$ Sonar is becoming more and more park to hear about Blockchain and decentralized finance, as they are bringing a bang-up rotation to the technology industry and a scope of solutions to many problems in different sectors. now, with the crisis that has generated the Covid-19, not merely at economic level but besides sociable and family has made one of the sectors that requires a change is the precariousness and economic-social problems such as debt, unemployment, etc.. This has become tied more stress with the illness, although it already ask attention before. It is true that often the problem is the management of each person, but many do not know how to do it. One of the things that is recommended is to convert regular shape income into passive income or portfolio income. That ‘s why I want to introduce you to Sonar ( hypertext transfer protocol : // ), a path to fiscal exemption that helps generate passive income through dual blockchain technology. About of Sonar Sonar network was established earlier this year 2021 by a alien group of professionals. The platform was set up to present its members with an all in one intuitive cryptocurrency analytic ecosystem. One that allows Sonar clients to research, organize and measure their confront and future cryptocurrency investments. Sonar Network system will help Traders maximize net income by providing unlike trade tools that will aid traders in making better trade decisions. Again, Sonar Networks ’ algorithm will help Traders detect false project that could potentially lead to the loss of their funds. Sonar Networks ’ platform will give an lend advantage to its users over non-users. At the confront time Sonar tokens have come a long way. The rate of tokens is increasing day by day. At present the price of all tokens is much lower but the monetary value of these Sonar tokens is still much higher.This Sonar nominal is identical newly in the world of cryptocurrency. But even though it is fresh, the price is much higher now than before.I think this token will one day be able to go to a much better stage.

What the Exactly is Sonar Networks Sonar is a cryptocurrency investment analysis platform with the best user experience that hastens and simplifies online investment ventures with a vibrant, all in one, cryptocurrency analytic network. It is besides a dependable platform for investors or users to explore, cover with, and measure their introduce and future crypto investments thereby providing investors or users with a high degree of risk management through inform invest tools within the volatile space of Decentralized Finance investing. Sonar combines all useful trade tools such as veterinarian contract code, price charts, price action alerts, and execute orders from different channels into a cortege where they can be well accessible by investors or users for intuitive deal decisions in a more time-efficient method. The chief aim of Sonar is to provide an all-in-one solicitation of holistic cryptocurrency analysis tools for investors at all levels of experience to help them reduce trading hazard and increase the opportunity of lucrative trades. besides, Sonar envisages providing an industry-leading platform for the ever-increasing net of analytic tools that will be available to all cryptocurrency investors no topic their trade proficiency or portfolio sizes. future of SonarNo alt text provided for this image
Sonar is a platform aimed at analyzing and tracking crypto on the BSC and ETH networks with still. In Sonar, users can customize their dashboard, according to the data they need, this way users only get information that is important to them. But that ‘s not all, there are several early features of sonar : • Custom Dashboard ( Customizable ) : The Sonar platform provides an environment for users to have a fully customizable splashboard based on their personal strategy and investment vogue. • extensive trading Tools : The Sonar ecosystem includes a accomplished set of advanced graph analysis tools, and frankincense investors and traders can take advantage of the arrangement ‘s extensive and incorporate trade and analytic capabilities to conduct their trade. • Cryptocurrency price analysis : Sonar allows users to access cryptocurrency price information from major CEX/DEXs. It besides provides price charts and order book data which will be identical helpful for crypto users. • Social psychoanalysis : chirrup and Reddit are both the most heavy platforms for obtaining swerve and relevant cryptocurrency data. After all, the stallion bitcoin Sagar gained grip and momentum on Reddit. Sonar Network have cleverly built an artificial intelligent collection tool that helps obtain information from the aforementioned social media sources. Social Analytics besides helps Traders identify trending and sociable influencers ’ help projects. It besides aids in converting qualitative market sentiment information into quantitative sexual conquest. • Contract Verification and Audits : visible grade documentation reviews on the Sonar platform ; appraisal of the security quality of contracts by detecting risks ( lock liquidity, wallet holder poise, narrow ownership condition, transmit functions, token trade, etc. ). • Trade notifications : Customizable conditional telling events for if/then functions, including price ranges, DEX/CEX listings, asset related newsworthiness releases, and blockchain integrity issues ( agile accredit detection, DEX/CEX hacks ) ; trade signals ( in development ). • intuitive interface : Developers designed Sonar with an intuitive and user-friendly interface so that users can navigate more easily, even for those who are new to the crypto market. • Easy interface : Sonar allows users to well access crypto tracking platforms. flush those who are modern to the crypto market can easily navigate. • Time efficiency : By using Sonar, users can save time searching for the data they need. They no longer need to search on the telegram channel, on chirrup, or other social media platforms, everything is already provided on Sonar
Sonar Wallet Sonar wallet is a decentralized wallet that keeps your tokens 100 % secured. Full transparency is another core integrated value of the wallet, this wallet is downloadable both on ( Android and io ), this decentralized wallet/app is designed for every screen and all times keep your tokens save and highly protected with users ‘ keys, you can store “ Sonar ” utility tokens likewise other tokens including BTC, ETH, ADA, XRP, LTC, DOGE, BUSD, USDT to mention a few, and this App is well secured, with it ‘s cutting edge UI/UX, this wallet is well navigable regardless of one ‘s engineering level, no doubt, this app will be automatically connected to the earth cryptocurrencies which will aswell be a joyride for all the users to learn a whole lots about cryptocurrencies and trading .No alt text provided for this image
Why investment of SonarNo alt text provided for this image
Before investing in any project, investors must think about why they will invest in this project. It is normal to know the reason why they will invest. This project is no exception. here are a few things about why you should invest in this project. First of all, the roadmap of this project is much better than other projects.They have already announced that they will do life sentence prison term occupation with this project. And the past-present-future of this visualize is good. so if you can invest in this project, then possibly this project in the future estimable profit can be earned from. So those of you who are interested in investing in this project can invest in this project nowadays if you wantNo alt text provided for this image
Sonar Tokenomics Sonar keepsake is known as $ PING which is a utility keepsake that grants holders or users entree to all the unique features on the Sonar ecosystem. $ PING is based on the Binance Smart Chain ( BSC ) network. Token mention : sonar heart : pink network : Binance Smart Chain Token protocol : BEP-20 Token type : utility

Roadmap PrSonar Roadmap details are provided in the effigy below .No alt text provided for this imageNo alt text provided for this image
No alt text provided for this image
Project Team & Founder The visualize team consists of an technical and experienced team from all over the world. The organizational chart of this project consists of the project fall through, Strategy Lead, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Fintech Officer, Chief Innovation Officer and experts and technical developers in the fields of blockchain and cryptanalysis, etc. are presented in the follow persona :No alt text provided for this image
undertaking ManagerNo alt text provided for this image We all know this project is managed by the county detective community. Bouncey Detective Community is one of the best bounty managers in cryptocurrency. Because most of the bounty campaigns they have conducted so far have been successful. Hopefully this project will be successful as always. In Conclusion $ Sonar project comprises a team of blockchain experts including a great and celebrated expatriates in the NFT, First of all, sustainable development of $ Sonar is the teams ‘ precedence, these experts have a well developed cognition in this playing field of expertness and the core team stemmed from the multinational & traditional fiscal securities diligence, Inclusively, these team have a full-bodied experience in traditional fiscal transactions, top-level crypto asset trade platform research and development, and ball-shaped market operations.
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