPN ‘s Bobby Marks and Tim Bontemps. Irving besides is eligible to sign a four-year, $ 187 million extension with Brooklyn. “ You got to make these convictions yourself, ” said Irving, who had not spoken publicly since Sept. 27, when he had to talk to reporters via videoconference call because he could n’t join his teammates for media sidereal day due to New York City ‘s mandate. “ ‘Yo, you are going to lose out on money ; you are going to lose out on this. ‘ So what. It is not about the money, baby. It is about choosing what is best for you. “ You very think I want to lose money ? You think I truly want to give up on my dream to go after a championship ? You think I actually just want to give up my job ? Think I actually equitable want to sit at home and not go after the things with my teammates that I have been able to grow with, to learn with, to learn that it takes sacrifice in this space. … You think I want to give up my support because of a mandate, because I do n’t have accommodations, because I am unva** ? Come on. ” Irving said he is “ placid uncertain about a lot of things, and that is OK. ” Video tags : kyrie, kyrie irving vaccine, kyrie irving immunoglobulin hot, kyrie irving live, kyrie irving stephen a smith, kyrie irving consultation, kyrie instagram live, kyrie live, brooklyn nets, kyrie irving brooklyn nets, kyrie irving brooklyn, boyce watkins, dr boyce, dr boyce watkins, bootleg athletes, nba, nba athletes, kyrie irving beginning take 13:03 October 14, 2021 The racist myth that immigrants work hard than black people nowadays at the reserve black Labor White Wealth by Dr Claud Anderson. One long-held false belief is that the racial wealth opening was created through hard work. By breaking down the work of Dr. Anderson, I will explain why intemperate work is about meaningless if it is not accompanied by an access to capital. besides, unlike what we have learned in school, black people have worked harder than anyone else in America when it comes to building his area. indeed until reparations are paid for all of the hard ferment of black people of the past, It will be extremely difficult to overcome the racial wealth break that exist in America. Another factor in the racial wealth gap is a miss of access to capital for black owned businesses. tonight we besides talk about the myth of the hard work immigrant and why this comparison to other cultural groups makes it more difficult for black people to be recognized for our economic and political contributions to the country. 36:22 October 14, 2021 Meek Mill ‘s album screen – is it aweless to black women ? Does the Meek Mill Album cover disrespect black women ? – Dr Boyce & Jeff Lightsy Jr. The media took notice of a valet who felt that the top of Meek Mill ‘s modern album is dreadfully aweless to black women. According to Black America Web, # MeekMill should expect to receive frightful backfire for this album : The old suppose goes that artwork imitates life, but what happens when the artwork in interrogate may be imitating a life style that could be offensive to a unharmed subspecies and sex of people ? One very vocal music ashen man on Hollywood Blvd recently felt it was his duty to call out the artwork for Meek Mill ’ s newly album, Expensive Pain, somehow tying it to the contempt of Black women, Masonic symbolism, vaccine mandates and why you should take off your masquerade in cosmopolitan. In the two-minute-long viral trot, the local upset house physician let his explicit feelings be known about the bus rolling through his region with the Expensive Pain artwork plastered across the stallion exterior as promo. “ What the f*ck is this, ” the valet exclaims while pointing to a fortune of the draw that depicts a, well, pink parcel of the homo human body, far scalding into the camera by adding, “ Is this what you want black women ? ” His bombast continued with more questions for Black women, screaming “ Is this how you want to be respected in biography ? ” and besides “ This is how you want to be portrayed ? ” After claiming to actually be from Philadelphia, a rationality he says otherwise would ’ ve made him supportive of the South Philly-bred master of ceremonies, he brought up the idea of little girls seeing it and being influenced by the imagination. His argument took a turn for the leave towards the end though after he labeled a checker floor in the artwork as “ Masonic ” and promote made claims that it ’ s all connected to the vaccine, imploring all to “ take your freaking mask off — teach about microbe theory ! ” While it surely made for viral entertainment, what the guy failed to do was his actual inquiry to learn that his rout of frustration was actually created by Nina Chanel Abney, a female african american contemporaneous artist that explores themes from race and gender to homophobia and toss off culture. 01:14:05 October 14, 2021 Thousands of Coinbase users are getting their accounts hacked Coinbase is under burn for losing crypto through a large number of hacks. According to CNBC, Coinbase is under fire : Cryptocurrency change Coinbase started raw live phone support in the awaken of thousands of customer service complaints. One Los Angeles couple lost about $ 700,000 from their Coinbase account. The party says it was not responsible for that hack. CNBC interviewed multiple customers who tried the new support choice, with some calling it “ a joke. ” A spokesperson for the cryptocurrency exchange said that it is rolling out more customer support options and that “ at no point have attackers breached Coinbase ’ s security infrastructure. ” LOS ANGELES – After thousands of customer servicing complaints, Coinbase started a newly alive earphone digest lineage. But numerous customers remain defeated with the company after its latest feat to address their concerns. Take Erick and Molly Richardson, for model. The text message on Erick ’ s call alarmed him so much that he pulled over to the side of the road. It was a cheery afternoon in July. The retire lawyer clicked on the message which said person had logged into his account. He logged on, and soon got an electronic mail that his two-factor authentication had been changed, meaning his security settings had likely been compromised. then the nightmare got worse. He and his wife, Molly, had saved closely $ 1.1 million in cryptocurrencies. abruptly, a fraudster started withdrawing all their bitcoin investments, about $ 700,000, as Erick watched. And there was nothing he could do. 28:59 October 13, 2021 Could Mark Zuckerberg end up in jail ? Facebook collapse Mark Zuckerberg has a new whistle blower and this appears to be serious. According to Business Insider : Sophie Zhang, a former Facebook data scientist who went public with her criticisms of the company in September 2020, has told CNN she is uncoerced to testify before Congress. Zhang besides said on Twitter on Sunday that she had provided a US law-enforcement agency with “ detail documentation regarding potential criminal violations. ” When asked by CNN, Zhang did not say which means she gave documents to. An FBI spokesperson declined to comment when contacted by CNN. “ If Congress wishes for me to testify, I will fulfill my civil duty, as I ‘ve publicly stated for the past half year, ” Zhang said in a pinch Monday that linked to her CNN interview. 31:09 October 12, 2021 Why Taraji P Henson did a $ 300 million dollar movie and only got $ 30k Taraji P Henson explains why she only earned $ 30,000 after taxes after appearing in the film, “ The Curious case of Benjamin Button. ” 27:36 October 12, 2021 Black Panther actress may be fired for not getting the jab Actress Letitia Wright may be fired from the Black Panther series for not getting the jab. I spoke on the issue today with Jeff Lightsy Jr. 40:34 October 11, 2021 A miracle precisely happened to me that you wont ‘ believe Something amazing happened to me when I went to the University of Louisville football game today. 30:15 October 10, 2021 Investing is not gambling, but most people do n’t know the difference nowadays we talk about the dispute between investing and gambling. many people do n’t know the dispute between the two. 01:23:57 October 08, 2021 An honest review of the Dave Chappelle special on Netflix An honest, All-Black review of the Dave Chappelle Netflix particular. today Dr Boyce and Dr Alicia Watkins review the Dave Chappelle special on Netflix called “ The Closer. ” Chappelle has been under arouse, largely from ashen liberals. According to the Hollywood Reporter : Amid a eddy of controversy around his newfangled Netflix special, The Closer, Dave Chappelle took center stage Thursday night at a star-studded and sold-out show at L.A. ’ s iconic Hollywood Bowl. Though the ace comedian did not repeat any of the jokes that have been loudly rejected by members of the LGBTQ community, GLAAD and the National Black Justice Coalition, he thumbed his nose at the notion of delete culture while besides promoting messages of kindness and sleep together. According to The week : The comedian performed Thursday after a shield of Untitled : Dave Chappelle Documentary in Los Angeles, and after receiving a standing ovation, he quipped, “ If this is what being canceled is like, I love it, ” The Hollywood Reporter reports. Chappelle was alluding to the fact that he has been under fire since the release of his newest Netflix special, The Closer, in which he says that “ sex is a fact ” and calls himself “ team TERF, ” a term meaning trans-exclusionary free radical feminist, while defending J.K. Rowling over her anti-trans remarks. GLAAD in a statement said that “ Chappelle ‘s sword has become synonymous with ridiculing trans people and early marginalize communities, ” while the National Black Justice Coalition called for Netflix to remove the particular, saying, “ Perpetuating transphobia perpetuates violence. ” Jaclyn Moore, executive manufacturer of Netflix ‘s Dear White People, besides said she wo n’t work with Netflix again while it continues to “ profit from blatantly and perilously transphobic capacity. ” 47:21 October 08, 2021 Dave Chappelle under major attack for his Netflix especial Black Justice Groups wants to Cancel Dave Chappelle on Netflix It looks like Dave Chappelle is under threat of being cancelled due to the controversial nature of his new Netflix particular. We are going to have a barbershop conversation about the subject. According to Variety : Dave Chappelle is drawing a growing brandish of criticism for his derogative comments about the LGBTQ+ community in his newest Netflix stand-up special. The special, titled “ The Closer, ” premiered on the streamer on Tuesday and is meant to serve as a final entry in a series of stand-up routines by Chappelle on Netflix. In the new release, the comedian makes explicit jokes about trans women and offers defenses for former derogative comments made by figures such as “ Harry Potter ” writer J.K. Rowling and rapper DaBaby. Chappelle besides references criticism he faced over the past two years for makings jokes about the trans community in his specials “ Equanimity ” and “ Sticks and Stones. ” More from IndieWire : Dave Chappelle ends his latest Netflix comedy particular, “ The Closer, ” by proclaiming he is finished with transgender and LGBTQ jokes “ until we are both sure that we are laughing in concert, ” adding, “ I ’ thousand state you, it ’ s done. I ’ megabyte done talking about it. All I ask of your community, with all humility : Will you please stop punching down on my people ? ” For organizations such as GLAAD and The National Black Justice Coalition, that declaration is besides little, excessively late. Chappelle already had a history filling his Netflix specials with offensive transgender jokes, and that vogue continues in “ The Closer. ” At one indicate, the comedian declares himself “ team TERF ” ( meaning a trans-exclusionary radical feminist ) while saying J.K. Rowling doesn ’ triiodothyronine deserve to be “ canceled ” for her anti-trans belief. Representatives for Chappelle did not immediately respond to Variety ’ s request for remark, and Netflix declined to comment on the matter. 59:50 October 08, 2021 Why you need to stop comparing black people to immigrants Tonight, I am reading Dr Claud Anderson ‘s book, “ Black Labor, White Wealth. ” This is part of the Dr Boyce Book Club. You can access all lectures in The Dr Boyce Book Club by visiting hypertext transfer protocol : // Dr Claud Anderson speaks about why it ‘s not clean to compare black people to immigrants. Black Wealth has remained stubbornly low for a long period of time. much of this is due to the miss of opportunities provided to african Americans and the way in which blacken wealth is stolen from the community. In his book, Dr Anderson says that there is often a double over standard in America when it comes to # BlackOwned Businesses, and how blacken people are viewed by others. Dan Lacy, an historian, says, “ Whites denounce blacks as lazy and lacking ambition, while they resent black rival. They are angered by tax income for social welfare and other social programs, but are evenly angered by equal opportunity and approving action speculate policies for blacks. ” While government programs may not be the best solution for all situations, there is surely room for argument regarding how black labor built this country, but it ‘s led to white wealth for others. That ‘s what tonight ‘s discussion is all about. 40:17 October 07, 2021 I plan to buy this stock today – here ‘s why I was asked whether or not I was going to buy more # Facebook stock. The short-circuit answer is “ Yes. ” There are quite a few factors that played into my decision and I discussed them this good morning on Basically, Facebook is that aphrodisiac person you ‘re dating who is besides abusive. You hate the fact that you love them so much, but you keep coming rear. Most of us use Facebook everyday, even though we ca n’t stand Mark Zuckerberg. # Whatsapp is sol all-important in third base worldly concern countries, that closely a billion people were unable to connect with love ones or receive money during the holocene outage. Congress is besides watery to stop Facebook, and # FacebookStock barely wiggles when Zuck is called in for congressional testimony. This ship’s company is probably here to stay and they will keep making money like the digital Pablo Escobar. I broke all this down this good morning and there is more to be said about Bitcoin. Please take care and I look forward to seeing you again soon. sincerely, Dr Boyce Watkins # b1 # Blackwealth # Stockmarket # DrBoyceWatkins 23:30 October 06, 2021 tesla forced to pay $ 137 million dollars for racism Turns out that Tesle is being forced to pay $ 137 million for racist treatment toward an employee. The employee alleged that he was forced to endure a hostile employment environment, and because he had never signed an agreement to arbitration, the matter was settled in court. According to CNBC : A San Francisco federal court decided Monday that Tesla must pay a erstwhile proletarian, Owen Diaz, about $ 137 million after he endured a hostile work environment and racist abuse working there as an elevator operator. According to his attorneys, the case was only able to move forward because Diaz had not signed one of Tesla ’ s mandatary arbitration agreements which the company uses to force employees to resolve disputes without a public trial. A stockholder militant, Nia Impact Capital, has asked Tesla ’ s circuit board to study the effects of mandate arbitration agreements on the caller, voicing concern that they enable harassment and other problems. 13:33 October 05, 2021 Joe Biden wo n’t pay reparations, but gives $ 6 billion to afghan refugees President Joe Biden just signed a massive placard to give $ 6 billion dollars to those moving here from Afghanistan. This is leading to a distribute of people wondering, “ What about black people and reparations ? ” The reparations argue has been going on for a identical long time and some feel that black Americans are systematically being placed behind immigrant populations that are gaining resources at the expennse of the black residential district. 40:36 October 03, 2021 A big frighten for ethereum and crypto There was a big scare with ethereum this week, so I thought I ‘d break it all down. 30:42 October 02, 2021 A pending economic crisis is around the corner today we talk about the debt ceiling and how this might cause an economic crisis of epic proportions. 33:32 September 28, 2021 company charges $ 380 for a covid test – how big drug company is gouging during the pandemic SHOW LESSYou won ’ thymine believe what this company charges for one Virus test The high price of Covid tests is one of the distressing things that have occurred since the pandemic began. According to the yokel ! News, a ship’s company is charging $ 380 for a screen they cost $ 20 in your local pharmacy. At the drugstore, a rapid COVID screen normally costs less than $ 20. Across the nation, more than a twelve testing sites owned by startup caller GS Labs regularly bill $ 380. There is a reason they can. When Congress tried to ensure that Americans would not have to pay for coronavirus test, it required insurers to pay certain laboratories whatever “ cash price ” they listed on-line for the tests, with no limit on what that might be. GS Labs ’ high gear prices and growing presence — it has performed a half-million rapid tests since the pandemic ’ sulfur startle and inactive runs thousands daily — show how the government ’ s long-standing reluctance to play a function in health care prices has hampered its attempt to protect consumers. As a leave, Americans could ultimately pay some of the cost of expensive coronavirus tests in the form of higher insurance premiums. many health insurers have refused to pay GS Labs ’ fees, some argue that the lab is price-gouging during a public health crisis. A Blue Cross plan in Missouri has sued GS Labs over its prices, seeking a rule that would void $ 10.9 million in outstanding claims. In woo last calendar month, the insurance company claimed that the fees were “ calamity profiteering ” and in irreverence of public policy. Omaha, Nebraska-based GS Labs contends the exact opposite : that it has public policy on its side, pointing to the CARES Act passed in 2020. “ Insurers are obligated to pay cash price, unless we come to a negociate pace, ” said Christopher Erickson, a partner at GS Labs. 59:44 September 27, 2021 What Kobe Bryant ‘s rejection should teach you about yourself I was watching this nip of Kobe Bryant and his rejection from the Los Angeles Clippers. While the trot was a funny conversation between Kobe and a know hearing, it made me think about how many of us go through rejections in life that we do n’t deserve. I am no Kobe Bryant, but I know the pain of rejection all excessively well, even when I did n’t deserve it. You probably do besides. so, this video made me think about the times when people turn us away and how we can turn this rejection into one of the greatest opportunities of our lives. RIP to Kobe Bryant and RIP to the honest-to-god You, because I believe that if you dig deep into your cognition of self, you ‘ll find that you ‘re better than you think. If you ‘d like access to my life course on black excellence, please visit me at hypertext transfer protocol : // sincerely, Dr Boyce Watkins hypertext transfer protocol : // 14:42 September 26, 2021 The psychology behind black owned businesses Dr Boyce is speaking in Baltimore about Black Owned Businesses and what ‘s stopping us from creating more of them over meter. 56:47 September 26, 2021 Dr Claud Anderson lays down the law on the haitian molding crisis Dr Claud Anderson gives the hidden history of Haiti that the media wo n’t tell you approximately. He says that this explains the entirety of the haitian border crisis. 01:11:42 September 23, 2021 comedian AJ Johnson ’ sulfur wife is angry people won ’ metric ton avail pay for his funeral lamb brothers : Please get life insurance. right nowadays. With all the money AJ Johnson made in his life, why is his kin having to open a GoFundme ? From TMZ : Anthony Johnson ‘s death has left his family scrambling to find a way to cover his burial — something his wife says is n’t being made easy with the empty lip service they ‘re getting. Lexis Jones Mason tells TMZ … she and her family have been getting a short ton of what she describes as “ forge sleep together ” left and right in the wake of her husband ‘s sudden passing earlier this calendar month … which she ‘s quite upset about, seeing how she needs fiscal aid. This interview ‘s grievous — Lexis fights back tears as she explains how the Johnson kin has started a GoFundMe, but have come up manner short of the $ 20k goal they set to by rights forget him and give him the service he deserves … thus far raising less than $ 800. And, in hurt of people apparently telling her they ‘d donate and chip in … Lexis says much of that just has n’t materialized, and seems folks would preferably lend aroused accompaniment rather of actually helping out in a way they very need right nowadays. 19:04 September 23, 2021 The Wall Street Journal exposes Facebook ’ s unethical practices The Wall Street Journal equitable wrote an fabulously scathing series of articles about Facebook and the means the company does business. According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook is mindful of it does not care about the damage that social media does to the minds of adolescent girls. It besides operates in a manner that is considered highly unethical when it comes to choosing who the censor and who not to censor. According to the Wall Street Journal Facebook has an elect group of people that it doesn ’ thyroxine ban no count what they say. According to CNBC : Facebook spent the weekend on the defensive after a series of stories in the Wall Street Journal last week exposed just how far the company has gone to prioritize profits over the health and base hit of its billions of users. It ’ s a conversant form to those who have followed the social-networking giant over the past few years. Troubling anecdotes about Facebook and the behavior of its leaders get published by a major newsworthiness release, followed by a firestorm of criticism and threats by lawmakers to regulate the company and to call top executives before Congress 21:49 September 21, 2021 7 ways men are making money without working I was reading an article called “ 7 ways men make money without working ” and I thought I would talk about it. Making money without working is rugged to do, but there are a bunch of ways to get it done. If you ’ d like like to learn more, please visit hypertext transfer protocol : // According to a holocene survey by Northwestern Mutual, average personal savings are up over 10 % compared to last year, from $ 65,900 last year to $ 73,100. average retirement savings increased 13 %, from $ 87,500 last year to $ 98,800 today. sol there ’ randomness that. adjacent lashkar-e-taiba ’ s expect at investing — first base stocks. It is not irrelevant to this narrative that the S & P 500 has climbed from 2,480 on March 12, 2020 — the sidereal day after the World Health Organization declared COVID a pandemic— to 4,441 today, or about 80 %. That ’ s a huge derive. much of the action of course has been retail investors and the meme stock thunder, as millions of american english males stuck at home with nothing to do all day for the past 18 months passed the meter deal stocks. Credit Suisse estimates that since the begin of 2020, “ retail trading as a parcel of overall market action has about doubled from between 15 % and 18 % to over 30 %, ” as CNBC reported. How many men were doing this and supporting themselves ? ill-defined, but kip trade platform Robinhood ( HOOD ) — the broke principal of choice for many of these new investors — reported that it had 22.5 million funded drug user accounts last calendar month, up from 7.2 million in March of 2020. Let ’ s barely say 15 million new accounts is quite a count. 24:17 September 21, 2021 rich Dad generator supports Nicki Minaj in a very interesting way The media ‘s reaction to # nickiminaj in truth reveals the way in which they operate. We now live in an era where even asking innocent questions can lead some to treat you like a criminal. The lapp people who would have cheered Nicki on if she ‘d told # blackpeople to get the scene are the first ones who attack her in a racist manner because she is not on dining table with their agenda. Media ‘s chemical reaction to Nicki Minaj says the trace : 1 ) If the politics tells you to do something, you better do it. 2 ) Asking questions is not allowed, and they do n’t owe you an explanation. 3 ) tied highly educated scientists lose credibility if they do not go along with the status quo. 4 ) America only claims to care about black people when they can make billions by giving us their ( profitable ) medications. These lapp individuals are wholly TONE DEAF when we speak on blacken kids being shot in our neighborhoods, # blackownedbusinesses that ca n’t get fund or the fact that our government owes us trillions in # reparations for stolen wealth. 5 ) Media would rather spend their time smearing those who ask questions and somehow believe that smearing them is adequate to de-legitimize their serious concerns. unfortunately, this has become the go-to be active for the Left Wing, who seems to have embraced natural acculturation for anyone who disagrees with their position ( No, this does n’t let Republicans off the overcharge. They do n’t care about your black butt either ). 6 ) Celebrities are used as a creature to promote racist agendas of the Democratic Party. They are awarded for doing what they are told, and punished when they step off the plantation ( i.e. @ nickiminaj and @ @ icecube ). It ‘s very well to challenge Nicki for some of her music in the past, but in this case, she got it right field. The media ‘s response to her has actually revealed more than Nicki ‘s words always could and it ‘s a reminder that the elite are somehow convinced that they have the right field to pursue their agenda without any pushback from the people. This is not meant to be anti or pro jab. It ‘s simply time to be professional TRUTH. 23:05 September 18, 2021 The reason some brothers wear dresses Russell Westbrook, Kid Cudi, Lil Nas X, Billy Porter, Terry Crews And many early black men have been asked by the Hollywood elect to dress as women. Dr Claud Anderson says that the tactic of feminizing the black male has been tried and true traditions in slavery. I took a survey and asked about Russell Westbrook in particular, adenine well as all the other black men who have been seen the media wearing outfits that are seen as feminine. The results of the survey were overpowering. Most black people are not felicitous with what they are seeing with some of their men. 42:34 September 14, 2021 Dr Claud Anderson explains how black people are being pushed out of the economic arrangement Black people are in a state of emergency. right nowadays, with the mandates being placed by major corporations, millions of black people are finding themselves without access to jobs, evening as there are millions of job openings all throughout the economy. nowadays I speak with Dr Claud Anderson, writer of the book “ Powernomics. ” Dr Anderson and I are going to speak on why now it is more authoritative than ever to make plans for the exploitation of # blackowned businesses and industry. Joe Biden has recently announced rules and restrictions that are going to freeze millions of black people out of the economy and Dr Anderson says that this means that we must be more dilligent than ever when it comes to the creation of # BlackOwnedBusinesses. Dr Anderson is besides the author of other books, including Black Labor, White Wealth and Dirty Little Secrets. You can learn more about Dr Anderson ‘s work and books by visiting hypertext transfer protocol : // 54:36 September 10, 2021 Roc Nation ‘s Victory Boyd was banned by NFL for not getting the shot – her father is crying foul today I speak with John D Boyd, church father of Roc Nation ‘s Victory Boyd. Victory made national newsworthiness when the NFL canceled her right to sing the national athem because she refused to get the government-mandated injection. 52:04 September 10, 2021 Rapper gives a very potent message about hip hop and addiction – Royce Da 5’9 ” I saw a powerful video testimony from rapper Royce Da 5’9. In the video, Royce was honest about the fact that he took his first base beverage with Dr Dre at the age of 21. He says that this was the beginning of a long road of addiction and other problems that come with drugs and alcohol. Royce made a knock-down statement about rap, blacken men and how toxic culture is marketed to us on a unconstipated footing. many black men have met their demise due to drugs and alcohol and I think it ‘s important that we take the time to badly assess what culture is being marketed to us through the music by big corporations like Apple and Spotify, none of whom have to deal with the effects of what ‘s being pushed to the black community. Hip hop is crucial and it ‘s herculean. But the pediculosis pubis in a barrel despair to succeed can often cause rappers to engage in actions that are harmful to their own residential district. I do not know Royce, but I appreciate his message. This is one of the themes at the 2021 All Black National Convention, happening in Orlando, Florida the weekend of october 29th through November 1. sincerely, Dr Boyce Watkins hypertext transfer protocol : // # BlackMen # hiphop # rappers # DrBoyceWatkins # BlackWealth 46:26 September 07, 2021 This stock would have turned $ 1,000 into a million today, I talk about the greatest stocks over the last ten. One of the stocks had an ROI of over 100,000 percentage. There are a few other stocks that did very well that you might know about. besides, at the end of this black wealth conversation, I will give you my store pick of the week as we prepare for livestock marketplace investing class tomorrow at 11 am EST. If you ‘d like to join me for Stock Market Investing class tomorrow, you can sign up at hypertext transfer protocol : // You can leave me any of your black wealth and investing-related questions and I will answer them during class. besides, business ownership and stock marketplace investing are on the menu for the 6th annual All Black National Convention, set to take place in Orlando, FL October 29th through November 1st. You can learn more and cash register at hypertext transfer protocol : // 28:21 September 07, 2021 Michael K Williams, drugs and what we do n’t discuss in the black community actor Michael K Williams was fair found dead. A batch of people don ’ metric ton know that Michael K Williams who played Omar on the wire was actually discovered by Tupac Shakur. According to the New York Post : “ The Wire ’ ’ actor Michael K. Williams was found all in of a suspected heroin overdose in his Brooklyn penthouse Monday good afternoon, law-enforcement sources told The Post. Williams was discovered unconscious in the dining room of his luxury Williamsburg embroider with what appeared to be heroin on the kitchen mesa, sources said. ” Michael K Williams was born in Brooklyn, the son of a bahamian mother from Nassau and Booker T. Williams, an american, from Greeleyville, South Carolina, where his african-american class has bass roots. Williams was raised in the Vanderveer Projects in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, and attended George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School. According to a deoxyribonucleic acid psychoanalysis, he is descended partially from the Mende people of Sierra Leone. After getting in some trouble as a youth, he enrolled at the National Black Theatre in New York City. 24:02 September 06, 2021 Beyonce fans ferocious over her marketing of a blood diamond I spoke in this episode about the history of lineage diamonds and why Beyonce ‘s fans are angered. 40:12 September 04, 2021 Dr Christina Parks ‘ testimony on “ the dig ” had millions of people talking Dr Christina Parks is a ph from The University of Michigan. Her testimony before the Michigan State House of Representatives was mighty. A lot of people have questions. 53:08 August 31, 2021 How Donda West made Kanye into a billionaire Why DONDA would be both gallant and concerned about Kanye I have to take a moment and talk about Kanye West. Kanye has just released his modern album called DONDA, Which everyone is talking about. But even before Kanye West put out this album, he was heavily criticized and targeted by cancel acculturation for his affiliation with Donald Trump and the Republican party. Since that time, Kanye West has accumulated billions more in wealth With a hold commitment to Powernomics in the philosophies of construction monetary systems within the bootleg community. # Kanye and # Donda are worth talking about, but there is so much more. sincerely, Dr Boyce Watkins hypertext transfer protocol : // 44:28 August 29, 2021 The stock market is pregnant and early things are happening in the economy today on The Black Financial Channel, I spoke about the stock market being “ pregnant. ” It is meaning with possibility and the baby is going to be delivered this Friday. I besides have a sprout that I fair bought this dawn in reception to holocene movements. I like the quality of this investment. You can follow my day by day store grocery store investing podcast at hypertext transfer protocol : // You can get a free copy of my e-book at sincerely, Dr Boyce Watkins 31:11 August 26, 2021 Nuri Muhammad gives the truth about the black community nowadays I have an amazing conversation with brother Nuri Muhammad from The nation of Islam. 42:23 August 24, 2021 Why Lil Nas X is an executive at Taco Bell now Rapper Lil Nas X has been promoted to Chief Impact officer with Taco Bell. This is an interesting development, given that # LilNasX has come under fire for promoting imagination in his music television that have offended quite a few people, largely those from the african American community. According to Billboard : ” Lil Nas X is cooking up a new partnership with Taco Bell. The record-smashing rap artist is today ( Aug. 23 ) unveiled as chief shock policeman at the fast food range, a new kinship that will play out with a menu of activities, collaborations and a company-wide push for his extroverted album Montero. The 22-year-old artist ( substantial diagnose Montero Lamar Hill ) and Taco Bell have history that pre-dates his hits. back in 2017, the artist was depart of the Taco Bell team at an Atlanta-area wall socket. Fast-forward to nowadays, and he ‘s riding the achiever of two ball-shaped No. 1 hits in “ Old Town Road ” and “ Montero ( Call Me By Your name ). ” ” I do n’t have any issue with the right to release expression for Lil Nas X and any other rappers that have things to say. I simply want to explore the racial implications of these sorts of corporate partnerships, which tend to come at the exception of more meaningful economic relationships with the black community. To learn more from me and join my book baseball club for detached, please visit hypertext transfer protocol : // You can besides join me at the 2021 All Black National Convention by registering at hypertext transfer protocol : // sincerely, Dr Boyce Watkins hypertext transfer protocol : // 47:39 August 24, 2021 Clinton Portis shows the fiscal problems with baby-mamaitis Clinton Portis has imprison in his future if he doesn ’ thyroxine yield what he owes to take care of his kyd. This week, an collar warrant was issued for the former NFL running back over amateur child defend. According to court documents, he has failed to make a single payment of court-ordered child patronize of $ 1,937.00 monthly to the mother of a child born in March of 2015. The first request for enforcement was filed in October of 2019, and at that point, Portis already owed $ 103,775.00, according to Jennifer Cabrera of the Alachua ( Fl. ) history. “ After Portis failed to appear at hearings, an order to Appear and Show Cause was issued on July 20, 2021, ordering Portis to appear before the court on August 6 or be arrested. When he didn ’ t appear on August 6, he was found in civil contempt of the court. That order found that Portis owes ex post facto child support of $ 147,962.49 plus interest. It besides found that he has “ the means and ability to pay, has guaranteed income, and has substantial retirement assets. ” The early Washington Redskins and Denver Broncos running back signed an eight-year, $ 50.5 million that included $ 17 million in combine sign and choice bonuses in 2004. At the time, the deal made him highest-paid running back in NFL history. By 2009, much of his money was already gone. He filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2015. # ClintonPortis # DrBoyceWatkins # BoyceWatkins # ChildSupport 48:12 August 23, 2021 Lizzo had a nervous dislocation because she knows what she ‘s doing is incorrectly I noticed that the singer Lizzo broke polish on Instragram after feeling the pressure over the work that she ‘s doing. I thought I might add some perspective. 37:09 August 16, 2021 Mom pays her kids for hobbies rather of chores nowadays on Financial Juneteenth television receiver, I am going to break down the fib about a mother who says that she pays her kids ‘ valuation reserve based on their passions and hobbies, not to do chores. I like the creativity of her idea, but I think besides that when teaching kids the baron of economic think, we should calibrate the situation to ensure that safeguards are in locate. Hobbies are fun and beneficial in a battalion of ways, but providing the right economic incentives for successful choices in adulthood requires a bite of think. I ‘ll share some ideas on this subject in hopes that this can help you figure out how to create the good economic remember in your own children. 14:54 August 09, 2021 An honest conversation with Jason Whitlock about total darkness I spoke today for over an hour with Jason Whitlock, and we had a great and intelligent conversation. He spoke on a lot of issues that people need to hear about. You should check it out. 01:24:24 August 06, 2021 Why blacken people are afraid to start businesses with their relatives nowadays I spoke with Dr Nicole Price about the challenges that black families have with creating family businesses. You can watch our conversation here. besides, on Wednesday nights, I host The Dr Boyce Book Club. right field now, we are reading “ Black Labor, White Wealth ” by Dr Claud Anderson. If you wish to join the koran club for release, please visit 48:38 August 04, 2021 Should I invest in Robinhood stock ? ​Hello, I hope you ‘re doing well. This dawn, I am covering some of the things I ‘m seeing in the stock market and investing worldly concern. You can join the discussion onThe Black Financial Channel by visiting this radio link. We start at 10:30 am eastern time if you ‘re reading the electronic mail before we get started. second, the universe ‘s lead business automation technical, Chris Davis, is speaking to Black Business School students tomorrow, Tuesday, August 3 at 11 am EST. Chris is the specialist who has helped a short ton of entrepreneurs scale their businesses from a few thousand a month in tax income to over $ 100k per month. If you ‘d like to join us for this BBS Assembly, you can register here. This gather will replace our weekly merging for The Black Stock Market Program, so we are inviting you to join us in classify. Please take worry and have a fantastic day. sincerely, Dr Boyce Watkins 17:31 August 03, 2021 Why knocker Da Baby keeps apologizing Why knocker Da Baby keeps apologizing 39:37 August 03, 2021 atrocious wealth mistakes we make far excessively much today I speak with Shannon Stewart about wealth mistakes you have to avoid in orderliness to be successful. 48:50 August 02, 2021 The attacks on Shaun King – here ‘s the economic dislocation today I spoke about the attacks on Shaun King and the economic breakdown of what ‘s going on in that situation. Shaun King ‘s criticism might have deservingness, but there ‘s something to be said about whether or not an activist should be compensated for their bring. 51:14 August 02, 2021 NBA asterisk says groupie tricked him into having his baby SHOW LESSNBA millionaire was allegedly duped by baby mama – Dr Boyce Watkins. The floor about PJ Washington and Brittany Renner is a admonitory fib for anyone seeking to understand how NBA riches can attract everyone, including those who seek to prey from your newfound wealth. PJ Washington is a acme enlist pick in the NBA and is now claiming that Renner faked their entire relationship merely to get access to his money. This was further confirmed by a video recording in which Renner appears to be saying that athletes are dumb and that you can take their money by having their baby. Renner clearly is in the wrong here, but are there ways that men like PJ Washington can protect themselves from predators ? That ‘s what we ‘re discussing in the saga of PJ Washington and how you have to be careful when you have wealth all around you. 01:49:13 July 29, 2021 These are the biggest black wealth killers in America nowadays I spoke about student loans and other major black wealth killers. This is an crucial subject for those who are seeking to build generational wealth. 31:26 July 27, 2021 taiwanese stocks scare me half to death – Dr Boyce Watkins I have been watching the actions of the chinese government recently and been surprised by the way it has impacted chinese stocks. This artificially imposed excitability represents a real problem for investors. 30:48 July 23, 2021 Dr Claud Anderson explains why HBCUs do n’t produce a lot black wealth We believe that HBCUs have a positive wealth effect on the black community. But Dr Claud Anderson explains that the history of HBCUs says that wealth is n’t growing because they are not designed to build wealth for black people. In this varied conversation, Dr Claud Anderson speaks with Dr Boyce Watkins about HBCUs, Black History and why blacken wealth has hardly moved in over 100 years. 01:08:56 July 22, 2021 Keyshia Cole ‘s beget died of something that happens in excessively many of our families today, Dr Alicia and I discuss the death of Keyshia Cole ‘s mother Frankie. We besides discuss the manner by which drug addiction has harmed thus many of our communities. 55:17 July 20, 2021 DMX ‘s girlfriend learns a tough lesson the hard way I spoke today about DMX ‘s long clock time girlfriend and the fact that she did n’t receive the legal rights she deserved. This is an crucial conversation about estate plan and the fact that not positioning yourself to have legal rights will cause you problems in the end. 43:18 July 19, 2021 Georgetown ‘s disgraceful discussion of Michael Eric Dyson I spoke today to my wife, Dr Alicia Mclaughlin, about the sad treatment of Michael Eric Dyson by Georgetown University. 01:14:35 July 17, 2021 The real argue Cardi boron bought her daughter a $ 150,000 necklace today we speak about the knocker Cardi b offering her daughter a $ 150,000 necklace for her birthday and how the choices of rappers influence the spend habits of african Americans. 40:26 July 14, 2021 Why so many black women believe Bill Cosby is not guilty I spoke to my wife Dr Alicia Watkins about Bill Cosby and why then many black women think he should not be in jail. 01:08:07 July 09, 2021 How the media and Gloria Allred “ planted evidence ” against Bill Cosby I explain here how Gloria Allred used the court of public opinion to allow her to get away with a onionskin shell that she made appear to be solid in order to engage in a fiscal shakedown against Bill Cosby. 34:11 July 07, 2021 Sha’Carri Richardson ‘s suspension – The Dr Boyce Breakdown today I break down the suspension of Track and Field star Sha’Carri Richardson. 32:52 July 03, 2021 Did Howard University just through Phylicia Rashad under the bus ? I speak today about Phylicia Rashad ‘s response to the Bill Cosby decision and the way Howard University reacted. It ‘s matter to. 24:48 July 02, 2021 Bill Cosby is a barren homo and racist people are angry – The Dr Boyce Breakdown today I spoke with Madam Prezident about the liberation of Bill Cosby and what this means for black people 01:12:24 July 01, 2021 Why E-40 ‘s sister Suga-T is speaking out about toxic hip-hop I spoke today with Suga-T, who feels that toxic hip hop has gone excessively far. 01:14:32 June 29, 2021 The descent of black acculturation – An all black panel addresses the publish today I speak with Madam Prezident and Tee khaliq about the lineage of black acculturation 53:26 June 29, 2021 Are the BET Awards helpful or harmful to black people ? here a group of black experts talk about the BET Awards, Lil Nas X and others who are influencing black acculturation. Is this good or bad ? 53:26 June 29, 2021 The stock grocery store hits another record high – Dr Boyce Watkins here I break down what ‘s going on in the stock commercialize today and the market ‘s current conditions and what to look out for. 14:27 June 29, 2021 Who got ample during the pandemic ? The Dr Boyce Breakdown In this podcast sequence, I talk about who got full-bodied during the pandemic. 52:19 June 27, 2021 Beware of the naysayers in your life – they are professional dream killers I was inspired today to speak about the people in our lives who kill dreams for a live. 11:57 June 22, 2021 Dr Claud Anderson is very unhappy with the Juneteenth Holiday I explain why Dr Claud Anderson does n’t support the Juneteenth Holiday. 38:04 June 21, 2021 Kanye West just said something bright Kanye West said he ‘s walking away from the culture. here ‘s why. 42:05 June 20, 2021 Mark Cuban hyped the hell out of a crypto, and then it crashed to about nothing The holocene tragedy of Mark Cuban and the Titan coin is a reminder of not allowing billionaire influencers to get you to invest in bad fiscal assets. 09:25 June 18, 2021 Red Pill, Blue Pill give the truth on black issues I spoke with Red Pill, Blue Pill today and it was a very interest conversation 01:11:51 June 16, 2021 Brother Ben X explains how we can create a Black World order I spoke with Brother Ben X today about the Black World Order. It was an amazing conversation. 49:18 June 16, 2021 critical rush hypothesis is nice, but our kids by and large need to learn about wealth Why are kids being teach critical race theory, LGBT issues and other topics and not being taught about wealth ? 22:53 June 15, 2021 Avoid economic slave talk This conversation might be uncomfortable, but it will change your life forever. 23:09 June 14, 2021 This is a good day for black wealth The stock grocery store made major moves today and there is a greater conversation about black wealth that we should besides be having. 47:42 June 10, 2021 This amazing knocker taught his daughter to read at 3 months previous ! nowadays, I speak with the knocker Bignard, who taught his daughter to read at 3 months old. We hear some of his music, hear his report and learn about his new reserve. 58:01 June 10, 2021 How to make money on meme stocks today I talk about the lead meme stocks, including AMC, GameStop, Wendy ‘s and more. We besides discuss a hazard to those who are heavily invested in bitcoin. 29:23 June 09, 2021 Why Most Millionaires do n’t have any money nowadays, I want to talk about millionaires and why most millionaires do n’t have any money. Many of us think of brassy rappers or people with lots of cash as being among the affluent. But the accuracy is that most of them may have fiscal STDs that you know nothing about. 12:19 June 07, 2021 stock certificate market predictions for this week today I did a break down on the stock market and what ‘s going on right now. You can learn more by signing up at 07:11 June 05, 2021 This family whistle in central park, now they ‘re world celebrated today I spoke with John Boyd, founder of the group Infinity ‘s Song. The conversation was an amazing display of how blacken families can achieve big goals by working together. 43:36 June 04, 2021 Dr Claud Anderson is very angry about the Black Wall Street conversation Joe Biden spoke this workweek about Black Wall Street, but Dr Claud Anderson is making it clear that he ‘s not glad with the way the conversation is going. I spoke with the Powernomics author nowadays about Black Wall Street, and he shared quite a few things you do not know about what happened. 01:08:16 June 04, 2021 The shocking advance of AMC stock – the CEO is wealthier than ever I did a deep dive analysis of AMC neckcloth and I can tell you that the CEO is richer than ever. The lift in this stock is concern. 34:16 June 02, 2021 This stock rose 200 % this month, but is ‘ dangerous I speak today about the obscure dangers of AMC stock and why investors should think twice ahead hopping on this roller coaster ride. I besides speak on the underlying dynamics of the lineage marketplace. You can watch the video on The Black Financial Channel here. 17:10 June 02, 2021 Joe Biden acknowledges the Black Wall Street Massacre – will reparations follow ? Joe Biden spoke on the Black Wall Street Massacre, but the bigger wonder is whether or not reparations will be paid. 43:49 June 01, 2021 Naomi Osaka made $ 55M last year and is super depress Naomi Osaka is the highest pay female athlete in the universe. The interrogate to ask then is, “ Why is she depressed ? ” In this episode of The Black Love Channel Podcast, Dr Alicia and I break down mental health, black wealth and the connection between happiness and money. You can listen to more content by visiting 57:16 June 01, 2021 Beware of the substantial predators of capitalism I spoke today about the predators of capitalism and how to avoid it. 47:34 May 30, 2021 I love ethereum and besides believe Biden will cause inflation I wanted to break down the inflationary pressures of the Biden presidency and besides talk about how I feel about ethereum. 19:23 May 30, 2021 The atrocious concealed dangers of social media today we talk about the dangers of social media and how it can be linked to depression. 01:50:21 May 29, 2021 Do n’t sell your children into slavery I had this conversation with my daughter that I wanted to share with you. I hope it helps you make economic decisions. 20:08 May 28, 2021 Kwame Brown sent me ma ‘s cook, but he has the incorrect guy I am not indisputable why Kwame Brown felt I was attacking him. But I understand, since it seems that whiten supremacists are attacking him from every commission. At the same fourth dimension, it ‘s significant to realize that many of us have been fighting white domination for decades, and white people do n’t like me either. 35:43 May 27, 2021 Kamala Harris is afraid to speak to black leaders, but loves talking to rappers Kamala Harris has n’t however met with any black leaders, but for some reason, she is meeting with rappers like Lil Baby. Why does Lil Baby get put at the front of the channel ahead of Dr Claud Anderson and others ? 14:51 May 27, 2021 Amazon merely bought MGM – here ‘s a black perspective I wanted to give a black position on the Amazon skill of MGM 25:30 May 26, 2021 Bitcoin is doing crazy things and the stock market has some curious dynamics I speak this dawn on the movements of bitcoin and crypto and what ‘s happening in the lineage market. 30:50 May 24, 2021 Why Tamika Mallory loves Cardi b and dislikes Vicki Dillard I witnessed an interest repulsion between two powerful black women, Tamika Mallory and Vicki Dillard. I break it all down right here. 01:14:37 May 14, 2021 The honest discussion on reparations I spoke nowadays about the reparations consider and how we can have this discussion as a nation without allowing it to be overthrown by mislead black leaders. This is more of a deep dive psychoanalysis, but a critical conversation we must have in orderliness to ensure that the discussion on reparations is done with the dignity and respect it deserves. 01:38:34 May 14, 2021 Elon Musk single-handed obliterates the price of Dogecoin with his appearance on SNL I speak today about the Elon Musk appearance on SNL and how this led to a massive decline in the price of Dogecoin. 33:34 May 09, 2021 How to make massive money selling on-line courses Lanee Javet talks about how people are creating their own courses and her own platform, 01:01:40 May 08, 2021 Dr Claud Anderson wants to meet with Joe Biden Dr Claud Anderson explains why he wants to speak to Joe Biden about black people. 01:12:30 May 07, 2021 Black Lives Matter makes a list of demands that Joe Biden will barely ignore I saw a list of demands from Black Lives Matter and I predict that the Biden Administration wo n’t pay much care. 34:04 May 06, 2021 here ‘s what your net worth should be based on your age I read an article about net worth of Americans by age and this is what I saw. 13:39 May 05, 2021 My Elon Musk, SNL, Dogecoin hypothesis appears to be correct A few days ago, I mentioned that it is my impression that Elon Musk ‘s appearance on SNL would lead to a spike in the price of Dogecoin. Well, it turns out that we might be onto something. Since Elon Musk announced that he is going to appear on SNL and Musk ‘s name has been in the press, lecture of Dogecoin has spiked, leading to a arise in the market rate. indeed, therefore army for the liberation of rwanda, our crew has made a long ton of money on the transfix price of Dogecoin, which is a questionable fiscal asset, but appears to be generating real profits. 30:52 May 04, 2021 Microvision is the latest victim of Wall Street Bets pump and dumps, as the price plummets over 50 % I spoke earlier this week about the pump and dump scheme put into stead by Wall Street Bets. immediately, the heart and dump has turned into a hit it and quit it. The stock dropped over 50 % within 48 hours of our original conversation and investors are scrambling to recover their atrocious losses. 22:41 April 30, 2021 Black collar offers to meet with LeBron James. possibly he should do that A black police officer offered to speak with LeBron James. I do n’t think that ‘s a bad idea. 01:07:22 April 30, 2021

Wall Street Bets is trying to steal your money In this podcast, I explain why Wall Street Bets is a fiddling deeper than the Robinhood act that is being portrayed in media. Rather than taking wealth from the boastfully guy to give to the little ridicule, some argue that the process is a bite more baleful, particularly for those who are uninformed investors. 18:40 April 28, 2021 This banal went up 166 % in one week and I ‘m ecstatic nowadays I speak about Microvision stock and the fact that it went astir 166 % in precisely one week. I added Microvision to my portfolio many months ago and it ‘s turned into a fantastic investing. 08:46 April 26, 2021 cogitation : Millenials want no function of the corporate rotter trap I read a late report regarding how millenials have lost matter to in bodied America. That ‘s what this podcast is all about 28:17 April 26, 2021 Lizzo took a mental picture that many think is disgusting I felt the need to address a conversation I saw online about a picture that Lizzo took in her birthday suit. The conversation is interest. 01:08:19 April 23, 2021 Rapper Dee-1 explains his herculean career Dee-1 speaks about the way he manages his extraordinary career. 01:22:02 April 21, 2021 Experts expect this stock to do in truth well I speak today on my standard commercialize woof of the workweek. If you ‘d like to learn more about the stocks I ‘m buying, feel free to join us at 18:19 April 20, 2021 Martin Luther King ‘s mother died a atrocious end I am surprised that most educate systems do n’t teach children the atrocious way that Martin Luther King ‘s beget and buddy died concisely after his death. The story will make you sad and besides make you wonder. 46:07 April 20, 2021 Bobby Brown ‘s Red Table Talk reminds us of the baron of choices I watched the Red Table lecture with Bobby Brown and Jada Pinkett-Smith. There is a distribute to unpack here about Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina and more. 53:10 April 15, 2021 A PhD ‘s warning about the “ Coinbase IPO ” nowadays I speak on the IPO of Coinbase. This is not an initial public offering at all, so there are some things you should be concerned about. 10:19 April 14, 2021 How to not have atrocious relationships I am speaking about The Black Love Weekend and how bad relationships ends up ruining the black community. You can join the event by visiting 31:28 April 10, 2021 Diddy equitable wrote a letter to GM that you wo n’t believe I good read the letter written by Diddy to GM about their miss of accompaniment for black-owned businesses. While Diddy may or may not have met your distinguish for black leadership, this letter on behalf of black-owned media may put Diddy in a wholly different class of trust from the black residential district. 33:41 April 08, 2021 Why did Tamika Mallory pulley Vicki Dillard ? I spoke nowadays about Tamika Mallory and why she has chosen to block Vicki Dillard on IG. There ‘s a batch to dissect here. 35:46 April 08, 2021 The 7 income sources of most millionaires I spoke today with Dr Alicia about the many ways to build wealth. 54:16 April 06, 2021 The truth about DMX, black men, rap and drugs I spoke today about the knocker DMX and how he had a drug overdose. There is a lot to dissect. 01:00:14 April 04, 2021 Michael Jordan ‘s $ 100 million dollar announcement to the black community I speak here about Michael Jordan and the Air Jordan Brand ‘s $ 100 million dollar announcement to the black community. 29:22 March 31, 2021 How they rip you off with car notes here I explain what would have happened had you invested your cable car bill money alternatively of given it all away. 20:37 March 29, 2021 Activist Tamika Mallory is now selling cadillacs Tamika Mallory is now featured in a cadillac commercial after appearing on the Grammys. This is making people not trust her. 01:25:40 March 27, 2021 Man kills entire family over a stimulation check An Indianapolis man was formally charged with mangle Thursday in the killings of three adults and a child he allegedly shot to end after he and a early girlfriend argued because he wanted a share of her federal COVID-19 relief money. Malik Halfacre, 25, faces four counts of murder, one count each of try murder, armed robbery, car larceny and other charges in Saturday ‘s killings, Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears said. 16:46 March 26, 2021 Why was Roland Martin attacking a 21-yr old pull the leg of ? I have no idea why Roland Martin took it upon himself to attack 21-yr erstwhile King Randall for trying to create a school. It was all identical, very strange. 26:14 March 23, 2021 What Cardi b-complex vitamin and Candace Owens represent in America I ‘ve found that Cardi B and Candace Owens have become proxies of a larger ( largely white ) battle between the impart and the properly. thus, I did a quick breakdown of their on-line feud in hopes that we can understand how all of this ultimately links bet on to white domination. You can watch the video recording here. Please have a dainty day. sincerely, Dr Boyce Watkins phosphorus. Do n’t forget that I have a spotify podcast called The Dr Boyce Breakdown. You can either look it up on Spotify or just visit for more information. 27:06 March 21, 2021 Kanye West fair proved everybody amiss, including you In this discussion, I speak about Kanye West and the fact that it was just confirmed that he ‘s a billionaire. 26:56 March 18, 2021 Your fiscal World is about to Change forever today, I want to speak about stock markets and investing in a way that will change your fiscal think constantly. It has to do with three things : The federal reserve ‘s announcement, the end of high-octane growth stocks and how to measure malcolm stock commercialize consequence from approximately one year ago today. 18:41 March 17, 2021 Why corpulent preachers promote government shots, but not healthy survive Nathaniel Jordan, aka The Minister of Wellness, explains why most people are n’t promoting healthy lifestyles in the black community, but are alternatively promoting shots. 40:21 March 14, 2021 A Finance PhD answers your investing questions – Dr Boyce Watkins here I answer a serial of investing and wealth-related questions for a group of my students in The Black Stock Market Program. You can send mem questions and join our individual gatherings by visiting 01:23:37 March 10, 2021 Are Meghan Markle and Oprah trying to trigger bootleg people again ? Our All Black Panel speaks about Meghan Markle ‘s matter to interview with Oprah and what this says about racism, white domination, the Royal family and more. Are they trying to trigger black people ? 53:33 March 10, 2021 How we prepare our children for slavery – Dr Boyce Watkins I woke up this dawn and felt the necessitate to speak about the many ways we prepare our children for bondage and sadness. 28:55 March 03, 2021 Jay Z made a long ton of money with his conduct with Louis Vuitton According to the New York Post, “ LVMH, which stands for Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy, is the french empire that owns high-end champagne brands such as Dom Pérignon and Moët & Chandon. ” LVMH equitable made a major softwood with the knocker Jay-Z and the deal is one that should be studied carefully. 29:36 March 01, 2021 Dr Claud Anderson is demanding a meeting with Joe Biden to discuss reparations and black people Dr Claud Anderson spoke this week about a confluence he would like to have with President Joe Biden. In this meet, Dr Anderson wants to talk about reparations, support for the black community and his high rush rail network. 01:28:02 February 26, 2021 The stock market was a bloodbath nowadays – here ‘s why Given that the neckcloth market took a major clang today, I thought I ‘d take a second to explain what ‘s going on. In drumhead, my horizon is that the economy is firm and going to get stronger, but many technical school stocks may be hammered due to the sudden increase in chemical bond yields. 24:19 February 25, 2021 Russell Wilson is being compared to Future, but there is no comparison What is simp culture and why is Russell Wilson being called a simp because he shows more respect for Ciara and her children than future ever did ? 01:38:07 February 24, 2021 Janet Yellen single-handed obliterated the value of your bitcoin In holocene comments about Bitcoin, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says that Bitcoin is a highly inefficient asset that is often involved in illegal activities. Yellen besides says that Bitcoin leaves a massive carbon footprint and is n’t being used for transactions on a regular footing. Yellen ‘s remarks about Bitcoin drove the price down, with Bitcoin trading at precisely $ 53,000, after a holocene surge in the price that occured final week. The argue for Yellen ‘s curious remarks about bitcoin seem to center around the fact that the government plans to offer an alternative digital currentness to replace # bitcoin. so, her remarks about bitcoin being dangerous, volatile, illiquid and illicit appear to be driven by subterranean motives. 16:10 February 22, 2021 surprising testify on Malcolm X character assassination This from the BBC : “ The daughters of assassinate US black civil rights leader Malcolm X have requested that the murder probe be reopened in lightly of raw testify. They cite a deathbed letter from a man who was a policeman at the time of the 1965 kill, alleging New York patrol and the FBI conspired in the murder. Raymond Wood wrote his duty was to ensure Malcolm X ‘s security team were arrested days before he was shot dead in Manhattan, his kin says. Three men were convicted of the mangle. The men – all members of the Nation of Islam political and religious bowel movement – were each sentenced to life in prison. One of them has since died, while the early two have been paroled. By the time he was gunned down, Malcolm X – who was at one time seen as a public face of the Nation of Islam but then left the movement – had moderated his belligerent message of black segregation. ” 27:11 February 22, 2021 Cornel West seems to feel that Harvard is putting him through Hell Noted black scholar Dr Cornel West is finding himself in the middle of an concern controversy with Harvard University. According to Dr West, Harvard is unwilling to grant him tenure due to the controversy behind his make on racial equality. none of this surprises me, given the nature of academic racism and the decision by flannel academia to value the work of white scholars over black ones. It besides goes without saying that Dr Cornel West is an amaze scholar who deserves tenure at any mental hospital with which he is consort. so, in this video, I do n’t good talk about Dr Cornel West and his gripe with Harvard, we besides discuss the disturb issues that exist within academician institutions that put black students deep in debt, but are frequently unwilling to hire and promote blacken faculty. That is the setting of this analysis of the state of matter of black scholars in America. 01:08:45 February 20, 2021 What LeBron James good did will impress you today I speak with Jeff Lightsy Jr about LeBron James and the fact that he has immediately earned over a billion dollars. This is not the last that you ‘ll hear about LeBron, as I in full expect that he ‘s going to earn billions in the world of business. LeBron James is presently the star of the Los Angeles Lakers and has numerous highly successful business ventures that are identical impressive and impactful for his depository financial institution account. 39:02 February 17, 2021 Dave Ramsey Angers everyone with his comments about the stimulation I love Dave Ramsey, but I think he made a frightful error in his remarks about the stimulation. 44:45 February 12, 2021 Will Bitcoin hit $ 50,000 ? Experts have answers tonight I speak with the Gentlemen crypto about whether or not Bitcoin is going to hit $ 50,000 this class or even go to $ 100,000 per mint. 34:09 February 12, 2021 Andrew Gillum and his wife have a very awkward moment Dr Alicia and I break down the odd situation between Andrew Gillum and his wife 48:25 February 10, 2021 People are black-and-blue over Joe Biden ‘s changes to stimulus checks It turns out that the Democrats themselves are angry at the Biden Administration over proposed changes on income limits with the approaching stimulation checks. I break down the situation with the stimulation checks, a well as a few other things you might want to know approximately. ​Secondly, Vicki Dillard of Fly Nubian Queen is hosting a particular event this weekend called “ The Secret Money in your Womb. ” It ‘s a two hour intensifier seminar taking locate on Saturday, February 13th. You can take a expression at the details here. besides, this workweek in The Black Wealth Bootcamp, I am inviting Lamar Tyler, who has earned a massive luck on the internet. You can register for a life membership in the Black Wealth Bootcamp by visiting Please take care and have a fantastic sidereal day. sincerely, Dr Boyce Watkins 31:17 February 09, 2021 If you own bitcoin, Elon Musk fair made you some money Elon Musk just announced that he bought $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin. This major move by the CEO of Tesla only serves to help Bitcoin fulfill it ‘s fortune as digital gold. The greater economic acceptance of bitcoin by major institutions and billionaires will likely be the factor that drives its expected meteoric ascend. You can learn more about bitcoin and other fiscal topics by subscribing to our Youtube Channel at 19:41 February 08, 2021 MTV is trying to cancel TI and Tiny already It looks like TI And Tiny are no long loved by MTV after a series of shocking allegations that were released last week. But because our panel is black and intelligent, we are n’t going to judge TI and Tiny without testify and facts to support any of those judgements. MTV just announced that they are suspending production of TI and Tiny ‘s reality indicate, “ The Friends and Family Hustle ” after the couple was accused of something that is intelligibly disturbing. sol, the interrogate is this : What is the burden of proof when you are seeking to ruin a person ‘s biography ? besides, was the # MeToo bowel movement equally diligent when going after Joe Biden when he was accused of evenly disturbing crimes ? 43:42 February 06, 2021 No, Hard employment is NOT the key to success ! I grew up hear people tell me that hard work was the samara to success. I no longer believe that ‘s true. There are batch of hard working people who are not very successful. It ‘s fourth dimension to get the truth out justly now. 18:07 February 04, 2021 These men made $ 700 million dollars from GameStop claim : How GameStop and the Short Squeeze made some investment company managers super fat Richard marshaal and Brian Gonick made $ 700 million dollars from investing in GameStop during the holocene craze on Wall Street that occured thanks to the “ Reddit Rebellion. ” Their investment in GameStop earned the ship’s company a massive return, showing that not all Wall Street hedge funds lost in this struggle. Keywords : stock market, gamestop store, short squeeze, wallstreet bets, gamestop short squeeze, wall street bets, elon musk gamestop, gme breed analysis, gme stock news, gme sprout, gamestop stock explained for dummies, gamestop stock prediction 2021, gamestop stock prediction, gamestop stock analysis, short credit crunch gamestop, short squeeze stocks, short credit crunch amc 20:51 February 04, 2021 Jeff Bezos resigns from Amazon – here ‘s what I think will happen next With Jeff Bezos leaving Amazon, what does this say about the herculean ship’s company ? In this conversation, I break down Bezos ‘ departure from Amazon and what implications this should have for the price of Amazon stock. 19:22 February 02, 2021 Michael Jordan ‘s dearly-won connection to the Gamestop/Robinhood debacle It turns out that Michael Jordan has a identical mastermind connection to the massive fiscal losses incurred to hedge fund Melvin Capital as a resultant role of the “ Reddit Rebellion. ” When Reddit investors took to their Robinhood apps to engage in a “ short-circuit squeeze ” against fund coach Melvin Capital, this caused significant fiscal damage to Gabe Plotkin, owner of Melvin Capital, who besides happens to have barely become a major business spouse of Jordan ‘s, buying a massive stake in the Charlotte Hornets. While Michael Jordan ‘s net worth remains high, the financially damage to a major business partner undermines his ability to sell more of the Hornets to Plotkin and besides adds to the $ 300 million in losses he incurred after a pandemic-crippled NBA season. 49:05 January 31, 2021 Robinhood traders file class carry through lawsuit against the company The fiscal trade app Robinhood is been hit with a federal class action lawsuit after it restricted trades to stocks popular on the Reddit forum r/WallStreetBets. The lawsuit, filed in the Southern District of New York on Thursday, alleges that the app “ purposefully, willfully, and wittingly removing the stock ‘ GME ’ from its deal platform in the midst of an unprecedented stock rise, thereby deprived [ sic ] retail investors of the ability to invest in the open-market and manipulating the open-market. ” 20:27 January 28, 2021 Robinhood traders are black-and-blue after buying Gamestock is forbid Investors on the Robinhood app were confused today to find out that they could no longer buy shares on GameStop. GameStop store has been on a craze, led by a Reddit group that was focused on pushing the stock to higher and higher levels. Robinhood is now the focus of a class action lawsuit against the company for restricting trade on the app. besides, there is the interview of whether or not Gamestop Stock will ever go down. To join Dr Watkins ’ wealth build platform for children, please visit To take Dr Watkins ’ fiscal course, please chew the fat To take Dr Watkins ’ course on how to fire your bos, please visit Twitter : @ DrBoyceWatkins1 Instagram : @ TheRealBoyceWatkins Youtube : the news Boyce to 31996 to connect via textbook message electronic mail : boyce @ 0 Comments SORT BY defile Add a populace comment … 19:00 January 28, 2021 Why are there so many unmarried parents in the black community ? Our All Black Intellectual chocolate panel discusses the individual rear consequence in the black community. I expect you ‘ll enjoy the discussion. You can watch via video on 01:12:39 January 27, 2021 Why GameStop Stock rose 1,000 percentage in less than a month I want to talk about the extraordinary journey of GameStop breed. The livestock has risen over 1,000 percentage this month and has to do with something called a “ light thrust. ” This is fascinating and I explain how this malcolm stock may have literally helped me finish paying off my parent ‘s firm. You can watch the television version of this podcast at this link. 16:53 January 26, 2021 Master P calls out the Clubhouse app for making a billion off black people I wanted to inform you about a late set of remarks by the rapper and businessman Master P, who called out a new app called Clubhouse for the fact that the company is now worth over a billion dollars, largely due to the social capital provided by blacken people. I discuss the consequence on The Black Financial Channel and you can hear my analysis here. Do n’t forget that Lanee Javet is hosting The Women of Wealth Weekend starting January 30th. The league will feature over 20 black women speakers who are noted in their fields, and will cover everything from How to make money with an on-line course, to money and relationships, starting a liveliness changing side bunco and much more. You can take a count at the league agenda by visiting Please take caution and have a fantastic day. 33:06 January 26, 2021 Joe Biden has Harriet Tubman rolling in her grave Joe Biden just made an announcement that I don ’ metric ton believe will make Harriet Tubman very happy. The Biden administration, rather than addressing the demand by millions of black people for the government to pay reparations, has announced that Harriet Tubman will be put on the $ 20 bill. I don ’ thyroxine know if Joe Biden always plans to pay reparations, but decorating money with black faces is not the lapp as giving money to total darkness people 11:48 January 25, 2021 large numbers of black people are dying from this and cipher is talking about it Dr. Gillespie has a nonprofit organization that builds awareness about the importance of African-Americans getting on the Bone Marrow Registry. According to the platform, there are huge complexities with african Americans and cram marrow that threaten our healthy on a even basis. african Americans have a bully time obtaining bone marrow. A fortune of this has to do with the fact that our HLA genic markers are more building complex than any early group of people in America. In this video, Dr Gillespie explains how you can get on the register as a potential cram marrow donor in order to save a animation if person needs you. 30:05 January 25, 2021 This brother invested $ 20k and turned it into $ 5 million dollars Crypto adept Ian Balina talks about how he invested just $ 20k and turned it into $ 5 million dollars. He besides talks about the crypto market in general and what ‘s been going on with diverse cryptos beyond bitcoin. 37:05 January 24, 2021 Joe Biden and Kamala Harris ‘ inauguration : What intelligent black people are saying today, our dialog box of healthy total darkness people speak about the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. There is the serious conversation in the black residential district and the one that is not so serious. There ‘s the one of substance and the conversation about dart. Our group of bright black folks are here to talk about the substance of the Biden/Harris administration and what this means for the black community inside the United States. 01:44:43 January 21, 2021 How XRP Ripple ‘s SEC case might hurt Ethereum many investors are disquieted about their investment in XRP, created by Ripple Labs. XRP is under an enforcement legal action from the Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC ), which claims that XRP is a security system, not a currentness. however, a scathing letter written by the former Chairman of the SEC implies that if former SEC Chair Jay Clayton were to file the enforcement carry through against XRP, it would mean that the company would have to conclude that Ethereum is a security a well. The XRP lawsuit has caused many crypto exchanges to delist the currency, costing investors billions of dollars. Ethereum presently has a commercialize value of $ 162 billion. This makes for a identical concern dynamic as the Biden Administration takes over this week. To see a screenshot of the crypto I own in my portfolio, please chew the fat 25:34 January 19, 2021 Why Joe Biden and Kamala Harris ignore black people today I spoke to my Black Boss Panel about the fact that Kamala Harris and Joe Biden seem to love ignoring black people, specially when we talk about reparations. 40:23 January 18, 2021 Joe Biden says that legalizing 11M immigrants is his crown precedence, not reparations President elect Joe Biden has made a commitment to creating a path to citizenship for 11M immigrants, which has made some curious as to why the Biden Administration appears to have no gratitude to the black residential district, which has been responsible for getting the democratic Party into agency. Joe Biden is considered to a acquaintance to black people, but despite this, his administraiton has failed to mention # reparations as a public policy on any level. Why does reparations tend to fall behind immigration issues, despite the fact that descendants of slavery are the most firm voter foundation for the democratic Party in America ? is it time for black people to defect from the Democratic Party wholly ? Are they arguing that we are n’t deserving of reparations ? Why wo n’t they say the son ? 01:00:50 January 17, 2021 Why you can get a student loanword, but not a occupation loanword Jay Morrison put a statement on his instagram page stating something that is incredibly true : It ‘s very slowly for a young person to get scholar loans, even if they have no income, no credit, no assets and no collateral. But despite the fact that student loans are easy to obtain, business loans are about impossible. much of this disparity in the means # studentloans​ are administered is connected to the fact that student loan debt is actually the future great economic crisis in America. The presence of Student Loan Asset Backed Securities or SLABS, along with politics guarantees and subsidies, makes scholar loans an alluring and profitable lend choice for major corporations. besides, the 2005 Bill that disallows students to write off their scholar loan debt during bankruptcy plays a function in this crisis a well. student loan debt has bubbled and the bubble will finally pop. That ‘s the nature of this conversation and this video recording. 18:41 January 16, 2021 What a billionaire told me about black people and generational wealth As we begin the Generational Wealth Conference, I wanted to talk about a conversation I had with a billionaire. Getting full-bodied for black people is n’t the merely objective when it comes to your wealth build travel. The real number goal is ability, which is deeply connected to freedom. Freedom for total darkness people is a menace to national security system today we talk about where billionaires come from and how this links to black wealth and generational economic power. Black wealth doesn ’ thymine find by accident. Generational economic power comes with a plan. That ’ s what we are discussing at the Generational Wealth Conference this qeekend 29:43 January 16, 2021 What ‘s going on with Bitcoin ? Our experts give their lead today I spoke with some cryptocurrency experts about the state of bitcoin and the future of cryptocurrency. 56:47 January 16, 2021 White Supremacy 101 : What CNN and MSNBC wo n’t tell you today we can talk about White domination and how these trip words are used to control black people. 01:07:48 January 15, 2021 Dr Claud Anderson speaks on the chaos happening in Washington and around the US Powernomics author Dr Claud Anderson came by Dr Boyce television to discuss the recent events in Washington, american samoa well as how both the left and the right are responding to what ‘s been going on. 01:23:36 January 15, 2021 Jim Clyburn wants Lift Every Voice to be a home hymn, but seems to hate reparations Rep James Clyburn made an announcement that he would like to make the sung “ Lift every voice and whistle ” into a national hymn. I do n’t have an exit with Rep Clyburn seeking to celebrate one of the most respect songs in history, but I do wonder why economic promotion of bootleg people through reparations is never presented on the democratic Party agenda. so, without disparaging Rep Clyburn or the song “ Lift every voice and sing, ” I thought it might make common sense to help us all remember that none of the redemption mentioned in that hymn can be achieved without economic promotion through wealth and reparations. 13:50 January 14, 2021 How Trump ‘s impeachment affects black people Donald Trump has been impeached doubly and basically banned from social media. What does this have to do with black people ? Some say nothing, some say everything. On tonight ‘s dialog box, I speak with a group of intelligent blacken people who have a distribute to say about the Trump presidency and all that ‘s happening in America. 01:29:13 January 14, 2021 How Trump ‘s impeachment may be good for your bank account I speak today about how the impeachment of Donald Trump may work wonders for your bank report. 18:05 January 14, 2021 man loses $ 220 million in bitcoin because he ca n’t find his password today I speak about a man who lost $ 220 million dollars because he ca n’t find the password to his bitcoin wallet. This leads us into a abbreviated discussion about bitcoin, wallets and the shocking raise of this amaze digital currentness. 08:03 January 13, 2021 Elon Musk ‘s tweet caused this breed to rise 11,000 percentage A random pinch by Elon Musk caused a penny banal to skyrocket out of control. I break all this down on 15:32 January 12, 2021 Twitter stock plummets after banning Donald Trump and millions of conservatives Twitter stock certificate nose dived shortly after the announcement that the platform was going to permanently ban President Donald Trump. Trump ‘s prohibition from Twitter was just one region of a coordinated strategy by several social media giants to not lone purge Trump ‘s accounts, but to besides limit or destroy the accounts of millions of others. The move by Twitter and subsequent stock certificate price decay reflects the fact that these sociable media giants are likely to receive far regulation in the future. 24:34 January 11, 2021 How to know if she is an asset or a liability here I talk about how to know if the woman you ‘ve added to your liveliness is an asset or a indebtedness. Many of us do n’t think about the fiscal implications of dating and as a solution, it can cost us everything. 25:35 January 11, 2021 Proud Boy Trump patron with black wife stormed the capitol I read an concern story about a Proud Boy with a black wife, who besides happened to be a Trump patron. He stormed the Capitol and will credibly go to prison. But I wanted to use this narrative as an opportunity to speak about Donald Trump, American politics and racism. 39:43 January 11, 2021 This black charwoman was at the DC protests when they went down – Meet Angela Stanton King Angela Stanton King was at a manner of speaking by Donald Trump right before the riots broke out at the capitol. King speaks about her experience in DC, adenine well as the censoring going on with big technical school firms seeking to remove conservatives from all forms of social media. 40:31 January 10, 2021 Have Twitter, google and facebook become the fresh government ? In today ‘s podcast, I speak about how Facebook, Google, Twitter and Apple are using the might of the oligopoly to control public lecture. This is a dangerous precedent for our country and will cause problems for many years to come. 58:31 January 09, 2021 Kevin Samuels says black women will “ die alone ” for not taking his advice – Is this true ? I was watching an interest video recording by relationship adviser Kevin Samuels. The term “ Women are dying alone ” appears to come up a distribute on the network these days. I thought I would provide a position on the concept of dying alone, all without disparaging the message of Kevin Samuels. At the same time, other points of scene should be considered. # KevinSamuels and his # DieAlone video recording may be good for on-line entertainment, but I wanted to besides make certain they were taken in the proper context. While I do n’t believe that Kevin is seeking to harm anyone with his contented, I am hearing from a lot of black women who literally are afraid of dying alone. 01:58:57 January 09, 2021 Donald Trump ‘s banish from Twitter sets a dangerous common law for outspoken black people I know that a large number of black people are loyal supporters of the Democratic Party and coherent haters of Donald Trump. But putting blue/red politics to the side for a second, I think we should reflect on the dangerous precedent being set when Twitter bans the president of the united states of the United States from their platform. The reasons for banning Trump appear to be related to the fact that he is being accused of inciting the violence that took plaza on Capitol Hill. The odd thing, however, is that there were no chitter banish related to the ferocity that took home over the summer. besides, censoring is a dangerous thing, as it is now allowing our technocrats to decide who deserves to have a voice and who does not. The will of the people is thrown to the wayside in favor of an odd type of elitist imperialism. 51:51 January 09, 2021 Black people speak on America ‘s modern civil war, led by Trump supporters Trump supporters recently stormed the capital, as a good continuation of the many protests occuring all throughout the United States during the summer of 2020. sol, we gathered an All Black Panel to help us make sense out of the DC protests, the election of Joe Biden and the future of the black community in the middle of all this chaos. You can watch the video translation of this podcast by visiting 01:25:50 January 07, 2021 An all-black inspection of the Disney movie Soul I decided to do a review of the Disney Movie Soul for those of you who ‘d like a quick appraisal. overall, Disney did a big job on this film, which was done in partnership with Pixar. Soul was visually appealing, pretty accurate and well-researched. When Disney made Soul, it was interesting to me and my fiance for a few reasons : 1 ) We are bootleg 2 ) We have kids 3 ) She ‘s a therapist and deeply apparitional Overall, Disney hit the bell ringer pretty well with Soul, so as a total darkness man and father, I ‘d like to provide some perspectives for you to consider. 16:55 January 06, 2021 Dr Dre rushed to the hospital with a brain aneurysm – here ‘s what that means I was saddened to hear that Dr Dre was merely rushed to the hospital with a brain aneurysm. My affection goes out to Dr Dre and his family. I besides wanted to take this consequence to talk about # Blackmen, our health, signs and symptoms of brain aneurysms and how to keep ourselves healthy. Dr Dre is best known as one of the greatest producers in the history of hip-hop. He is besides going through an despicable divorce with his wife. The nature of the brain aneurysm, the causes, etc are not known. But the site with Dr Dre is a reminder of the importance of black men taking care of our health. 26:02 January 06, 2021 Yes, Kamala Harris did plagiarize Martin Luther King Vice president Kamala Harris has been accused of plagiarizing a fib once told by Martin Luther King. Some feel that this only adds to the accusation that Kamala Harris has been faking her black in club to appeal to the African-American community. I will read both stores to you and let you be the evaluator. I ask you, did Kamala Harris lie ? 47:43 January 05, 2021 The substantial reason Rapper Gucci Mane gave his wife a million dollars cash Rapper Gucci Mane gave his wife a million dollars cash as a “ push salute, ” to celebrate the birth of their child. In this comment, I examine the science of materialism and why so many people on Instagram were impressed with this giving. 22:30 January 05, 2021 How to be a million dollar real number estate agent today I speak with Stephany DeBerry, who talks about what it takes to make millions of dollars in substantial estate. Stephany is hosting a Masterclass for those matter to in real number estate in the Black Business School at 39:05 January 05, 2021 Dr Boyce answers questions about wealth Dr Boyce is answering fiscal questions for students in The Black Business School. To get your questions answered by Dr Watkins, please travel to 01:04:45 January 04, 2021 You wo n’t believe how affluent Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell are Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell have been at the center of the national consider over stimulation checks. What most people don ’ thymine know is that both Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell are unbelievably rich. This begs the question as to whether or not affluent people should be responsible for making decisions that are going to economically impact hapless people and those front eviction. When I think about the massive net worths of Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi and other members of Congress, it reminds me of the massive inequality that exists in America and how capitalist avarice is going to be one of the great downfalls of our club. 36:14 January 03, 2021 This mute publish could wreak havoc on the breed market adjacent week In this discussion, I speak about the stock market and the fact that Georgia elections may shift the balance of world power in the United States. This could move the stock market in major ways and I break it all down here. 17:24 January 01, 2021 An update on stimulation checks – when are they arriving ? I decided to do a stimulation check update this morning. But as common, I have to teach you how things work and not precisely report the outcomes. 39:34 December 31, 2020 Master P wants to buy Reebok – hera ‘s what I think I decided to do a agile analysis of the decision of Master P to make a invite to buy Reebok. It ‘s a very interest cover, but a very hazardous one. 13:51 December 29, 2020 Oprah Winfrey sells OWN for an embarrassingly low price Oprah Winfrey just sold Own to Discovery for an sum of money that alone reflects a fraction of its expected long-run measure. I speak about Oprah, Own and the future of media in this conversation. 16:41 December 29, 2020 Secrets of Success that they do n’t teach in school I spoke with Dr Alicia about the secrets to success. It was an interest conversation and I thought others might benefit from it. Success seems to be elusive, but we break some things down that we believe can help you. 28:21 December 28, 2020 You wo n’t believe what Congress put in that atrocious stimulation package Congress in truth ran a pretty atrocious game on the american english people with this latest stimulation package. Included in the software are millions of dollars in fund for sex studies in Pakistan, $ 500 million dollars for Israel and a long list of pork barrel projects that have nothing to do with the pandemic. curiously, Congress chose to tie the defensive structure spend bill to the Covid relief package, meaning that if you do n’t support one, you ca n’t support the other. last, I was shocked to find out that legislators only received access to this 5,000 page legislation with entirely TWO HOURS to read it ! What kind of game are they playing here ? This is both ill and pathetic and they are playing with american lives in the process. 20:42 December 26, 2020 How to make money from your beware here I speak about an approaching event in The Black Business School called “ Reclaim your brain. ” In this powerful event, we discuss the ways that money can be made with the cognition you already have inside your drumhead. The event takes position on December 28th at 8 phase modulation EST and features myself, Al Duncan and Lawrence Watkins. It ‘s a bang-up event for anyone who wants to teach an on-line class, become a adviser, populace speaker or find some other way to make money from the cognition inside your head. You can learn more by visiting 06:07 December 25, 2020 Ice Cube last breaks his hush about Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and reparations Ice Cube came to Dr Boyce television this week to speak about what it takes to be successful. He besides speaks about Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the state of matter of american politics since he disrupted the 2020 presidential election. 44:25 December 24, 2020 Ebony Magazine purchased by a former NBA player who knows how to do business Former NBA headliner Junior Bridgeman, who played for the Louisville Cardinals, precisely bought Ebony Magazine for $ 14 million. I want to break down the history of both Junior Bridgeman and Ebony in today ’ randomness show. Bridgeman is an excellent businessman and I think that he ‘s going to make Ebony Magazine great again. 18:18 December 23, 2020 A atrocious fact about weddings and money that everyone needs to know Weddings can be identical expensive, and a lot of people want to spend money on weddings and engagement rings as a signboard of sleep together. But the doubt I want to ask nowadays is this : Should a match deplete their fiscal future all so they can have the perfect wedding ? After I partake the results of this study, we will have a fortune to think about. Take a look at our Love and Money course of study in The Black Business School by visiting 11:08 December 22, 2020 18 years of marriage and my wife never had to pay a single charge Iyanla Vanzant had a guest with a viral television in which he spoke strongly about the function and job of a man. But since that fourth dimension, the brother has come under controversy after being accused of being emotionally abusive toward his children. I break some of this down in this conversation. 53:19 December 22, 2020 Black Owned Business Pitch contest – 12/21/20 today on “ Life ‘s a pitch, ” we let some Black owned Businesses compete to see who offers the best pitch of their product. I host this show with Lanee Javet every Monday at 8 phase modulation EST on Let ‘s support Black Owned Businesses. 01:24:54 December 22, 2020 Rapper TI says daddy daughter time is “ THOT Control ” – Feminists are outraged Rapper TI disturbance feminists by making a remark about “ Thot control. ” During an interview with knocker 21 savage on the TI podcast “ efficiently, ” TI says that he spends time with his daughters to engage in what he refers to as “ THOT operate, ” saying that if his daughter does n’t feel loved and respected, she is going to end up on the stripper well pole. The All Black Intellectual Chocolate Panel speaks on TI ‘s remarks about his daughter and whether or not black men should be allowed to give their daughter ‘s advice about their sex. 01:30:05 December 20, 2020 Black people need to own real estate rather of searching for debt and jobs As we kick off The Black Real Estate Weekend, it ’ second authoritative to consider that there was a time when black people owned lots of land. Since that time, our People have lost assets and possession in exchange for jobs, debt and college degrees. It ’ sulfur time for us to go back in decree to move ahead. # RealEstate is an essential skill for anyone in the black community who has a plan for building wealth. When we neglect the importance of real estate in our community, we are giving most of our wealth away as renters of property that is owned by others. 25:22 December 19, 2020 Major League Baseball is now celebrating the death of the Negro Leagues today I speak about the integration of Major League Baseball and the death of the Negro Leagues was besides the death of black wealth. It was besides a time when the black community passed up the prospect for ownership in exchange for obtaining jobs for a choose few, with the masses being left behind. 22:24 December 19, 2020 Can a charwoman be felicitous with a man who is broke ? today we speak with our All Black Intellectual Chocolate dialog box and ask if Black Love is potential if the man is broke ? This leads to a bang-up conversation about love, relationships and everything in between. 01:30:23 December 17, 2020 The hide dangers of the Robinhood app for new people In this discussion, I explain why Massachusetts regulators are challenging the Robinhood app for the way it is marketing itself to young people. many young investors may not be amply mindful of the risks, and may find themselves in good economic trouble oneself. The Robinhood app is big for investing, but it can besides be a seaport for gambling and excessive gamble. That ‘s the nature of today ‘s conversation. 18:33 December 16, 2020 Beyonce ‘s Ivy Park accused of blackface cultural appropriation – how this links to black wealth I was asked this week about # Beyonce and an matter to display of something called “ blackfishing. ” This is where white models use blackface and stereotyped black acculturation in an attempt to profit from the cultural authenticity granted from american black. While this is no defect of # Beyonce or even her # IvyPark brand, there are a few questions a person should ask about this Black fish position and besides ways to understand that while this might seem harmless or just a matter of borrowing expressive style, these actions have trench roots in the ways in which black people lose wealth all throughout the world. Beyonce and Ivy Park may want to reconsider their market strategies in the future. 43:34 December 16, 2020 Joe Biden, Trump Supporters, Black Lives Matter and Black men tonight on our All Black Intellectual Chocolate Panel, we discuss the function of black men in the community, vitamin a good as the actions of allege Trump supporters who burned a blacken lives matter ease up hanging from a black church service. On one hand, most of the actions of Black Lives Matter are linked to leftist organizations like Antifa, so black people are secondary to the conversation. On the other hand, the issue of burning a sag hanging from a black church service has deeper symbolic meaning than what might be apparent on the surface. That ‘s what our empanel discusses tonight and you can follow conversations among total darkness men by subscribing to 53:38 December 16, 2020 Joe Biden, Kamala Harris have been ignoring Black Lives Matter # BlackLivesMatter leadership appears to be disappointed in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for ignoring their request for a merging shortly after delivering massive numbers of black votes in the 2020 presidential election. The interesting thing about the frustration of Black Lives Matter is that it should lead us to wonder if our “ civil rights emergencies ” are used as trigger points to ignite the blacken vote to keep the democratic party in Power. There is more to discuss american samoa well in terms of good how well # JoeBiden and # KamalaHarris will relate to Black Lives Matter on issues such as police reform, peculiarly given that Biden and Harris spent most of their years building up police departments all across the state. 01:01:06 December 14, 2020 Cardi B, Snoop Dogg, WAP polish, little black girls and Us tonight with our All Black Intellectual Chocolate panel, we discuss Snoop Dogg ‘s criticism of Cardi barn, and how WAP culture is being pushed heavily into the black community. Our argument is that black people should be having conversations about the messages in our music without allowing our oppressors to tell us who we are. 01:14:34 December 14, 2020 Booty, Brains and Baggage – the rules are n’t the same for everybody today on my Instagram, person made a comment about women who make a series of mistakes in their younger lives and then chase the “ commodity guys ” late in life. This is after having kids with thugs, and possibly creating a series of fiscal problems at the lapp time. Uncle Boyce wanted to take this issue head on and give an honest answer. possibly there are some things here that can help us make better decisions. Black Love is the topic of nowadays and it ‘s deeply linked to black economics. 48:51 December 13, 2020 football bus going to jail for punching a 9-yr old Charges will be filed against a Georgia youth football bus who was caught on camera attacking one of his players, leading to the man ‘s ejection from the league. The trouble incidental unfolded at Austin Tindall Park in Kissimmee, Florida, on Monday, involving a team of 9-year-olds from Savannah, Georgia, according to statements by the Osceola County Sheriff ‘s Office and American Youth Football. An unidentified person in Maryland shared video recording of the attack with deputies, stating that he “ did not know anyone in the video recording and just wanted it to be in the right hands, ” the sheriff ‘s agency said Friday. “ I observed the coach slap the players ( sic ) helmet with enough storm to shift his balance. After a few moments the coach hit the player again in the helmet knocking him to the grind, ” according to a report written by responding officer Doug Ford, who identified the offending passenger car as Gerrel Williams. “ After the second hit to the helmet the coach was screaming in the players ( sic ) face font. Once the passenger car was done screech, he shoved the kids ( sic ) head pushing him of ( sic ) the field. ” american Youth Football ( AYF ) “ identified the team by the video and stated the coach was expelled from the league, and was no longer able to attend any game, ” according to Ford. The child ‘s ma knows what happened but “ specifically stated she did not want to press charges ” against the assaultive coach, according to Ford. But the sheriff ‘s function said Saturday that after reviewing the case with the local state of matter lawyer ‘s office “ the decision has been made that charges for child abuse will be filed. ” 01:01:50 December 13, 2020 Black CEOs promise to create a million black jobs, but here ‘s the problem According to Black enterprise : ” OneTen was founded by Ken Chenault, Chairman and Managing Director of General Catalyst and former Chairman and CEO of American Express ; Ken Frazier, Chairman and CEO of Merck ; Charles Phillips, Managing Partner of Recognize, Chairman of the Black Economic Alliance, and former CEO of Infor ; Ginni Rometty, Executive Chairman and former CEO of IBM ; and Kevin Sharer, early Chairman and CEO of Amgen and former staff member at Harvard Business School. “ This is a moment in time for Americans to move past our divisions to come together and reach our full moon potential as a nation. Our country ’ randomness work force of the future will be an increasingly divers one, ” said Frazier in a written statement. “ Through the universe of 1 million jobs for Black Americans over the future 10 years, OneTen has the electric potential to address persistent intergenerational gaps in opportunity … ” 46:31 December 12, 2020 Black Love vs White Supremacy – Who ‘s promoting this sex war ? nowadays ‘s All Black Intellectual Chocolate Panel is speaking about black love. Some say Black Love is dead, but we do n’t believe that to be the case. But one of the things we have to confront is the brewing sex war that appears to be perpetuated in media. Let ‘s talk about # BlackLove and see where we stand. To view our films on Black Love and our love and Money course of study, please visit The foremost month is barren. 01:40:26 December 11, 2020 AirBNB ‘s IPO is an overprice monstrocity that I would n’t buy if you paid me AirBNB had an initial public offering in which its stock price blastoff through the roof, rising over 100 % in the first sidereal day. Most of the rise in the measure of AirBNB breed is driven by uninformed investors who buy stock as if they are buying interior designer lavishness clothes. Overpaying for AirBNB stock only makes sense if you truly believe there is another sucker who will buy the banal at a higher price. This will all fine and good until there is a day of reckoning. To learn more about neckcloth market invest, please visit 24:50 December 10, 2020 Michael Eric Dyson says Joe Biden repaid bootleg people by picking a black Secretary of Defense today, our All Black Intellectual Chocolate Panel talks about Michael Eric Dyson and his remarks about Joe Biden. Dyson appeared on CNN with Don Lemon and seemed to imply that Joe Biden did a solid for black people by picking a black secretary of defense. Our All Black Panel explores this issue and wonders out forte whether we have become obsessed with identity politics within the blacken community. 01:21:09 December 10, 2020 Should I buy into the Air BNB IPO or not ? I want to lay out some thoughts about the AirBNB IPO, set to occur this workweek. My personal belief is that AirBNB has a very solid business model that is well positioned for long-run economic increase. But the greater wonder about the AirBNB IPO is whether the banal is overpriced. That ‘s something yet to be determined. To see the other stocks I ‘m selecting in my portfolio, feel rid to do a 30-day test in 13:01 December 09, 2020 Meek Mill ‘s $ 20 contribution and Cardi bel ‘s $ 88,000 purse – Do celebrities have no duty to the community ? tonight on the panel, I speak with Jeff Lightsy Jr about Cardi b ‘s backfire regarding an $ 88,000 bag and Meek Mill ‘s $ 20 contribution to kids on the engine block sell water. We ask whether celebrities have any obligation to the populace or if they can do what they please with their money. 01:01:35 December 09, 2020 A black-owned tutor party competes with a black owned technical school sports app On this episode of “ Life ‘s a sales talk, ” a black-owned tutor company competes against a black owned business that works in the industry of sports. These two businesses are besides joined by a Black Owned Business Network equally well. You can watch Life ‘s a pitch by subscribing at information about each business is below : Aisha Owens Los Angeles, CA Company : Inspiring Minds 711 : The Academic Convenient Store Website : hypertext transfer protocol : // The Academic Convenient Store is an administration that hosts workshops and private tutor sessions. We have an approaching workshop named the Mega Math Bootcamp where students will develop foundational mathematics skills in one concept area at a time. We would besides like to host Language Arts and Science. hypertext transfer protocol : // ? v=-d7x2IPgrJA Charles Norman Chino Hills, CA Company : AthleticSOS by Sports Solutions llc. web site : hypertext transfer protocol : // Software and engineering developer for the youth sports industry. We would like to introduce our company and showcase one of our software products. hypertext transfer protocol : // Crystal Roce Southfield, Michigan Company : Black Economic Exchange Group Website : hypertext transfer protocol : // Promotes and showcases black owned businesses locally and online. Launching an on-line store for black owned products and 2021 opening a brick and mortar storehouse that sells only black owned products hypertext transfer protocol : // 01:05:23 December 08, 2020 Married, 4 kids, and I want to quit my job – Ask Dr Boyce In this Black Wealth Confession, a world writes that he and his wife have aspirations to expand their black owned business into a full-time income. here ‘s what he writes : ” Dear Dr. Boyce, I am 31 and married with 4 kids. My wife homeschools are youngest two, and the oldest two are in school. We make $ 50k in total per year. We have paid off $ 60 of debt in 10 years of marriage and have $ 5k left in sum debt. We have $ 20k saved for a house that we would use to expand our business ( recording studio apartment, home function ). We would like to expand the business, which generates about $ 1.5k per calendar month, to a full-time income. How should we proceed ? ” If you ‘d like me to answer your fiscal questions, please feel spare to join us for private Q & A sessions for students only at 14:04 December 07, 2020 Dating adviser tells a charwoman that she ‘s “ average at best ” and will “ die alone ” Dating adviser Kevin Samuels has been the center of attention this week for telling a woman on the tune that she is “ median at best ” and would “ die alone. ” In a holocene view that I took on my chitter bill, 51 % of respondents felt that the advice was coarse, but honest. Others felt that it was beggarly. Our All Black Intellectual Chocolate Panel is here to discuss the emergence and ask whether Kevin Samuels was mighty to be thus direct with the woman or if he could have given her better advice. Make certain you subscribe at 02:06:52 December 07, 2020 Black Lives Matter has a very messy fiscal problem respective chapters of Black Lives Matter have gone into open disgust against their leadership, whom they claim are hoarding money and power for themselves. This site with # BlackLivesMatter opens the door for a discussion about Transparency, Accountability and Responsibility in economic relationships. I am besides going to host a control panel on the topic tonight on, you should join us. 37:29 December 05, 2020 Was the restaurant worker wrong to tell women not to twerk in his establishment ? In this All Black panel, we discuss the restaurant owner who told women not to twerk in his restaurant. We discuss # TwerkGate in detail and the conclusions will astonish you. 01:07:57 December 04, 2020 Expert shorts Tesla Stock, says it ‘s going to crash dreadfully I speak nowadays about Tesla Stock and why one technical is shorting it. There are a batch of risk factors in Tesla that should be discussed. I ‘ll break it all down here. 37:10 December 03, 2020 The history of Burger King volt McDonalds here I speak about the history of Burger King and McDonalds and how franchise empires are built. 13:57 December 03, 2020 Could Bill Cosby be getting out of prison ? In this discussion, I talk about Bill Cosby and whether the Supreme Court is going to let him out of prison. 49:09 December 03, 2020 Scottie Pippen learns the fiscal downside of marrying a lifelong groupie Scottie Pippen ‘s wife Larsa is in the newsworthiness for dating a 24-year honest-to-god married NBA player. She ‘s besides been linked up with rappers and other celebrities. In this podcast, we discuss the downside of choosing the ill-timed spouse, and how this can cost you financially. 20:25 December 03, 2020 Youtube suspended my channel for supporting Louis Farrakhan One of my youtube channels, Your Black World television, was merely suspended because I showed confirm to the address of Min Louis Farrakhan. I use this as an opportunity to address the racism of social media platforms that seek to destroy authentic black leadership, labeling solution-oriented, honest dialogue as “ hate actor’s line. ” This treatment and systemic dismissal of beloved black men like Louis Farrakhan is even another admonisher that black people in America should have zero faith in the democratic party or integration as a scheme for relevant solutions. 24:23 December 01, 2020 Bitcoin just hit a record high and it ‘s one of my favorite investments Bitcoin is approaching the $ 20,000 commemorate and some experts believe that it will reach angstrom eminent as $ 500,000. here are some factors that will determine whether or not that happens. 18:12 November 30, 2020 Tesla has created a $ 100 billion dollar problem for the stock market Tesla ‘s summation to the S & P 500 has made national news. A boastful problem here is that Tesla ‘s massive market evaluation is causing fund managers to scramble as they prepare for what will happen when they are forced to add billions in Tesla stock to their portfolios. That leads to some concerns and risk factors about Tesla that I discuss today and I hope this helps you in your investing travel. 24:19 November 30, 2020 Killer Mike creates Greenwood as a bank platform for our community Killer Mike has worked with Andrew Young and Ryan Glover to create Greenwood, a bank platform for our community. There is a batch to discuss here and I break it all down on Dr Boyce television. 33:49 November 30, 2020 Med student with $ 150k in debt is having second thoughts On this week ‘s Black Wealth Confession, we hear from a buddy who got into checkup school, but his $ 150k in student loans is leading him to have irregular thoughts. 37:07 November 29, 2020 The Jake Paul Vs Nate Robinson battle created a Great White Hope I watched that fight between Jake Paul and Nate Robinson and honestly found myself stunned. Let ‘s be honest though – many people see the Nate Robinson vs Jake Paul battle as a argument on rush or Aryan Supremacy. Jake Paul might be the Great White Hope, but obviously, this is barely an exhibition contend between two amateurs. nothing to be taken badly. jake paul, nate robinson, jake paul volt nate robinson, logan paul, nate robinson box, jake paul packing, paul volt robinson, jake paul knocks out nate robinson, logan paul podcast, jake paul fight exist, jake paul knockout, jake paul nate robinson fight, nate robinson knocked out, nate robinson vs jake paul, jake paul sparring, jake paul nate robinson, jake paul fights 19:45 November 29, 2020 Why I love Amazon Stock for the holidays I speak today on The Black Financial Channel regarding why Amazon is one of my favorite stocks for the vacation season. The company ‘s investments in infrastructure and the bold way they handled the crisis should play well for them. Amazon besides has a huge advantage in an environment where a large total of # BlackFriday shopping is going to occur on-line. If you ‘d like to learn more about # stockmarket invest, please visit The beginning month is just $ 1. 23:36 November 28, 2020 Barack Obama ‘s appearance on The Breakfast Club tells you where we are as black people I watched Barack Obama ‘s appearance on The Breakfast club, and while there was nothing significantly wrong with the interview, there is a capital conduct to be discussed. sol, on today ‘s Dr Boyce Breakdown, I analyze the Barack Obama interview on The Breakfast Club and explain where black people need to go from here. 52:46 November 26, 2020 How Elon Musk became $ 100 billion dollars rich during a pandemic While everyone else sat stil in fear during the pandemic, Elon Musk kept moving. In this episode of The Dr Boyce Breakdown, I explain how Elon Musk became the second base rich world in the world right field under our noses. 18:40 November 25, 2020 Coca Cola was founded by a drug addict and his class lost control for $ 2300 today I tells the floor of Coca-Cola, a $ 226 billion company that was purchased for $ 2300. This narrative about Coke is a reminder to black business owners to never let go of their assets because you never know what the company is going to be worth a pair of generations later. Be sure to subscribe to 56:24 November 21, 2020 Jeezy, Gucci Mane, Verzuz Battles and Stacey Abrams – black people vs the trap In the latest # Verzuz battle, # Jeezy and # Gucci got together to compare their popular hit songs. That ‘s all cool, and they are both talented, but I wanted to talk about “ The Trap ” and why trap music is therefore relatable to thus many of our people. besides, the fact that Stacey Abrams popped in speaks volumes about the extent to which politicians enjoy keeping black men in the trap. so, I ask this motion adenine well : We know that Stacey Abrams is felicitous to speak with Gucci Mane and Jeezy, but would she want to besides talk to Ice Cube ? If not, then why not ? Are black men entirely satisfactory to the Democratic Party when we go along with their agenda ? 46:23 November 21, 2020 I regret going to college, I ‘m drowning in debt and I hate my job ! – Black Wealth Confessions In today ‘s Black Wealth Confession, I hear from a 27-year old who is drowning in debt and says that all he can brag about is the fact that he has a victor ‘s degree. This speaks to some of the economic principles addressed in the democratic book, “ Powernomics, ” where we were told to trade in our land and property in exchange for college degrees. This is a losing fiscal strategy. so, after I forgive this student for their sins, I ‘d like to break down why black wealth has gone backward, even as college attendance has gone up. # StudentLoan debt is a huge problem for millions of black college students. # BlackWealth has taken a stumble from the college educational process, and there are millions of millenials looking for solutions on how to live a debt barren life. If you ‘d like to view more Black Wealth Confessions, make surely you subscribe at 29:48 November 21, 2020 How to make more money than a surgeon without a college degree Most people think you need to go to college in order to make the money of a surgeon. That ‘s not true. You can make money through investing. That ‘s the best way. I talk about that here. 36:05 November 20, 2020 Millions of black people felt insulted by Barack Obama ‘s comments Barack Obama made some strange statements about black men during an interview in The Atlantic. I break down Obama ‘s statements and explain why he himself is the reason indeed many black men voted for Donald Trump. 26:58 November 19, 2020 Tesla has been a pathetic money manufacturer – but there are risks with this investment nowadays I talk about Tesla Stock and their presentation into the S & P 500. Tesla is an extraordinary company and Elon Musk is an perplex chief executive officer. But there are numerous risks implicit in in Tesla ‘s introduction to the S & P 500, which may have explained the hesitance in the first gear place. With Tesla being added to the S & P, we are entering into an matter to era of investing, as this giant of a company will test the integrity of this identical authoritative livestock market index. 24:08 November 17, 2020 Lewis Hamilton is a black rush chomp who made a powerful argument Lewis Hamilton is the greatest convention one driver in history. He besides made a impregnable statement about fighting against racism and replacing it with inclusion and diversity. I go far on Hamilton ‘s remarks and talk about the fact that before we were asking whites to include us in their race leagues, we had racing leagues of our own. 26:02 November 16, 2020 Why I love Amazon stock as a knock-down long-run investing – Dr Boyce Watkins, PhD I was thinking today about how much I love Amazon stock certificate. The company appears to have a solid management team that always knows how to pivot and make well economic decisions in a multitude of circumstances. I am a fan of both Amazon and it ‘s CEO Jeff Bezos, as I expect the party to continue to do well for many years to come. If you ‘d like to learn more about stock market investing, please visit The first base month is merely $ 1. 26:02 November 16, 2020 Dr Boyce – Some of my craziest trolls are black I want to set the record straight on brainwash demeanor coming from trolls who do n’t want to see advancement in the black community. 01:09:15 November 11, 2020 The stock grocery store has an historic day – but risks remain stock markets around the world rejoiced overnight after Pfizer and German Companh BioNTech announced overwhelmingly positive results in vaccine exploitation. For months, we have been waiting for a vaccine, which was the key to unlock massive price movements in many cyclic stocks. now that the vaccine is here, the worldly concern can move on with its life and there is a good luck the global economy will reopen. Be sure to subscribe to 18:47 November 09, 2020 The stock certificate grocery store did something actually perplex last night now that we have a vaccine, many believe this could be the begin of the end of the stock marketplace and ball-shaped economic downturn. I break this down on The Black Financial Channel and besides talk about some of the economic head winds as we go into the Joe Biden earned run average. 15:55 November 09, 2020 The stock market is off to a big beginning this week. Joe Biden ‘s presidential stability is the chief cause I speak here about Joe Biden ‘s presidency and what it means for the stock market this week. It appears that the week is going to be a adept one. 26:06 November 09, 2020 What Malcolm X said about Joe Biden Believe it not, Malcolm X warned us about Joe Biden many years ago. actually, he spoke specifically about white liberals and benign neglect in a way that was nothing short of prophetic. That ‘s what I discuss in this conversation and that ‘s what this discussion is all about. To learn more about The All Black National Agenda, please visit 01:30:39 November 08, 2020 Why the media hated Ice Cube, but loved Stacey Abrams I speak here about Stacey Abrams and Ice Cube and the different ways they were treated in the media. Abrams was seen as a hero by media, by and large due to her make with the democratic Party. Ice Cube, however, was seen as a villain by everyone but the Black community, who had a strong appreciation for his efforts. In light of what happened with Ice Cube and Stacey Abrams, I discuss meritorious manumission from Dr Claud Anderson ‘s koran, “ Powernomics, ” and the Housee Negro-Field Negro divides that retain to plague our residential district as we deal with black politics in America. 01:01:54 November 07, 2020 Why black people die from viruses more than everybody else today I spoke with Nathaniel Jordan, aka The Minister of Wellness about viruses, vaccines and why black people are so unhealthy. We discuss the fact that there are corporate and political interests that make money from keeping the public a unhealthy as potential and how you can fight rear through self authorization. 26:28 November 06, 2020 We have thousands of black elected officials – if so, then why are we making no advance ? There are two types of black people : Those who want solutions and those who want symbolism. I am in the solutions class, as I find myself profoundly disturbed that we are complaining about the very same things that Malcolm X complained about over 60 years ago. This pathetic repetitive motorbike of victimization and falling behind disturbs me enough that I want to at least create a permanent record for those who want to do something different. That ‘s what this video is all about. 48:29 November 06, 2020 What black people can learn from China China has been booming economically, right as the rest of the world is shutting down. Why is that ? It ‘s due to a culture of economic military capability, in which they continue moving forward, tied in the midst of fear. But I go beyond China in this episode, talking about some of the failings of bootleg culture and the things that you must do differently if you want to grow beyond that. The convo starts in China and we then go all around the worldly concern. 01:13:03 November 06, 2020 Failed politician says atrocious things about black men Pam Keith, a fail politician out of Florida, just said that bootleg men who do n’t support Joe Biden hate black women. Let ‘s break down Pam Keith ‘s comments with involve to how the Democratic Party has successfully conquered the black community by creating the “ White Jesus ” complex among black people who now believe in fail stereotypes about black men. 34:49 November 05, 2020 Joe Biden pushes a major rise in the standard market It appears that the close we move to a Joe Biden presidency, the more the stock market is rejoicing. total election certainty is good for stocks right now, as the sprout market appears to be grateful that there is n’t going to be a aristocratic curl. There are other things moving the stock market this dawn and I ‘ll break them down here. If you ‘d like to get spare information on investing from The Black Business School and get started as an investor, please visit You can besides get text notifications from me directly by texting the son “ Boyce ” to 31996 14:14 November 05, 2020 now that Joe Biden is president of the united states, what does that base for black people ? It ‘s starting to look like Joe Biden will be president of the united states. now it ‘s time to talk about that Black Agenda. 01:07:09 November 05, 2020 Who else is running for president besides Joe Biden and Donald Trump ? Alicia and I took the time to explore the 2020 presidential election. We studied the belief of the Libertarian and Green parties, and besides talked about the target of african Americans in a political summons that is n’t designed for black people to get ahead. 38:45 November 03, 2020 How politics is ruined by money – explained by a Finance PhD In this episode of The Dr Boyce Breakdown, I explain how the American political system is dreadfully corrupted by money. Billionaires give money to candidates, who then give that money to corporate media to help them persuade voters to put them into office. This creates a atrocious bent of incentives for both the politician and corporate media. The media will serve the politicians who give them money, and the politicians then serve the billionaires. The american people are lone served to the extent that they must be managed and manipulated to keep the politicians in baron who serve their corporate interests. This besides explains why there is no serious pastime of the total darkness agenda. # AfricanAmericans are significant as a vote infrastructure, but not as a support basis. therefore, they are typically managed by media, who exposes them alone to specific information designed to support the politicians who are paying their bills. This podcast shows the downside of Financial Addiction and how it ruins our political system. sincerely, Dr Boyce Watkins 17:58 November 03, 2020 What a Blue Wave for the Democrats will mean for the malcolm stock market In this episode, I talk about the shock that a Blue Wave by the Democrats will have on the sprout market. 13:39 November 03, 2020 I ‘m 34 years old with two kids and about $ 200,000 in debt ? – Black Wealth Confessions Dr Boyce Watkins answers a Black Wealth Confession from a woman who is dealing with a very serious debt trouble. You can submit your Black Wealth Confession by visiting 13:01 November 03, 2020 Life ‘s a Pitch – Black Owned Business Pitch Competition – sequence 4 This is the fourthly sequence of Life ‘s a Pitch, a Black-owned business lurch rival hosted by Dr Boyce Watkins and Lanee Javet. You can watch more episodes by signing up at If you ‘d like to present your pitch on the show, please join our electronic mail list so we can notify you when we have openings. You can join the tilt by visiting 01:11:05 November 03, 2020 Dr Boyce Speaks with Maj Toure, laminitis of Black Guns Matter I spoke today with Maj Toure, founder of # BlackGunsMatter, a second amendment rights organization. We talk about the 2020 presidential election, along with a host of early issues that relate to black people who are finding out what rights we should actually have. 56:45 November 02, 2020 The sprout market is making major moves to start the workweek – here ‘s what ‘s going on The lineage market made significant jumps this good morning as we move into a contest election. The election is about to create market volatility, but there are buying opportunities in the stock grocery store. 19:32 November 02, 2020 SNL falsely states that Ice Cube endorsed Donald Trump, when he was entirely advocating for the black community SNL did a skit in which they falsely assumed that the rapper Ice Cube endorsed Donald Trump along with Lil Wayne. They besides reduced Ice Cube ‘s address for reparations for african Americans to him just being a rich knocker who has forgotten his roots. This is much deeper than you think and shows the extent that white racist liberals will use propaganda and assumed information to try to win elections, even at the expense of the black community. 50:52 November 02, 2020 Why men are hesitant to marry women with children today, a womanhood asked me about dating as a mother, so I thought I ‘d do an honest assessment on the subject. I wrote a script years ago called Financial Lovemaking, so I thought I ‘d dig into the matter and talk about some of my perspectives on beloved, relationships and money. I am marrying a woman with three children, so I thought I ‘d give an honest point of position on the topic. I hope this helps person out there. 18:44 November 02, 2020 The election is around the corner and it ‘s a complete mess for black people As we are equitable a couple days off from the 2020 presidential election, I decided that I would throw Dr Boyce television into the mix. I plan to do election night coverage with a series of black experts who can allow us to dissect the many issues facing black people as we move forth in the class 2021 and beyond. 13:59 November 01, 2020 22 Reasons why the democratic Party offends me as a black man I don ’ thymine relate to The democratic Party because : – I ’ m not into LGBT issues. Love who you want, but that ’ s your business – abortion makes me uncomfortable because it feels like we merely killed a pamper and they seem to want to kill black babies the most – I don ’ triiodothyronine GAF about building a wall with Mexico, I ’ megabyte not Mexican. I don ’ t think that closed borders makes you racist, since countries do this all around the universe – I see the # MeToo movement as a threat to the safety of black men, who can be accused of anything by anyone and end up being raped in prison for the future 20 years because person decided to tell a lie – I don ’ metric ton consider COVID as the leading threat to black people, since it is surpassed by things like shootings, diabetes, heart disease, and Popeyes Chicken – I am not felicitous about the Biden crime bill and the 100,000 or more black people who were exterminated or continue to be stuck in prison – I don ’ t believe that Kamala Harris or Barack Obama sincerely represent the black community that I know – I consider inside city shootings to be a unplayful as police shootings and want to solve both problems at once – I want reparations. now. No excuses. You owe us money. – I don ’ metric ton believe that illegal immigration is the like as legal immigration and I don ’ triiodothyronine believe that mass immigration is full for the black community – I don ’ t wake up worried that the Proud Boys are going to show up to my firm and kill me. I can ’ triiodothyronine think of even 100 Black people they ’ ve killed in the last two years. I see them as a apparition threat designed to scare me and I don ’ t scare easily. – I consider the universe of Black Lives Matter to be an LGBT battlefront organization designed to profit from the suffer of Black people in regulate to pursue a broader leftist agenda – I don ’ thymine think my christian mother is homophobic just because she believes in her Bible. – I am not comfortable with Cardi barn teaching short girl how to sell WAP for money while they are in the moment grade – I believe that black fathers are an necessity separate of the home – I am not a fan of the victim brain and am all right with terms like “ man up. ” – I don ’ t trust failed schools run by white people as the best way to educate black children – I believe Hollywood uses media to feminize the black male and demonize those who do not submit – I want my kids to know more about Marcus Garvey and Dr Claud Anderson than they know about the white heroes they see on television – I don ’ metric ton like Antifa either and wasn ’ metric ton felicitous when they were putting bricks through people ’ mho windows – I don ’ t believe an 8 year honest-to-god should be allowed to decide to change their sex – I believe Black people need to own more businesses so we don ’ t have to work for White people anymore Period. sincerely, Dr Boyce Watkins 01:24:35 October 31, 2020 Why you should never waste fourth dimension arguing with speechless buttocks people I was speaking to my daughter today about dumb people. I explained to her why you should n’t waste excessively a lot time arguing with stupid people by using a basic mathematical convention. This led me to realize that I should probably parcel this advice with anyone else out there who is being slowed down or hung up by low IQ, destructive morons who have no future. That ‘s what this video recording is all about. 17:15 October 31, 2020 The stock marketplace decline continues – worst workweek since March In this discussion, I break down the chaos of the stock market this week. I believe that the stock marketplace is providing a big number of buying opportunities, but there are some nuances that every investor should consider as they choose to make their moves. If you ‘d like to join my class on Stock Market Investing, please visit The first month is $ 1. 14:23 October 30, 2020 Lil Wayne meets with Donald Trump, but he ‘s no Ice Cube Lil Wayne had a meet with President Donald Trump, which is surely his justly. But today, I spoke about total darkness male rappers and their desire to meet with politicians of their option. Some are hits, some are misses. much of this talk to the “ bang-up awakening ” of the black male in american politics and proves that we have a identical concern road ahead. 53:31 October 30, 2020 Trump and Biden spent a laughably big amount of money this election cycle Campaign finance reform should be one of the lead issues in american politics. The fact that it nowadays costs billions of dollars to run for president should concern anyone who cares about the future of this country. You can get more video-based fiscal news and comment at 13:17 October 29, 2020 Trump, Biden and capitalism The 2020 election is set to finish with $ 14 billion in spend, smashing records as Trump and Biden conflict for the White House. The summarize will be more than double of what was spent in the 2016 election. By Election Day, the presidential campaign is expected to end up seeing $ 6.6 billion in full spend, while congressional races are anticipated to finish with equitable over $ 7 billion. Democrats have about doubled the spending by Republican candidates improving and down the ballot. 13:17 October 29, 2020 Will the stock market keep spend or is there hope on the horizon ? Dr Boyce Watkins speaks with students about the holocene stock commercialize worsen and makes predictions about what will happen in the near future. 47:13 October 28, 2020 Are you getting left behind in the big economic revolution ? many millions of people are missing out on trillions of dollars in well that ’ s being created by those who are able to think outside the box. 02:36 October 27, 2020 Fake success volt real achiever – why most people want it but never have it many people want success, but do n’t know how to obtain it. That ‘s what I discuss in this video recording. I hope it helps person succeed. 25:48 October 26, 2020 Dr Boyce ! You ‘re a Trump assistant ! – How voter suppression looks when it comes from early black people I woke up this dawn thinking about black voter suppression. Some think that this is something that flannel people do to black people, or something that Republicans entirely do to black Democrats. actually, voter inhibition besides occurs when black people ostracize one another and talk about vote for the other political party as if it were illegal. That ‘s what I discuss today on The Dr Boyce Breakdown. Follow me on Twitter @ DrBoyceWatkins1 01:10:17 October 26, 2020 Bad News this workweek for stocks – The Dr Boyce Watkins Black Stock Market Report The livestock marketplace is expected to drop tomorrow due to a surge in Coronavirus cases. US equity market futures are down right now, and the stock certificate market appears poised to manage some degree of doubt as a leave of the heighten in cases. You can follow The Black Stock Market Report with Dr Boyce Watkins by making surely you subscribe at You can besides get a free copy of Dr Watkins ‘ book, “ It takes a greenwich village to raise the legal profession ” by visiting 31:00 October 26, 2020 Rappers TI and Young Jeezy do a Verzuz – get ‘s spill the beans about Trapanomics and White Supremacy Dr Boyce Watkins speaks today about the rappers TI and Young Jeezy doing a Verzuz episode and how this plays a separate in the way the trap is monetized, by and large by white people. not to disrespect TI and Jeezy, but this makes us wonder if black traumatic experiences are packaged and sold and why others are allowed to do it. There is besides the discussion of the traps that we put ourselves in and how to get out of them. 38:35 October 25, 2020 50 Cent says he will leave the country if Trump is not re-elected The knocker 50 Cent says he will leave the US if Trump is not re-elected. But the conversation is much deeper than 50 cent and his depository financial institution account. 52:16 October 23, 2020 White Democrats good abstained from voting. Black voters can do that excessively You constantly hear people saying that it ’ south incorrect for total darkness folders to abstain from voting. But political science theory supports the idea that when you don ’ t have appropriate options you don ’ t have to pick one. I speak about what exemption can insured mean for Black people and why we are 0K when white Democrats choose not to vote but we are overturn when black voters choose to do the like thing 04:06 October 22, 2020 Chris Broussard and Dr Boyce Watkins ask : Why are Democrats so angry with black men ? Since the knocker Ice Cube approached the Democratic Party seeking better terms for black people and a shape of reparations, some of the community has thrown it back in his face. While the overwhelm majority of african Americans are in support of Ice Cube, there are a few in mainstream media who seem to hold onto a narrative which states that Ice Cube is wrong and that he should be “ canceled. ” While we do n’t worry about whether or not Ice Cube can be canceled, we do discuss why others are so offended by masculine leaders in the african American community. 01:08:34 October 22, 2020 Diddy has a new blacken political party – but I ‘m very concerned I spoke today about the new Black Political party started by the hip-hop baron Diddy. The party is called “ Our Black Party ” and advocates for black politics. But in the age of Biden and Trump, it ‘s unvoiced to figure out if Diddy ‘s black political party represents authentic black leadership or serves a a tray to deliver black voters to the Democrats. 38:29 October 19, 2020 Why do we take care of others, but not ourselves or each other ? This podcast sequence centers around the wyrd habit of black people of taking care of everyone but themselves. We keep their political parties in power, their companies making money, their schools/universities full and ensure that others are well-fed with our $ 1.3 trillion in annual income. I would prefer that we stop for a moment and consider that preferably than taking care of other people, we should take concern of ourselves. That ‘s what this episode is all about. 48:43 October 19, 2020 Willie D and Dr Boyce ask why Ice Cube ‘s advocacy for black people has run into such reject I am absolutely fascinated by how the idea of unifying around a failing political party has led to such a impregnable public backlash against the rapper Ice Cube for speaking on behalf of bootleg people. You would expect that person pushing for a radically, different approach to american politics would be welcome with open arms. But during my conversation with militant and hip-hop artist Willie D, I am convinced that FEAR can create the kind of stagnation that has kept black people from moving forward over the stopping point 50 years. It is fear of a Donald Trump presidency that has led to the backfire against Ice Cube, where millions of our people would quite see a failed community than to face another 4 years of Donald Trump. That ‘s what we discuss in this podcast. It ‘s a good one. 01:44:52 October 18, 2020 Democrats are angry at Ice Cube for speaking with Donald Trump Do the Democrats have the right field to tell Ice Cube, or any black man for that matter, that he has no right to meet with Donald Trump ? Why have n’t the Democrats helped the black community enough that our commitment is earned, preferably than expected ? That ‘s what I discuss in this episode. It ‘s a doozy. 01:04:14 October 15, 2020 The effect of black fiscal addiction In this discussion, I explain the keys to economic bondage, adenine well as economic addiction. I explain that for the black community, fiscal addiction is a very serious trouble. It starts from birth, when we are led to depend on our oppressors to provide the things we need. We are besides led to believe that fiscal security is n’t authoritative, but material possessions are a necessity. It is the combination of having no fiscal security, a indigence for substantial possessions and an established taxonomic monopoly held by our oppressor that keeps us in a fiscal cage. # FinancialAddiction can be cured, but we have to understand how the # blackwealth process is critical in that objective. To join Dr Watkins ’ wealth build program for children, please visit To take Dr Watkins ’ fiscal class, please visit To take Dr Watkins ’ course on how to fire your bos, please travel to Twitter : @ DrBoyceWatkins1 Instagram : @ TheRealBoyceWatkins Youtube : Text the news Boyce to 31996 to connect via text message e-mail : boyce @ 19:12 October 12, 2020 My acquaintance called me unintelligent for my political belief and that makes me sad I had a ally that I knew when I was on the faculty at Syracuse University. I had n’t talked to this friend for years, and you can imagine my storm when my ally called me stupid for my political belief. besides, the first gossip he ‘d made toward me in years started with “ This is dumb. ” This made me think about how we are black people are bequeath to lose friends over democratic and republican politicians who care nothing about us. This makes me deplorable for our community. 21:25 October 12, 2020 How major corporations like McDonalds and Chipotle made money during the pandemic, while little businesses fair died Take a second to think about all the small clientele owners who were wiped out by the poor people response to the pandemic. now that the World Health Organization has admitted that a complete closure was a very bad estimate, I hope we will consider the fact that it was possible to keep people dependable without ruining their lives in the summons. All of this was unnecessary. Our political leaders, in both parties, are doing the people a huge disservice with their incompetence : The Republicans should be ashamed of using the stimulation box to benefit their affluent friends and the Democrats should be ashamed of fear peddle. All of this is atrocious. 02:10 October 11, 2020 Joe Biden, Drugs and black people Why was Joe Biden ’ s son never locked up for drug use ? 06:35 October 10, 2020 What are the odds that you ‘re going to receive a stimulation check ? today on The Black Financial Channel, I did a breakdown on the chances of receiving a stimulation check. The economic events occurring right now present a series of identical matter to fiscal dynamics. Awareness is a identify to understanding. The # StimulusCheck situation is one that is reasonably complex given that the Democrats and Republicans have different objectives. The stimulation software that Democrats are pushing for is identical different from that of the Republicans. Whether a stimulation is passed before for after the election is another major issue. That ‘s what I discuss in this video recording. Do not forget that The Powernomics Masterclass with Dr Claud Anderson starts on the 15th of this calendar month. You can register at 09:24 October 09, 2020 Why we believe the white man ‘s ice is colder In this episode of The Dr Boyce Breakdown, I talk about the fact that blacken people much believe that flannel products, white systems, white schools and flannel people are better than we are. What we do not realize is that this makes us direct contributors to the system of White domination. 59:53 October 09, 2020 The predictable unpredictability of Donald Trump – How to make money on stocks while this is happening President Donald Trump ‘s decision to walk aside from stimulation talks with Nancy Pelosi sent the stock grocery store tumbling this week, but I feel that there is more to the position than that. As expected, this morning, as Trump “ changed his mind, ” stocks recovered and shot through the roof. There is a predictability to Trump ‘s allegedly unpredictable nature. He ‘s a negotiator, which means that he is going to prove systematically that he ‘s bequeath to walk away from the mesa. so, this presents buying opportunities for those who are able to see these things when they are happening and adjust consequently. That ‘s what this episode of The Dr Boyce Breakdown is all about. 33:57 October 07, 2020 Breonna Taylor ’ s character wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate about Breonna at all I give a perspective on the Breonna Taylor sheath as a black man from Louisville who happens to be the son of a collar 08:12 September 25, 2020 Dr Claud Anderson gives the history of atrocious black leadership The Democratic Party gets most of the votes from the black residential district. But Dr Claud Anderson, generator of Powernomics, says that no political parthy should get the black right to vote without earning it. In this wide reaching interview on Dr Boyce television receiver, Dr Anderson breaks down black voters rights, and the history of atrocious black leadership. Dr Anderson explains that bad leaders are frequently selected specifically to protect the status quo. 01:10:37 September 18, 2020 Chris Rock precisely said things that Democrats and Republicans need to hear comedian Chris Rock equitable did a across-the-board ranging interview on The New York Times speaking about the recent pandemic, and how both political parties are destroying America. I dig into this subject and not merely mention what Chris Rock spoke about, but we besides talk about all the different ways that political parties manipulate the american public for their own personal addition. 50:33 September 17, 2020 Ice Cube speaks on black vote and I approve this message The knocker Ice Cube came onto earlier this week with a message that left me impress. I am accustomed to celebrities bringing a message that is weak and incoherent, demanding nothing in commute for everything. alternatively, he lays out some tangibles that separate him from other celebrities. 19:39 September 09, 2020 Cardi B and Candace Owens get into a grove fight In this episode I break down the struggle on-line between Candace Owens and Cardi B. I believe the Black people should be release and we should not have to spend our time lobby in carrying water for diverse political parties 08:41 September 07, 2020 Why many universities and HBCUs will be gone after the pandemic is over Dr Boyce Watkins explains why universities are going bankrupt and why many HBCUs will be gone 14:33 August 13, 2020 Ice Cube has a abridge with Black America and it ‘s amazing The Ice Cube Contract with black America is broken down by Dr Boyce Watkins. Dr Watkins speaks on the value of Ice Cube ‘s shrink, the challenges of being bootleg in America, and the role that african Americans must play in their own dismissal. The Ice Cube contract for Black America can be found here : hypertext transfer protocol : // … Dr Watkins besides speaks to how the Ice Cube Contract with Black America is necessity given that The Congressional Black Caucus played a part in pushing ahead the 1994 Crime bill, considered to be one of the most # racist pieces of legislation after the # JimCrow era. overall # IceCube did a good thing with this compress and # BlackPeople will benefit. Shout out to # GeorgeFloyd for inspiring the revolution. The Dr Boyce Watkins Channel is an all-black newsworthiness and comment channel that features a phone number of african american english thinkers, commentators and speakers. The views of each video are not inevitably representative of those of Dr Boyce Watkins himself. You can follow Dr Watkins at the links below : Instagram : @ TheRealBoyceWatkins Twitter : @ DrBoyceWatkins1 Via Text : Text the bible Boyce to 31996 Youtube : To learn how to start your own business : Personal web site : The Dr Boyce Watkins Wealth-building course of study for children : To take my on-line naturally : The Dr Boyce Watkins podcast on Soundcloud : hypertext transfer protocol : // buy Dr Boyce books : 40:46 August 04, 2020 Stimulus check updates and trickle down economics Congress is wrangling over the details of the stimulation package, and of course Black people are nowhere in the discussion. however, the stimulation box is going to have details that you should understand and besides we should realize how trickle down economics from the Reagan presidency even plays a huge part in the way economics is run in this country 09:15 July 27, 2020 Is Kanye West brainy or crazy ? Kanye West has done a set of interest things recently in the media. In this episode, I break down my appraisal of what I see with Kanye and what genial illness can do to a distribute of us if we are not careful. 06:59 July 26, 2020 Alicia wants to show me something In this episode of the Dr. Boyce dislocation, Alicia shows me her outline for the love, money and life program that we are creating for the black business school 31:47 July 07, 2020 Essence Magazine, Bill Cosby and chaos In this sequence Dr. Boyce Watkins breaks down the kernel cartridge holder articles about poster Cosby and Billy Porter. Dr. Watkins make the argumentation that essence magazine is supporting white domination in black face by elevating black male feminine behavior and sabotage masculinity 10:56 July 02, 2020 How do you visit your sleep together ones during the pandemic ? Dr Boyce and Alicia visit his parents and human body out how to make a normal life out of a crazy site 06:23 June 29, 2020 Dr Boyce explains stock options to Dr Alicia because she thinks money is dull In this episode, Dr. Boyce Watkins explained stock options to Dr Alicia. We besides talk about the importance of money in relationships and how stock options are an crucial separate of protecting your portfolio. But as Alicia truly concern in ? We can find out 16:29 June 29, 2020 The Black Love Blueprint with Dr Boyce and Dr Alicia – own ’ triiodothyronine nothing going on but the rent ! In this episode, Dr Alicia and I give perspectives on our relationship. We besides talk about money and love, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as the factors that make it difficult in a global where people don ’ metric ton want total darkness men and black women to love each early. We besides explain why economic security is very significant in black love 13:00 June 27, 2020 Why can ’ thymine black people be human ?

In this podcast, I discuss all the ways that we put Black people in a box. We don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate typically open our minds to the idea that there are millions of life sentence people who don ’ triiodothyronine want to be rappers or athletes 04:39 June 25, 2020

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