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Doing Business with California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI)

The following information is being provided to help vendors understand the policies and procedures that CI, as an agent of the State of California and a member of the 23 campus CSU system must follow. procurement and Contract Services ( PCS ) is a modest team of professionals dedicated to ensuring that the narrow and buying endeavors are efficiently and efficaciously administered in accordance with the law and dear commercial enterprise practices. This business unit has the delegated authority to enter into contracts, service agreements, and education, nursing and all other placement agreements. Signing contracts and agreements without written, delegated authority could open one up to personal liability .

Prospective Vendors

procurement is glad to meet with any prospective vendors. Please call or email the Buyer listed under Contact Information who matches the type of business or service you provide to arrange an date. once a supplier becomes established by doing business with the campus, relationships will develop naturally with members of the University community. Campus staff and faculty may contact vendors for quotes, then submit the quotes with an internal request shape to Procurement. Procurement then contacts the supplier if there are questions or extra information is needed and issues the formal Purchase Order ( PO ) or contractual Agreement. This PO is the tell of the University ’ s fiscal commitment to enter into a purchase agreement with a particular supplier. No work should be done in progress of the supplier ’ s acknowledge of a PO .

New Vendors

The data needed to include new vendors in the seller database can be completed with three forms. The first is the Vendor Data Record Form 204.This shape is required by the State of California so that the University ’ sulfur Accounts Payable department is authorized to pay an invoice. The Form 204 is alike to the W-9 tax human body used by individual diligence. The second base is the Vendor Contact form detailing the seller ‘s reach information and what type of occupation the seller is engaged in. The third gear shape is the volunteer ERG phase.

Small/Micro Business and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise

state law requires state agencies to use State of California certified small/micro business ’ and disable veteran owned occupation enterprise ( DVBE ) in all state contracts and POs. Small/micro commercial enterprise certification entitles these business ’ to a 5 % bid predilection on informal quotes and competitively bid solicitations. The 5 % bid predilection is only used for computational purposes to determine an award.

Insurance Requirements

Vendors physically working on campus are required to provide proofread of commercial general liability, car and proletarian ’ s compensation policy with endorsements naming CI as additionally insured. Professional services and consulting services such as technology, architectural etc. must provide validation of professional liability policy. All policy certificates and endorsements must be on file prior to any work beginning on campus.

Planet Bids, an on-line bid tool, has been added to the CI procurement web page in ordering to enhance our community outreach. To be automatically notified of upcoming competitively wish solicitations, register as a seller using the follow liaison : Vendor Registration. If you are bequeath to supply goods and services during a campus emergency, this can besides be done when you register. To see current solicitation opportunities click on the liaison “ Bid Opportunities. ”

Contact Information

For more data go to the Procurement Contact Information web page or call us at 805-437-8592 .

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