Cryptocurrencies are the new alternative investment

Cryptocurrency as an alternative investment : Everything you need to know

have investors know that diversification across a portfolio can enhance long-run returns while reducing risk .
today, lower pastime rates and commercialize volatility ascribable to COVID-19 may be encouraging more investors to diversify assets and safeguard wealth beyond the common asset classes comprising equities, fixed income, property, and cash, and into alternate investments .
One alternative asset class that has shown exceptionally high potential returns relative to risk tolerance is cryptocurrencies. These are digital currencies such as Bitcoin ( BTC ), Ethereum ( ETH ), and Ripple ( XRP ).

investment in cryptocurrencies is growing. A late global ING surveil showed that about 25% of people expect to own cryptocurrency in the future. A 2019 survey reported the number of Americans invested in cryptocurrencies nearly doubled to 14.4 % from 8 % precisely one year anterior .
The celebrated Winklevoss twins of Facebook fame found success in their Bitcoin investments, becoming the first Bitcoin billionaires back in 2017. And more recently, billionaire and ex-hedge funder Michael Novogratz invested 30% of his fortune in cryptocurrencies, and specifically Bitcoin, what he refers to as “ digital gold. ”
Investors could benefit from the help of an experience, active management team possessing strong product cognition and rigorous hazard management capabilities. This will help them navigate the ebb and flows of cryptocurrencies ,
even with a management team, anyone considering crypto investments should have more than a casual sympathy of this asset .
here, we explain how option investments, like cryptocurrencies, compare to early types of investments. We analyze the risks involved, their performance, how to invest, and why an active director can help maximize earning likely .
What is an alternative investment?
Beyond the usual stock and bond investments, investors are showing interest in alternative assets that don ’ metric ton paroxysm within traditional portfolios .
There are two basic types of option assets. The first type is non-traditional assets. This includes individual debt and individual fairness and real assets, like cherished metals, commodities, ticket art and collectibles .
The second type is where investors select average assets like stocks and bonds but use techniques such as short-selling to gain returns .
historically, alternate investments were only available to institutional and accredit investors with a certain amount of investable assets .
however, in holocene years, newly investment vehicles, including option common funds, ETFs and cryptocurrencies have made this asset class more accessible .
Individuals seek out alternatives for a kind of reasons .
Investors will sometimes purchase alternatives because they include assets that are not widely followed by analysts. These types of assets create opportunities for significant growth because the markets may significantly undervalue them .
early investors seek alternatives that reflect their own interests and passions ; they may have an aroused connection to gold or fine art, for example .
But credibly the most important cause to consider alternatives is diversification. That ’ mho because traditional assets like stocks and bonds often move in synchronize, but alternatives have their own operation cycles .
For case, alternative assets like gold perform well when currency values are falling. other assets, including global macro or market neutral hedge funds, may provide a shock absorber when sake rates are rising and hurting bond returns. The idea is to invest in an array of assets so that when one is down, another will be up .
Of path, alternative investments may not be for everyone .
These can be building complex investments, frequently with long lock-up periods and high investment minimums. Yet, for sophisticate investors, these assets can make up an crucial element of a diversify portfolio .
How cryptocurrencies compare to traditional currencies and investments.
A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currentness .
Unlike the U.S. dollar or swiss franc, cryptocurrencies are not issued by a government. central banks or other fiscal institutions do not govern this asset .
Units of cryptocurrency are secured by cryptography, and aren ’ metric ton easily counterfeited nor can they be spent more than once. encoding algorithm allow for plug payments online, which are denominated in terms of virtual “ tokens, ” or ledger entries .
Cryptocurrencies are besides kept dependable by the blockchain. The technology encrypts records of every transaction or sale of each unit of currency. The blockchain makes it harder to steal or counterfeit cryptocurrencies, while still protecting the anonymity of buyers and sellers .
many cryptocurrencies are decentralized networks based on blockchain technology — a distribute daybook spread out over a across-the-board network of computers .
Although the oldest and best-known cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, there are immediately thousands of alternate cryptocurrencies. Some are alike to Bitcoin — and branches of Bitcoin that split off from the chief currentness — but others are based on clear-cut engineering and offer differentiate risk and return characteristics .
Unlike traditional currencies, some cryptocurrencies limit how many coins can be minted ( 21 million, in the case of Bitcoin ). That means that the Bitcoin market can ’ triiodothyronine be flooded with currentness, creating inflationary press. Every Bitcoin transaction is on record, and every Bitcoin holder can generally see the disinflationary monetary schedule of its future .
As a solution, investors can use Bitcoin and like cryptocurrencies as a hedge against inflation.

Are cryptocurrencies safe to invest in as an alternative investment?
No investing is entirely condom, and cryptocurrency prices can fluctuate significantly in some marketplace environments .
Of course, such investors must be mindful of the price risk and volatility of cryptocurrencies. For model, at the end of November 2015, BTC was priced around $ 370. By February 2017, it made its way above $ 1,000. In October of the lapp class, it rose past $ 6,000. In December, it about reached a approximate record-high price of $ 20,000. Two years later it traded round $ 7,000 and it stood just above $ 6,000 at the goal of the inaugural stern of 2020 .
Investors should besides be mindful that cryptocurrencies carry unique risks that go beyond traditional concerns of fluidity and volatility. The act of buying cryptocurrencies outside of crypto exchanges may present certain hurdles that one wouldn ’ thyroxine likely meeting when bribe investments in publicly-traded securities .
There are besides operational risks in this still-evolving asset class, which has seen exchange failures, fraud, theft and ever- changing attempts at regulation .
only constant monitor and management by experts can in full protect investors from all these risks .
Cryptocurrencies outperformed U.S. stocks, bonds, gold, and other emerging currencies since 2012
Despite the risks, investing in a cryptocurrency asset class has delivered solid performance over time .
As the chart below shows, Bitcoin has handily outperformed traditional assets, including U.S. stocks, U.S. real estate, bonds, gold, and emerging currencies on a risk-adjusted basis since 2012 .

Since 2012, Bitcoin has outperformed other asset types despite it being adenine perceived as more hazardous nature .
Cryptocurrency returns have been almost entirely uncorrelated to the U.S. stock market for most of the asset class ’ deal history. This makes cryptocurrency a great choice for diversifying assets .
Active management can add substantial value
Active, quite than passive management, can enhance the return likely of cryptocurrency assets .
Unlike the case for a majority of passively managed ETPs, active managers avoid a wait-and-see lag approach that tracks an index .
rather, they can take advantage of market movements, investor sentiment, and trade patterns by trading crypto assets to maximize returns .
active managers besides help investors navigate crypto ’ sulfur barriers to entry, their singular structure, and their volatility .
Because cryptocurrencies aren ’ triiodothyronine as easy to buy and sell as traditional assets, efficaciously managing them requires expertness and care. active management can add value to an alternative asset portfolio .
Seasoned portfolio managers at FiCAS, for case, have been able to double the operation of actively-managed Bitcoin since launching their investment company in 2015 :
They have done so by implementing an investment strategy focused on growing the count of BTC in a portfolio, rather than expecting BTC to increase in respect .
trade BTC against carefully-researched crown altcoins, whose fundamentals appear strong and where technical analysis indicates the monetary value is near market bottom, will increase gains. The absolute phone number of BTC in a portfolio will thereby increase .
Another element of FiCAS ’ investment strategy is knowing when to move into decree ( or demonstrable paper money made by governments, such as U.S. dollars or swiss francs ) .
At times, the FiCAS investing scheme purports maintaining assets in decree for an offer period of clock .
This investment philosophy provides active risk management of the clients ’ investments. This is in contrast to passive investing strategies that leave clients at the mercifulness of commercialize fluctuations and alone in trade decisions .
Add cryptocurrencies to your investment strategy
Cryptocurrencies can be a valuable asset to add to your option investment strategy. Their alone performance to other asset classes can enhance electric potential returns while reducing overall portfolio risk.

FiCAS portfolio managers commit to delivering better-than-market performance through asset preservation, risk management, and actively managed crypto investments .
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