Top 10 Best Free Play to Earn NFT Games with No Investment in 2021/2022

If you are newfangled to the global of NFT games and do not want to invest in games as a founder, then this article is just for you ! rather of playing other games, you can invest your time in free-to-earn games and gain cryptocurrency. NFT games with blockchain technology are trending now as they are truly fun to play, and most importantly, players can have real number net income. however, if you are new in the NFT World, you will be concern in playing games with no investment !

Top 10 Best Free Play-to-Earn NFT Games with No Investment

There are lots of investment-free NFT games. But, you will like to try those that shall give you maximal profit tied without investing anything. All you need to do is play and earn. hera ’ s a list of the circus tent ten players to earn NFT games that require zero investing.

Adamant Mine

One of the early-built NFT games uses a platform with its own in-game currency creating income-generating tokens ( ADMC ). The game presents 2D block-type graphics, and the gameplay is straightforward. Players will receive ten energy bars in an hour, and one energy is used to mine one block. This is an addictive game. however, it will not take much of your meter.

Axie Infinity

This is one of the most democratic NFT games of all clock. The game is kind of exchangeable to Pokemon Go. It has bantam monsters which you can breed, discipline and make them fight with other on-line opponents. The company introduced blockchain technology to earn while playing this fun plot. There are two types of tokens to earn here, and you have to invest nothing .


This game is something truly big as it deals with real-state stakes. In 2020, the game released as a 3D world where players can build their own territory. The down can present inactive objects, 3D figures, interactional elements like buildings and houses. You can own plots in the game and make your own very estate of the realm. This is besides an addictive game and you can earn Ethereum tokens from the Decentraland community .

Gods Unchained

This is an on-line play-to-earn strategy-based cards trading crippled. The game has NFT deal cards which are based on the plot ’ s subject of native GODs. however, the cards have real-world value and you can gain profit by trading them. This is an emerging game in the field of blockchain games and cryptocurrency .

War Rider

It is one of the many successful games built on Engine development platforms. It is a war vehicles game where players can build their own vehicles that will help them to earn money. You have to use your vehicles to mine for Ethereum tokens that can late be transformed into Bitcoin. You can mine more and more to get more crypto .

8Bit Doge

This is an action-packed shoot venture game where the mission is to rescue Elon Musk. The gameplay is simpleton. All you need to do is kill enemies, collect Doge coins and cash out all your earn in this dislodge play-to-earn bet on. There are many skins and weapons in the game and is in truth fun to play.

The Sandbox Metaverse

This is a community-driven platform where creators can get a gambling experience on blockchain technology and earn money from their in-game assets. The entire game is a virtual metaverse and you can earn a distribute from it by playing many minigames on the down of other players .

League of Ancients MOBA Game

This is one of the popular games that was released on smartphones devices. The game features epic 5v5 strategic war. The heroes are divided into Luminous and Dark Souls. The goal is to destroy the Beacon of Power of the adversary team. You can upgrade your heroes, play with your friends in alliance and make the maximal profit from the game .

Thetan Arena

It is an on-line electronic sports crippled that is wholly based on Blockchain Technology. Players can form teams with their friends, battle against other on-line teams, and will tokens. You can convert the tokens into crypto. There are heroes in the crippled which you can purchase. however, if you do not want to invest in this game, then you can play with the barren heroes given to the players .

 Battle Hero

minute Zero develops this game. It has aplomb looks and all the in-game characters are NFTs. You can earn by winning battles, and there are besides extra rewards for even players. The game is available for Mac, io, Android, and besides Windows. Battle Hero That ’ s all on this list. There are more exchangeable games, and you can choose the best game according to your choice !

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