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Apply to access Republic Deal Room today, we ’ rhenium excited to announce the latest footstep in Republic ’ mho mission of empowering individuals to invest in a future they believe in : we have formally launched Republic Deal Room ! democracy Deal Room is a market that enables individual accredit and institutional investors to access sought investment opportunities, traditionally reserved for entirely the most well-connected Silicon Valley insiders. To get access to the Deal Room, lend oneself at We believe that enabling entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to a broader floor of early investors who are example of a diversity of industries and backgrounds can unleash a newfangled curl of invention. There are multitudes of certified investors who presently have the means but not the access. You shouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be locked out of this process simply because you ’ re not based in the greater New York City region or the Bay Area.

In opening up softwood access for more accredit investors, we ’ re enabling subject matter experts to fund the projects in which they see the most potential and importance. For exercise, a medtech startup ‘s potential may be more immediately obvious to a doctor than to an MBA-grad-turned-VC. The ongoing wave of legal technical school invention should be directed by lawyers who have first-hand experience in handling intricate cases. There are dentists who see the massive potential for new, tech-enabled solutions for their field, but lack the invest access. The tilt goes on. Republic ’ s mission to change the universe by changing induct is n’t merely about driving initiation. nowadays, less than 10 percentage of venture investments go to companies with non-white-male founders. We must all work to improve this sad statistic, not lone because it ’ s the right thing to do ( which it is ), but because there are massive opportunities present in tapping into the advanced ideas that come from the more than two-thirds of the U.S. population that are presently largely freeze out of the fund-raise work. Lorenzo Thione, managing spouse of Gaingels, the first investing fomite for the LGBT+ community and a democracy Deal Room partner, said, “ Gaingels is committed to elevating the stories of LGBTQ founders and others diverse leaders, and connecting them with an inclusive pool of investors looking to back the following great mind, creating social change through business. Continuing to grow our ecosystem requires partnering with like-minded organizations that share our impression in equalizing access in venture, and that the best deals should not be limited to insular LP networks that leave many accredit investors on the outdoor looking in. republic Deal Room is an ideal partner in this see, and we look ahead to working closely with them on this crucial shared deputation. ” We are committed to supporting a more diverse group of founders, with Republic Deal Room representing a tangible step in the right steering. Arlan Hamilton, laminitis and managing spouse of Backstage Capital, agrees : “ There remains a significant fund break that not only limits access to capital for under-represented founders, but besides makes it prohibitively difficult for many accredit investors to deploy their capital. Affecting meaningful switch means rethinking traditional venture fund models, and connecting more diverse networks of founders and investors alike. I ‘m impress by Republic Deal Room ‘s vision to do just that. Republic and Backstage Capital share a mission to democratize access to invest, and this represents a significant step towards realizing a more equitable fund ecosystem. ”

democracy Deal Room investors have already made more than $ 2 million in investments into companies working on AI-assisted drug discovery and vaccine efficacy, cloud-based high performance calculate, and SaaS marketplaces for professional services. The companies represented in the deals have been backed by top names in venture capital, such as Y Combinator, Mark Cuban, Draper Associates, vitamin a well as industry funds, such as Disney Accelerator and Liberty Global Ventures. here ’ s what investors need to know : it ’ south fabulously easy to work with democracy Deal Room. If you are an accredited investor, you can invest in certain deals in less than 30 seconds. Republic does the big rise and brings you stimulate deals via a dim-witted, intuitive experience. We softly launched Republic Deal Room just over one calendar month ago, and opened access to a choose group of accredited investors to test the waters. Based on feedback from both investors and participating ventures, we are confident that Republic Deal Room is ready for primetime. It ’ s clear that accredit investors are eager to access newfangled dealflow, just as founders are keen to access a more diverse pool of capital.
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Republic Core LLC ( “ Core ” ) provides engineering and support services to OpenDeal Inc. and its affiliates ( jointly, the “ Republic Ecosystem ” ). The Deal Room is hosted by Core and is a portal vein to assorted offerings hosted by companies in the Republic Ecosystem, the kinship of each is fully disclosed on the relevant deal pages and is only available to sophisticate accredit investors. The Deal Room is subjugate to Core ’ s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Investors should verify any issuer information they consider authoritative before making an investment. Investments in secret companies are particularly bad and may result in sum loss of invest capital. by performance of a security or a ship’s company does not guarantee future results or returns. only investors who understand the risks of early stage investment and who meet Republic ‘s investment criteria may invest .

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