6 VC firms investing in blockchain and cryptocurrency

2018 was a pivotal year in the history of blockchain and cryptocurrency, with projects regularly announced at both the startup degree and by top players in several industries. VC interest and capital investments were at all-time highs, which tied resulted in the formation of bespoke blockchain VC firms like Boost VC and Node Capital .
Despite the ardor, momentum in this sector would finally die down due to a combination of unexecuted concepts, shifting interests and the discrepant value of Bitcoin and major altcoins. These developments came to a head in 2020, which presented challenges for many sectors and ultimately resulted in a major drop curtain hardly two years after the 2018 peaks .

The current state of blockchain and cryptocurrency 

surprisingly, 2021 seems to suggest even another shift for blockchain and cryptocurrency, which could position these technologies even more favorably than their former highs .
There are a countless of factors contributing to the push we are presently observing. One of the most significant among them is the increase in industry facility, both from a technical and ideological perspective, which we analyze in our article, 3 industries that are primed for blockchain integration. With blockchain and cryptocurrency reemerging in such a major way, it is crucial to besides note the institutions that are propelling this change. hera are the acme 6 VC firms investing in blockchain and cryptocurrency.


Top blockchain and cryptocurrency investors by deal count

Digital Currency Group

headquarters : New York, NY
Blockchain and crypto deals : 197
last deal date : August 2021
Founded in 2015, Digital Currency Group is a VC firm that primarily invests in cryptocurrency, fintech and blockchain companies. The firm has $ 72 million in dry powder and is matter to in making seed stage, early-stage VC and later-stage VC investments. Their late investments include Circle and Figure Technologies, both of which develop engineering to facilitate fiscal transactions .

NGC Ventures

headquarters : Singapore, Singapore
Blockchain and crypto deals : 133
last softwood date : August 2021
NGC Ventures was founded in 2017 and serves as both an investor and incubator to blockchain and cryptocurrency projects around the worldly concern. With $ 400 million of assets under management, many of the companies they support—like Parami Protocol and ReSource Finance —focus on utilizing blockchain ’ s electric potential for decentralization, with use cases such as decentralized finance and decentralized computer science .

Coinbase Ventures

headquarters : San Francisco, CA
Blockchain and crypto deals : 133
stopping point deal date : August 2021

Coinbase Ventures is a VC tauten founded in 2018 by the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange. It specializes in early-stage VC deals and operates about entirely in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Looking at their activity within these verticals, we see an interest in both crypto exchange engineering like CoinDCX and blockchain-based media distribution like Livepeer .

Pantera Capital

headquarters : Menlo Park, CA
Blockchain and crypto deals : 130
last conduct go steady : August 2021
Founded in 2013, Pantera Capital is a hedge store with an matter to in both blockchain-based ventures and different forms of crypto and digital currency. It primarily targets early-stage VC and seed orotund deals, and its median attack amount is $ 9.8 million. The firm ’ s recent investments include Pintu and Vauld, both of which seek to facilitate the exchange of digital assets .

Plug and Play Tech Center

headquarters : Sunnyvale, CA
Blockchain and crypto deals : 115
survive deal date : August 2021
chew and Play Tech Center is an accelerator firm that has made 3,350+ investments since it was founded in 2006. Unlike most of the other investors highlighted in this tilt, Plug and Play is besides active in a total of industries beyond blockchain and crypto such as supply chain, healthcare, retail and insurtech. Their most recent investments include California-based companies Jerry and Wheel the World .

Fenbushi Capital

headquarters : Shanghai, China
Blockchain and crypto deals : 113

last share date : July 2021
Founded in 2015, Fenbushi Capital is a VC firm with a focus on blockchain-based companies. Their investments include companies like Fold, which create fresh uses for Bitcoin and ventures like Multiverse Labs, which leverage blockchain to improve resource share and app consolidation .

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