Crypto Digital Asset Funds – An Easy Way Into Crypto Investing For Family Offices?

There ’ s far more to crypto investing than just buying coins and for syndicate offices considering … [ + ] this move numerous yield opportunities and strategies exist .


Changes in sake rates, rising inflation and assorted macroeconomic developments drive the demand for diversification within family offices ‘ investing portfolios. Digital assets, specifically cryptocurrencies, NFTs, blockchain technologies and initiation within the digital assets ecosystem are garnering significant pastime as a result .

According to a recent Goldman-Sachs survey of 150 ball-shaped family respondents, 15 % globally and 25 % in the Americas are already invested in cryptocurrencies. At the lapp prison term, about half indicated an interest in initiating exposure in the future. The 2022 Global Family Office Survey from BNY Mellon paints a similar word picture report that out of 200 respondents, three out of four kin offices are engaging with cryptocurrencies by either investing in or exploring them .

There ’ s far more to crypto investing than plainly buying coins and for those considering this move numerous concede opportunities and strategies exist. A recent post from Sygnum provides a decent overview of these .

Fund Managers and ETFs – the easier way in

There are respective ways to facilitate class position crypto investments and leverage existing output models like crypto loans, bet on and render farming, and for family offices, fund managers much offer the most commodious way to enter this distance. This is because crypto and blockchain investment fund managers have an range of products specifically designed for HNWIs, class offices and institutional investors. These products provide photograph to crypto and blockchain as asset classes with the motivation for investors to bear the burden and province of detention .

Most fund managers offer a scope of funds with diverse minimum investments, tip structures, and liquidity schedules. Investment strategies may include passive or active management of cryptocurrencies, venture-style investments in early-stage protocols, guess fund in companies in the crypto or blockchain space, and arbitrage. Investor due application in these products resembles traditional funds and can potentially allow for diversify exposure to digital assets .
As store managers, ETFs aid reduce the burden of direct crypto asset investment. In fall of 2021, the inaugural Bitcoin-lined ETF commenced trade. While uranium regulators have not so far approved ETFs that invest directly in digital currencies, respective ETFs put up portfolios to take advantage of cryptocurrency and blockchain engineering growth .

There are a few of the fund managers and ETFs that stand out when venturing into crypto and blockchain investments, these include :

Fund Managers

Bitwise is a aggressive crypto asset coach with $ 1.3 billion AUM. The firm is renowned for managing the global ‘s largest crypto index store ( OTCQX : BITW ) and pioneering products spanning bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi, and crypto-focused fairness indexes. Bitwise endeavors to make crypto investment easy .
As the investment climate changes and family office investors seek to create hard, diversified fiscal legacies, Grayscale is a digital-native asset director with $ 40bn AUM. The firm offers single asset, diversify and ETF products aligned with these objectives .
Multicoin Capital is a five-year-old thesis-driven investment firm specializing in investing in cryptocurrencies, tokens, and blockchain companies. With $ 3bn AUM, the organization manages a hedge and venture store, investing across public and individual markets. As a crypto-native fund, Multicoin actively participates in networks via stake, keeper operations, liquidations, and more .
Founded in 2003, Pantera is a digital asset and blockchain investment seasoned with $ 4bn AUM. The company has been active in digital asset investments since 2013, when it founded the first base Bitcoin fund. Pantera was the foremost US institutional asset director to focus entirely on blockchain and offers syndicate office investors a full spectrum of exposure to the space. Their put up ranges from illiquid venture capital assets ( including early-stage tokens and multi-stage venture capital fairness ) to more melted assets like bitcoin and early cryptocurrencies .
Pecunio touted as “ the future of money, ” is a decentralized investment chopine. It provides investors with a diversified portfolio of investments services. These include the Pecunio Crypto Currency Fund ( PCC ), Pecunio Venture Capital managed accounts, and the worldly concern ‘s first in full gold-backed digital asset ( PGX ) .


With over $ 4.4 billion in assets across its suite of ETFs, Amplify offers HNWIs and class offices seeking increase, income and risk-managed strategies expanded investment opportunities .
For family offices and HNWIs looking for something a little unlike, Global X offers an investment line-up that spans disruptive technical school, equity income, hard-to-access emerging markets, and funds dedicated to blockchain and bitcoin .
ProShares offers an impressive array of ETFs with more than $ 60 billion in assets. Strategies encompass dividend growth, interest rate hedged bond and geared ( leverage and inverse ) ETF endow .
Valkyrie is a fiscal services company with a digital asset concentrate. The firm offers class agency and HNWI investors the opportunity to gain exposure to the emerging digital asset economy through a traditional actively managed exchange-traded fund ( ETF ). fiscal industry veterans lead Valkyrie with decades of experience across firms, including Guggenheim Partners, UBS, Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and The World Bank.

VanEck is a global investing director offering intelligently designed, future-forward active agent and exchange traded fund solutions with value-added exposures to emerging industries, asset classes and markets. With a differentiate approach to traditional strategies, their intersection offer in the crypto exchange-traded note ( ETN ) encompasses a scope of digital assets and a crypto basket .

Strong tailwinds

unprecedented events continue to unfold in 2022. The war in Ukraine is usher cryptocurrency and digital assets into the foreground, driving accelerated invention in the sector. Despite the risks associated with crypto and digital assets, their prize as alternatives to fiat currency is becoming increasingly apparent in uncertain times. For HNWIs and syndicate offices looking to diversify, these are desirable considerations as separate of a poise portfolio. fund managers and ETFs offer an easier way to enter this space and derive maximum benefit from the beginning .

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