Business Brokers in Tirunelveli – Sell or Finance your Business in Tirunelveli – SMERGERS

Interests: Though we are led by a physically challenged individual, we have able professionals who advise us in the way business has to be done.
Our panel consists of retired bankers, professionals among others.
We collaborate with both buyer networks and seller networks.
On the sell side we have been mandated by a network to help them find investors/lender for their FMCG Distribution Business. They need INR 9 million (US$122,000) as investment/loan for a period of 4 years at a Return on interest of 12% per year. Interested write to us by mentioning (FMCG_Ascension_001) via our email.
The advantage you get by working with an advisory firm is that you can remain confidential till you are sure about the buy / sell as all validations will be done by us.
We work on a retainer + success fee model.

Background: We are a M&A networking firm connected with several entrepreneurs, intermediaries etc. As of date we have handled 100+ projects in the M&A space. To our success we have few projects and they had been in INR 75 lakhs (USD 100,000) to INR 2.5 crores (USD 400,000. Many of the inquiries we had worked on were USD 20 million and above. For example we had the opportunity to work on a USD 100 million inquiry of a US based Health supplement company.
We have many seller networks who approach us for selling their companies / firms. Right now we have more than few.
Such inquiries both domestic and international.
We have successfully completed a small deal of INR 75 lakhs (debt funding) for an ecommerce company based in Chennai.
We also have successfully completed a INR 80 lakhs sellout deal for a feature film distributor.
If you are a buyer seeking to invest in an entertainment cotent production start-up. The amount required for investment is INR 12 crores. As an investor, you will be eligible for 70 to 80% stake in the company. please feel free to connect with us.

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