Eric Malley To Present At Crypto Invest Summit In Los Angeles, April 30-May 2, 2018

NEW YORK, April 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — MG Capital, a leading private fairness very estate of the realm management firm, announced today its Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Eric Malley will be featured as a panel loudspeaker at the Crypto Invest Summit, a leading gathering of some of the world ‘s leadership business and engineering professionals working and investing in the real estate, blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystems .
Eric ‘s gore conversation, “ real Estate on the Blockchain, ” will take place on May 2 at 12:45p.m. platinum. He will discuss the opportunity and advantage of utilize cryptocurrency as a entail to invest in real number estate private equity and in particular what steps, both regulative and operational, that MG Capital has taken to embrace the Crypto Movement .
“ The Crypto Invest Summit is a bang-up opportunity for us to exchange ideas on how cryptocurrencies will widely impact our diligence and learn what early companies are doing to harness this engineering, ” said Eric Malley. “ We are excited to contribution some of our ideas on how cryptocurrencies can improve real estate endow and look forward to hearing from other leaders in the space deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. ”
Eric will bring a alone perspective to the discussion with over two decades of feel in real estate invest. He has led MG Capital to become a pioneer investing platform, providing individuals and families with direct entree to veridical estate of the realm secret fairness investments. Through a diligent focus on developing MG Capital ‘s proprietary analytics in selecting real estate of the realm investments, Eric has led the tauten to become the largest owner-manager of debt-free, luxury residential properties in Manhattan.

“ We see huge potential in the actual estate industry to utilize cryptocurrencies in a variety of ways, ” added Eric. “ Cryptocurrencies could be used to streamline and simplify the on-line investing process for retail investors who are seeking a passive voice, institutional-level, real number estate investment strategy, as offered by MG Capital ‘s latest extend : fund IV. ”
The Crypto Invest Summit is a curated, high-impact and instructive event that gathers some of the most outstanding leaders in blockchain and cryptocurrency. The three-day conference features “ hearth chats ” on a range of topics such as crypto invest, using blockchain for social good and how industries such as real estate can incorporate the technology. approximately 4000 attendees including investors, technical school engineers, regulators and other professionals are expected to attend the event at the Los Angeles Convention Center .
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MG Capital is a premier private equity veridical estate management firm investing entirely in Class A residential properties across Manhattan. MG Capital pursues a singular, debt-free investment scheme that allows individuals and families globally to hold an equity interest in recurring rental income streams derived from hundreds of Class A residential lavishness properties. Since 2000, the firm has pursued a disciplined investment scheme and potent focus on proprietary analytics for selecting substantial estate of the realm investments that has led it to become the largest owner-manager of debt-free, luxury residential properties across Manhattan .
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