The Investor’s Guide to Cryptocurrency Offerings | Texas State Securities Board

Cryptocurrencies possess all the characteristics needed to turn an investor into a speculator .
Investors find few things more alluring than the chance to get in on the earth shock of a new opportunity that promises to make them wealthy. They ’ re specially attracted by one that promises significant gains in a relatively short prison term with little or no gamble. That was the solicitation of the California gold bang of 1848 and the dot-com exuberance of the 1990s .
fair as many ’90s-era technical school investors could n’t explain why the price of their favored software lineage was going to the lunar month, few of nowadays ‘s investors in cryptocurrency-related offerings can explain how cryptocurrencies influence or why they are crucial. They just have a case of FOMO : fear Of Missing Out .
investment offerings tied to cryptocurrencies, or virtual currencies,   have much the lapp effect on investors. ( eminence that we focus on securities offerings tied to digital assets, which the State Securities Board broadly regulates, and not on the leverage of a particular virtual currentness. )

The first and best-known of these, Bitcoin, was introduced in 2009. today, there are hundreds of other virtual currencies—sometimes called altcoins, or alternatives to Bitcoin, such as Ether, Ripple, and Litecoin—which may use unlike commercial enterprise models, different formulas, and different distribution methods from Bitcoin .
Since reaching a market capitalization of $ 127 billion in less than a ten, it ’ s not surprising that Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that may be used in station of actual currency, has stirred great pastime as a inquisitive investment. Entrepreneurs have issued virtual currencies to raise billions of dollars in newfangled capital to fund their start-up businesses. And several of the more popular digital currencies can be traded on exchanges, where they are valued in U.S. dollars or other world currencies .
extensive ballyhoo, combined with investors ’ lack of understanding, has made investments related to digital currencies particularly susceptible to imposter. The Texas State Securities Board in late 2017 conducted a comprehensive probe of cryptocurrency offerings that revealed how permeant these types of hoaxes have already become .
A second target regulative “ sweep ” of cryptocurrency offerings is afoot.

As an investor, you should look carefully at all aspects of cryptocurrencies before you commit any money to them. For model, be indisputable to examine their electric potential benefits equally well as the dangers they pose. You should cautiously assess all the risks, specially the find that a virtual currency could cursorily lose some or all of its value. And you might discover other concerns, such as taxes, that you ’ ll need to consider deoxyadenosine monophosphate well .
Remember one of the identify principles of smart invest : never invest in anything you don ’ t understand. It pays to begin with an understanding of cryptocurrencies, what they are, how they work, and the potential consequences of owning or investing in them .
future up : The difference between a virtual currency and a fiat currency.

The Investor ‘s Guide to Cryptocurrency Offerings was funded by a award from the Investor Protection Trust and written in collaboration with Lightbulb Press. 

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