BLB&G Hosts “Asset Recovery for Institutional Investors” Seminar in Copenhagen

Wednesday, 8 May 2019 

Starting from 19:00  Welcome Dinner
Please join us about 19:00 at Tivolihallen ( Vester Voldgade 91 ), adjacent to Hotel Danmark .

Thursday, 9 May 2019

  08:30 – 09:00 Coffee, Breakfast and Registration
09:00 – 09:15 Welcome & Introduction

09:15 – 10:45

Securities Litigation: The Basics and Recent Developments
In this school term, we will explain the basics and holocene developments in securities litigation. We will discuss the substantive and procedural laws, analysis of potential matters, and several stages of a classify action including appointee as lead plaintiff, investigations, preparing pleadings, class certification and discovery. We will besides discuss loss calculation methodologies and damage analysis. special emphasis will be given to the elements that investors need to show at the motion-to-dismiss stage . 10:45 – 11:00 Coffee Break 11:00 – 11:30 Presentation: Engagement, Sustainable Investment and the Role of Class Action Litigation

Dr. Carsten Fischer – General Counsel Union Investment Group
Jochen Riechwald – Counsel, Union Investment Group
In 2017, the EU adopted a courtly Shareholder Rights Directive requiring institutional investors and asset managers to develop and publicly disclose an date policy that describes how they integrate stockholder battle in their investment strategy. senior representatives from Union ’ s legal department will explain Union ’ s set about towards sustainable ( ESG ) investing, betrothal, and securities litigation . 11:30 – 12:15 Panel Discussion: Case Evaluation
Dédé Gast-Meeuwisse – Senior Legal Counsel, PGB
Tomas Kruger Andersen – Head of Legal, ATP
Rasmus C. Trosborg – Senior Legal Counsel, Nordea

In this seance, a empanel of institutional investors will discuss best practices for deciding whether and how to pursue stockholder litigation. Topics will include criteria used to assess a character, determining relevant business and functional considerations, and techniques for institutional investors to monitor the development of a case, such as :

  • How do you decide what type of action is best for your fund?
  • What situations and circumstances drive the decision for a fund to be involved – or not to be involved – in a securities litigation?
  • What factors are most important in your analysis?
  • Does your fund use the same factors when considering corporate governance cases?
  • What is your fund’s process for assessing a case and making a decision to proceed or not?
12:15 – 13:30    Lunch with  Keynote Speaker: Helle Thorning-Schmidt
Helle Thorning-Schmidt is the former Prime Minister of Denmark ( 2011-2015 ) and Leader of the Social Democrats ( 2005-2015 ) —the first woman to hold each of those posts. Following her political career, she served as CEO of The Save the Children Fund and as a non-executive dining table member at Vestas. Ms. Thorning-Schmidt will discuss the stream geopolitical landscape and provide insight on late developments relating to the challenges of the European Union, Brexit, the kinship with the US, and the advance of China .  13:30 – 14:15 Panel Discussion:  Voting, Dialogue and Litigation

Dr. Carsten Fischer – General Counsel, Union Investment Group
Sacha Sadan – Director of Corporate Governance, LGIM

Read more: Dustin J. Bender

Andreas Stang – Head of creditworthy Investment, PFA
Erik Durhan – Head of Governance, Nordea

Investors have three instruments to address corporate mismanage : vote, dialogue or litigation. A dialog box of elder legal and ESG personnel from big institutional investors will discuss how they leverage their stockholder world power with these tools to address misconduct, deficient occupation practices, and other abuses of ability while improving corporate government at public companies .  14:15 – 15:15 Corporate Governance Litigation: Fiduciary Duties, Appraisals and the Shareholder Franchise

In this seance, we will analyze in depth the legal framework and procedures for pursuing fiduciary duty actions against boards of directors and senior executives in association with M & A transactions, corporate oversight, appraisals, and protecting stockholder vote rights .
We will discuss these topics using holocene lawsuit studies, including twenty-first Century Fox, Inc., in which BLB & G led the pursuance of an unprecedented stockholder derivative litigation against Fox News parent twenty-first Century Fox, Inc. arising from the systemic intimate and workplace harassment at the network. The action led to a landmark settlement, which created the first-ever mugwump Board-level watchdog of its kind designed to prevent future similar misconduct – the “ Fox News Workplace Professionalism and Inclusion Council ” of experts . 15:15 – 15:45 High Tea

15:45 – 16:15 Interview with the “Other Side:”  Mediation and Settlement
Yera Patel
– Global Practice Leader International Finance Lines, AXA XL

Fireside new world chat with Ms. Patel about policy considerations and approaches with regard to the process of settling stockholder actions. Topics include the mechanics and dynamics of mediation, node affair, and significant colonization terms . 16:15 – 17:00 Non-US Remedies for Investors

Noah Wortman – Business Development Manager, IMF Bentham
Caroline Goodman – CEO, Institutional Protection

Although 95 % of global securities litigation recoveries are the resultant role of US class actions, early jurisdictions are of growing importance to investors and are increasingly providing avenues for investors to recover losses. We will discuss the survival and retention of guidance ; requital of attorneys ’ fees ; litigation costs and upfront fees ; the implications of “ loser-pay ” fee-shifting rules and obtaining proper indemnity coverage ; different litigation fund models ; contingent and other “ success fees ; ” approving node obligations with respect to discovery, depositions, court attendance or early aspects of encase pursuance ; the ability of investors to oversee case scheme and liquidation ; negotiation of the terms of retentiveness ; and procedures for payment of recovery . 17:00 – 18:30 Cocktail Reception at Nimb 18:30 – 19:00

Free Time in Tivoli 19:00 – 21:30 Dinner at Brdr. Price in Tivoli

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