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I am attaching the last communication chain that the company responded to. now, they are simply not responding anymore because they are scammers.I had several of these overpriced items and they did n’t work well. I stored them and one of the batteries leaked and ran all over the place. They acted like they were going to help or at least care, but then they accused me of potentially storing it improperly. I had 2 and they were stored in the same plaza and in the same manner. now they will not post my negative review. They do n’t have ANY current reviews less than a year honest-to-god. scam ! beware ! Hello x, Thank you for your response.We have passed this review on to our commercialize team. We expect that the issue with the visibility of your review should be resolved soon. As always, please do reach out with any questions or concerns.Sincerely, ******** Tria Beauty ************* customercare @ ************************** | Hello, Im sure person was sanitizing reviews. so I wrote another one and copied it this meter. If they cant see it, please use this with a one star rate. We have purchased at least 3 tria products over the years. I do not recommend any of them. They are all excessively little and the battery takes long to charge and dies besides promptly. This finical unit of measurement, I had for a few years and it worked fine. I am a meticulous person who keeps all my products in excellent shape. I was fraught and so I stored my lasers. When to take them back out now that the baby was born. The preciseness lasers battery had exploded and the nasty battery acid leaked out and corrosion got on my furniture. I called tria immediately and they are like yes, its been a few years but I will check with the director. It shouldnt do that. so a few days late they called back and said they couldnt know how I stored it and that it only lasts 2 years no matter what. And that it says that on the web site. Which it didnt when I bought them. It says like x total of zaps but does NOT say that it will self destroy at 2 years a neodymium detonate barrage acid all over stuff. My other tria laser was in the same draftsman and is MUCH OLDER. that one is fine. So this should tell you that this one of defective or they style is bad. I dont appreciate that I have written this review already and they didnt put it on the web site. I dont appreciate that the coach insinuated that I stored it improperly. This was after I told the customer service rep that I stored it in a cool dry place. therefore theyre barely looking to cover themselves. I will it be throwing money off on these always again. Will not recommend. ? Hello x, Thank you for your response.I have sent over your information to our team regarding your review. I do sincerely apologize that we were unable to resolve the consequence with your device in a way that you were happy with.Please do let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.Sincerely, ******** Tria Beauty ************* Its been respective weeks. The token was the belittled front laser. I believe I used this contact information. The laser I had was wholly fine and then the battery exploded and leaked all over everything. I called and then the director relayed a uncivil message via the inadequate person answering the telephone. I did not appreciate it specially with the amount of your lasers we bought over the years. Hello x, Thank you for contacting customer care.Would you please let us know which product page you posted a review on, so we can try to find it ? besides, did you post your review with this name and electronic mail ? If there was different touch information provided for your review, please let us know.Do keep in beware that it can take up to 24 hours for a new review to become public. We are looking forward to your answer then that we can further assist you.Sincerely, ******** Tria Beauty ************* Subject : Wheres my review ? so where is my follow-up that I took the time to write ? I looked and its not there on the product page.

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