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What is Binance Dual Investment? How Does It Work?

Petar Jovanović

Petar Jovanović

A Look Into Binance Dual Investment

The crypto market is brainsick. Extreme excitability and chilling 30 % drops can happen from one day to the future. Your portfolio can dwindle and swindle on the waves of the marketplace with you seeing both a lot of red and or a batch of green every sidereal day .
That ’ sulfur why Binance developed their double Investment product, making it possible for investors to earn no count what direction the commercialize goes. On it, you can hedge a sterilize price and net income from the relative price distances of two crypto assets .
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How does that work ? Let ’ s become into it .

What is Binance Dual Investment?

On Binance Dual Investment you can deposit some crypto and earn some enhanced succumb based on two assets. The traders bets on both the grocery store going up and down, commit their crypto control, and lock in a return. By doing so, regardless of what way the market moves, investors earn a comfortable move over .
The currentness investors earn depends on what way the market goes .
The first exemplar is the Up-and-Exercised BTC product, if the price of the underlying asset increases to more than the strike price, then your investment will be converted to the alternate currency ( BUSD ). If the price of the implicit in asset doesn ’ triiodothyronine exceed the strike price, you ’ ll still get yield on your deposit cryptocurrency .
With a Down-and-Exercised BUSD or USDT product on the other side, when the rate of the fundamental asset increases with your earnings above the strike price on the delivery date, you ’ ll earn your situate and crypto output .
But if the price doesn ’ triiodothyronine exceed the strike price, your investment will be converted into an alternate currentness with all the concern earned .
That may all sound a bit daunting but we ’ ll explain how it all works later on in the meanwhile lashkar-e-taiba ’ second clear up some terms :

  • Delivery date – The day investors can redeem their crypto deposit and interest
  • Strike price – The predetermined price that determines what currency the settlement is paid. 
  • Settlement price –The average spot price 30 minutes before 08:00 (UTC) on the delivery date.
  • Annual percentage yield (APY) – The interest earned with your locked crypto in a Dual Investment product for the term of a year. The number includes compounded interest so if you have an APY of 36.5%, then you’ll have a daily APY of 36.5% / 365 days =0.1%.
  • Underlying asset – The asset in a Dual Investment product. So if you deposit BUSD and bet for BTC to go down, BTC is the underlying asset. The Strike price, Ref. Spot price and Settlement Price are all tied to the underlying asset. 

How does BTC Dual Investment work?

With BTC Dual Investment BTC holders can hedge their holdings .
The Up-and-Exercised products allow users to sell the fundamental asset with interest at a higher price at the fourth dimension of pitch .
If the liquidation monetary value is higher than the strike price, your returns are settled in BUSD ”. While if the settlement price is lower than the fall upon price, the returns will be in BTC .
settlement price ex1
The Down-and-Exercised products are as you would imagine, the opposite. If the liquidation price is lower than the hit price, the returns are settled in BTC. While if the colony price is higher than the hit price, you ’ ll earn returns in BUSD .
settlement price ex2

Up-and-Exercised Down-and-Exercised
Deposit cryptocurrencies BTC BUSD & USDT
Alternate cryptocurrencies BUSD & USDT BTC
Exercise mechanism Settlement price ≥ strike price Settlement price ≤ strike price
Subscription period Any time of the week
APY Always changing, but locked in once the subscription is completed.
Strike price Fixed

When using the Up-and-Exercised BTC product, funds get converted to BUSD at the mint price. The APY is calculated and fluctuates based on the strike price, remaining days, and price volatility .
But it ’ sulfur good to note that the APY merely locks in once you ’ ve subscribed to a double Investment product .
so if you have 1 BTC presently priced at $ 39.000. If you then subscribe to the Up-and-Exercised Dual Investment product below, with a hit price of $ 43,000 and a 37.60 % APY .
then by clicking the Subscribe button, you ’ ll see more details on the intersection and potential returns. If you type in 1 BTC, the outcomes are displayed underneath .
16 days late, one of two things will happen :

  • If the BTC final settlement price is above or equal to $43,000, your 1 BTC is paid out at $43,000 plus the extra interest. You now have $43,752.50 BUSD.
  • If the BTC final settlement price is below $43,000, you’ll get your 1 BTC back plus interest worth 0.0175 BTC. You now have 1.0175 BTC.

How does BUSD/USDT Dual Investment work?

The stablecoin -based double Investment Down-and-Exercised products give users a opportunity to purchase the fundamental asset with sake at a relatively low price at the clock of delivery. If the product exercises, your stablecoins will convert to BTC at the agreed-upon strike price .
Let ’ s say you have 10,000 USDT and the reference book descry price of 1 BTC is $ 38,555. You subscribe to a 16-day Down-and-Exercised Dual Investment product with a 69.53 % APY. The hit price is set to $ 37,000 .
After clicking the [ Subscribe ] button, you can see the details of the Down-and-Exercised product and the outcomes .
16 days late, you will either have :

  • The price above $37,000, in this case you’ll receive the 10,000 USDT deposit and the 323 USDT interest will. Making the total 10,323 USDT.
  • On the other hand if the BTC is below or equal to $37,000, your 10,000 USDT is paid out in BTC at a price of $37,000 plus extra interest. You now have 0.279 BTC.

How are the returns calculated?

The returns vary based on whether you exercise the merchandise and your invest currentness is converted to the alternate currency .
With Up-and-Exercised the settlement price has to be bigger or equal ( ≥ ) the strike price for it to exercise. Conditions for Down-and-Exercised products are as you would expect the opposite .
When exercising your merchandise, you receive the deposit total and the interest both in the alternate currency. The strike price will be used as the conversion rate. now let ’ s break down the calculation :
( Subscription Amount * Strike Price ) * [ 1 + ( APY % * Deposit Days / 365 ) ]
( Subscription Amount / Strike Price ) * [ 1 + ( APY % * Deposit Days / 365 ) ]
If the merchandise is not exercised, you get second the master subscription sum and concern in the deposit currency. Your returns will be according to this convention :
subscription Amount * [ 1 + ( APY % * Deposit Days / 365 ) ]

How to use Binance Dual Investment

Using Binance Dual Investment international relations and security network ’ thymine that hard. first you have to find the available Dual Investment products on the Binance Earn foliate, snap on the connect and follow the measure below .
1. Go to the Dual Investment page .
2. Click on the desire product .
3. Input the amount you would like to invest .
4. Click on [ Subscribe ] .
5. It ’ randomness that easy, now only you have to wait for the death go steady for your funds to settle
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Closing thoughts

With Binance Dual Investment you can earn passive income no matter where the market swings. The product is ideal for long-run investors, the HODLers that want to hedge their place and gain while doing therefore .
And because the crypto market is known for its crazy volatility, having a manner to earn some dependable and stable returns is not a bad mind. Binance Dual Investment hedges you from this extreme volatility and besides allows you to profit from the distances of these two cryptocurrencies .
Of path, as with every investment vehicle, there ’ s no reinforce without risk. One is subscriptions can not be canceled so there ’ south a risk your funds will be blocked when volatility is high .
so no topic what, constantly do your own inquiry and asset risk independently .

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get my returns

All products on Binance Dual Investment have a delivery date. The colonization monetary value taken by Binance is 30 minutes before 08:00 UTC. While your returns will be transferred to your position account within 48 hours from 08:00 UTC.

But keep in mind that double Investment products can not be redeemed early. You ’ ll only receive the returns after the pitch date, not earlier

Are the Strike Price and APY fixed

The hit price is fixed by nonpayment and can not be changed.

APY on the early hand fluctuates. The pace constantly changes depending on the affect price, remaining depository days, and besides price volatility. But once subscribed to a double Investment intersection, the APY is locked and can not change thereon .intelligent crypto How are  regular people making returns of as much as 27,144% in a year?  By picking the right coin at the right time – click the button to learn more.
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