Crypto Portfolio: BTC, ETH, ADA; An investment synopsis of Q1 2022

The cryptocurrency market has not been kind to fresh investors in 2022 so far. With Bitcoin ’ s year-to-date performance taking a beat, here ’ s how a crypto portfolio would look if one began investing in the top 15 coins at the start of the year .
Source: TradingView global economic factors have distressed Bitcoin ’ randomness price this year and the lack of a sustained bullshit move was not ideal for new investors. The king coin ’ s year-to-date losses sit close to 16 %, reflecting a bully few months for the overall crypto commercialize .
here ’ s how a crypto portfolio with a poise of $ 1,100 at the beginning of the year would look by mid-april if one invested in the exceed 15 coins ( excluding stablecoins ). For this article, each coin was allocated $ 100 .
T he king coin ’ YTD performance was down by 16 %, with its price falling to revisit $ 50K even once during Q1. A $ 100 invested at the start of the class would now be reduced to $ 84.

The second-largest digital asset Ethereum showed that more advance was needed to steer clear of Bitcoin ’ mho correlation. Its YTD descent touched closely 20 %, higher than Bitcoin ’ mho losses. This price deepen would have lowered a $ 100 investing to $ 80 .
Following a exchangeable path to Ethereum, a $ 100 worth of Binance Coin would have besides reduced to $ 80 by mid-april .
fortunately for XRP investors, the digital asset ’ mho price was least affect by Bitcoin drawdowns. Its YTD operation was down by 8 %, shrinking the original investing to just $ 92.

unfortunately, ‘ Ethereum killers ’ seemed to have been affected the most by Bitcoin ’ s fall. Each of Solana, Cardano, and Avalanche declined by over 30 % this year. A $ 100 investing would have declined to $ 69 on both Cardano and Avalanche. Solana ’ mho parcel would have been reduced to $ 60 .
meanwhile, Terra ’ s fall was not equally dangerous as its early smart contract counterparts. Stronger relief rallies maintained LUNA ’ s YTD losses to just 10 %, wiping only $ 10 from the initial investing .
Polkadot investors were not equally lucky as LUNA ’ s. The YTD performance fell by 32 $, diminishing the overall DOT fund to $ 68.

last, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu showed precisely why novitiate crypto investors should do extensive research before kickstarting their crypto journey with bad high-reward meme tokens. While the DOGE ’ s YTD was down by 15 %, SHIB declined by 36 %, becoming the second-highest lower among the mention coins. A $ 200 combined investing in these tokens would have slipped to $ 149 .


overall, if one invested $ 1,100 at the start of the year, the balance would nowadays have shrink to $ 879. That represents a loss of 23 % from the crypto portfolio stated above .
While Q1 for 2022 has been marred with trade outflows, all hope was not lost precisely yet. many analysts suggest that the market could recover during Q2, which has historically been a favorable menstruation for Bitcoin .

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