Cosmos price prediction: Is ATOM a good investment?

The Cosmos price has rebounded in the past two straight days as investors reflect on the strong achiever of its ecosystem. ATOM, its native token, is trading at $ 25.15, which is about 25 % above the lowest level this month. As a solution, the coin ’ south market capitalization has risen to about $ 7.1 billion, making it the 26th biggest cryptocurrency in the global .

What is Cosmos crypto?

The blockchain industry has seen remarkable emergence in the past few years. During this period, we have seen the egress of multiple chains, of which Ethereum is the biggest ones. Ethereum has a grocery store share of more than 80 % in the exploitation of winder assets in the industry. While the blockchain industry is doing well, there is a major challenge in how platforms interact with one another. This means that Ethereum-built apps find it unmanageable to interact with those built using other platforms like Binance Smart Chain ( BSc ) and Solana. A number of solutions have been developed to solve this challenge. These solutions are known as bridges. This is where Cosmos comes in.

Cosmos is an ecosystem of blockchains that can scale and interact with each early. It is powered by the Tendermint Byzantine Fault Tolerance ( BFT ) engineering. Applications connect to the network using a socket known as the Application Blockchain Interface ( ABCI ). ATOM is the native token for the network. 1eToro minimal deposit $ 200 exclusive forwarding User score 10

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Cosmos price prediction

Cosmos price The daily graph shows that the ATOM price formed a double-top form at $ 45.7 between September and October. The kuki of this double-top was at $ 28.73. The mint managed to drop below this chin in November. In price action psychoanalysis, a double-top pattern is normally a bearish signal.

The Cosmos monetary value moved below the 25-day and 50-day motivate averages ( MA ). It is nowadays attempting to retest the chin. therefore, there is a likelihood that the coin will likely have a bearish break since it has formed a break and retest model. This break will be confirmed if the price moves below this month ’ south low at $ 20. If you want to trade cryptocurrencies, you might be matter to in automatize cryptocurrency trading robots such as Bitcoin Profit, Bitcoin Revolution and Bitcoin Trader .

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