Why 2019 has been an awesome year for the Bitcoin price

very few people had any kind of hope left for Bitcoin to reappear from its sleep that we all called the Crypto Winter in 2018. however, 2019 seems to be equitable as perplex of an investment year as 2017 was when the first acme occurred .
Traders who entered positions at the begin of the year are now enjoying 200 % ROI, but those who managed to snag the price in June can say they ’ ve achieved a 346 % ROI .
Changes during 2018 crypto winter
many people say that 2018 was the calamity cipher wants to talk about, but those who ’ ve had at least some kind of experience in investing before going into the crypto market will tell you that the winter of 2018 was the best time of their lives.

Why ? Because those with experience knew that the sudden crash of cryptos was to be expected. They didn ’ thymine look at the marketplace crash as something taking value aside from Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin, they were even focused on the volume and market capitalization quite than the price .
For all of the major altcoins it was still in the “ investable area ”, frankincense garnering a short patience before the bottom crown of the doss was reached. All of those people that bided their clock in 2018 and waited for coins to bottom out are now the ones enjoying that 346 % ROI on about every single coin .
many investors would refer to people investing in low capitalization coins and buying Bitcoin during the 2017 bubble as “ dumb money ”, meaning people who didn ’ t truly know what they were doing, but thought that something being below $ 1 would immediately classify it as the adjacent Bitcoin. As we can all see, the utmost these below $ 1 cryptocurrencies have reached has been about 200 % of their evaluation .
But that 200 % was alone collected upon by those who played the retentive game .
You see, people were expecting immediate gains due to the misconception of 2017 ’ s bull run. Bitcoin increasing about 100 % in a few days gave an illusion that small cryptos would do the same american samoa long as they are bum. however, in January-February of 2018, everything started crashing without a correction insight, therefore convincing the newbies that their investing was a bankruptcy when in world, all they had to do was wait a little more than a class .
once these investors were filtered out, more have traders remained on the markets who knew precisely how to ride the excitability, therefore keeping the growth consistent until spring 2019 when the prices jumped. But there are early factors at workplace here a well .
Volume increased: The addition of margin trading
Multiple large Bitcoin exchanges introduced margin trade, therefore leverage trade to users, thus sometimes tripling or quadrupling their volumes, or even a lot more than that. Due to the fact that there is immediately an choice to short Bitcoin on margin, and trade both ways, it changed the volume aspects astronomically .
This is a identical technical explanation, but let me try and break it down into pieces. allowance trade is something that a fiscal exchange allows its traders who are experienced. They provide the opportunity to “ adopt ” some money from the exchange for a specific trade and return it once the trade is dispatch .
For example, if the leverage is 1:2, a person ’ s $ 100,000 trade would turn into $ 200,000 thus increasing the overall trade volume of that specific asset double .
The $ 100,000 that was lent to the trader will go correct back to the exchange the moment the barter is complete, with an extra commission from the trader ’ s profits. Let ’ s say that you opened a position on BTC with $ 200,000 and the price jumped 100 %. You as a trader would make $ 200,000 in net income but return the $ 100,000 you took from the rally, plus around $ 10,000- $ 50,000 as commission for using the leverage .
The fact that nowadays about all the largest exchanges are offering margin trade, meant that the volumes were going to jump astronomically. Imagine, if the leverage on BTC was 1:5 on places like Binance and BitFinex, they would immediately project 5 times arsenic much trade volume for the mint, thus signaling to the whales that the activity is spinal column on .
Speaking of whales …
New whales and institutional traders
A Whale is an extremely boastfully investor, sometimes in the billions. What these people or much entities like to look at earlier making an investment is the volume. If the trading book is high gear, this means that the asset will continue to be explosive over time, frankincense have a higher prospect of recovering from a fall .
This was precisely the case, BTC challenged numerous resistance levels over the path of 2019, while finally breaking through $ 10,000 and then to $ 13,000 at which point most whales believed the volume would start going down as the altcoin season was usher day by day .
The removal of a huge book from BTC cursorily dropped it as it was expected. now the Whales are looking for a similar startle to something higher than $ 13,000 so that they could repeat the lapp summons.

Most of these whales were institutional traders, meaning large companies that have special accounts and dozens of people doing the analysis. Their deal patterns are normally the best to follow as they ’ re very rarely incorrect .
The rumors of having Bitcoin ETFs appear in the US-inspired many crypto millionaires to make their own institutional crypto trade firm but dwell in wait for the bill to pass. In the meanwhile, they simply speculated on big exchanges with even larger leverage and margin minimums, therefore keeping the volume stable .
2019 inaugurate projects that spread awareness
angstrom much as crypto investors and blockchain enthusiasts may hate Libra, it can ’ triiodothyronine be denied that Facebook ’ s modern project brought quite a lot of publicity to cryptocurrencies. The 2 billion users that this platform has had at least once heard about the new plan if they ever heard the list Facebook on the news program or on some kind of news web site .
The stick out has been going through a fortune of scrutinies with regulators all over the world, which didn ’ t necessarily paint it in a bad way. Most people are anti-government, frankincense seeing a secret company being chastised by them, they were more lenient towards supporting the company .
however, this was besides limited due to the fact it being Facebook ’ second project, which has been having serious issues with its PR recently due to the whole data selling scandal .
But distillery, it can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be denied that millions of new people learned about cryptocurrencies and blockchain in general, and hundreds of thousands may have been funneled into the market without besides many people noticing .
This, of naturally, besides contributed to the increase of bulk, frankincense the increase of price .
Positive sentiment about blockchain in the world
Although cryptocurrencies are based on the blockchain, it doesn ’ thyroxine mean that the technology is entirely about these digital currencies. The engineering is besides identical utilitarian for databases and banking systems with its Distributed Ledger Technology .
Because of that DLT, several countries have started to take a a lot more positive approach to the diligence .
In fact, some of the most blunt critics of blockchain and cryptos, the Chinese Communist Party have concluded that focusing on the exploitation of the technology should be a basal focus for the country in the future .
President Xi Jinping made that announcement personally, which reasonably much gave the blockchain community the equivalent of “ breaking the internet ” .
early countries have besides started considering creating their own digital currencies on the blockchain in order to pursue political goals and ensure a globalize economy in the future. But in the end, it ’ s the crypto market that benefits from it as it helps gap awareness and introduce people to a act more than just the CBDC ( Central Bank Digital Currency ) .
What to expect in 2020
2020 will most likely be the class of digital currencies. China, the United States, the European Union, Japan, Australia, and diverse other strong economies could start considering launching their own version .
naturally, China has already developed it and is waiting for Libra to launch so that it could counter it. other countries would be given double the excuse to develop their own digital currency, beginning to combat Libra, and second to combat the taiwanese digital currency.

Talks in the European Union are already flaring up, while the United States is looking for staff to research digital currencies and stablecoins .
It ’ sulfur very likely that in 2020, we will see the popularity of crypto soar to new heights, and possibly score a newfangled all-time high for BTC equally well .

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