White Paper Definition

What Is a White Paper ?

A blank paper, besides written as “ whitepaper ”, is an informational text file normally issued by a ship’s company or nonprofit organization organization to promote or highlight the features of a solution, product, or service that it offers or plans to offer. White papers are besides used as a method acting of presenting government policies and legislation and gauging populace reaction .

Key Takeaways

  • The purpose of a white paper is to promote a certain product, service, technology, or methodology, and to influence current and prospective customers’ or investors’ decisions.
  • While brochures and other marketing materials might be flashy and include obvious sales pitches, a white paper is intended to provide persuasive and factual/technical evidence that a particular offering is a superior method of solving a problem or challenge.
  • In general, white papers are at least 2,500 words in length and are typically written in an academic style.

The Basics of a White newspaper

White papers are frequently written as sales and market documents to entice or persuade likely customers to learn more about or purchase a particular merchandise, service, engineering, or methodology. They are designed to be used as a commercialize tool before a sale, and not as a user manual of arms or other technical document developed to provide corroborate to the drug user after making a buy .

many white papers are designed for business-to-business ( B2B ) marketing purposes, such as between a manufacturer and a jobber, or between a jobber and a retailer. The egg white paper is used to inform and persuade the other company that a sealed offer, such as a product or engineering, is superior for solving a particular clientele trouble or addressing a certain challenge .

Within B2B marketing, there are three independent types of white papers : backgrounders, which explain the technical features of a particular offer ; number lists, which highlight tips or points regarding an offer ; and problem/solution white papers, which introduce an improved solution to a common occupation or technical challenge .

White papers differ from other selling materials, such as brochures. While brochures and early materials might be brassy and include obvious sales pitches, a white composition is intended to provide persuasive and factual tell that a particular offer is a superior method of approaching or solving a problem or challenge. In general, white papers are at least 2,500 words in length and are written in a more academic expressive style .

White papers may besides be technical foul documents elaborating on a newly invention or merchandise offer.

Examples of White Papers

The following titles are all white papers for Microsoft Azure :

  • Azure Onboarding Guide for IT Organizations
  • Mesh and hub-and-spoke networks on Azure
  • Backup and recovery overview for Azure users
  • Backup and recovery overview for users new to Azure
  • Cloud Skills and Organization Influence

All of these documents, publicly available on Microsoft ’ s web site, focus on aspects of the Microsoft Azure suite of cloud services. In line with brochures, these white papers don ’ t have a clear sales pitch. rather, they dig into relevant topics, such as cloud security, loanblend clouds, and the economic benefits of adopting cloud calculation .

Through reading these white papers, likely customers could come to better understand the rationale for using Azure in the context of the larger defile computing ecosystem .

Cryptocurrencies have besides been known to publish ashen papers. During the cryptocurrency madden of the 2010s, crypto companies and initial coin offerings ( ICOs ) frequently issued white papers to entice users and “ investors ” to their projects .

many of these projects proved either flawed or deceitful, though there were some exceptions. Bitcoin excellently launched a few months after the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto issued its celebrated white paper on-line in October 2008 .

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