CBRE Investment Sales (Multifamily)/Capital Markets Analyst Vs. CRE Lender

I am currently an underwriter for a regional bank who is a driver of CRE in the region. I make around 65k. I could be a lender in 1 year and make 80-100k. I am being poached by CBRE – a multifamily IS group – to be an analyst. They keep telling me the first couple of years will be rough but will guarantee that I make 70k the first two years. I am not sure which path to go. I want to make more money – I know that my bank is safer but the potential at CBRE is untouched. I have been wanting to get into acquisitions on the buy side but have been having a very tough time. Any advice on where the greater potential is/what will make me more attractive to buyside opportunities in the future? I don’t want to wreck a good thing I have going but also don’t want to work at a bank and want my income to be unlimited.

UG- George Washington University

3 years of analyst experience at a bank.

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