EVENT OVERVIEW Following the success of three editions of Global DeFi Investment Summit, where Blockchain pioneers, Cypto projects, VC ‘s, Business entrepreneur gathered to discuss DeFi, Metaverse, Gamefi, NFTs, Web 3.0, the hottest topics, within the blockchain ecosystem, GulfXellence decided to launch 4th Edition of the peak dedicated to innovative technologies, bringing together the biggest names, and thought leaders who are actively shaping the technical school industry. The acme is a platform where participants will be presented with use-cases from the enterprise universe, Inspiring speeches, panel discussions, technical school talks, hearth chat, and speed pitches.

The core finish of Global DeFi Investment Summit is to bring the ball-shaped investors and projects under one umbrella and connect them together. Furthermore, respective start-ups and local businesses from the relevant industries will besides participate and connect to build business relationships. At the Summit, technological and clientele innovations will be exhibited to the participants and investors. The effect design of the Summit is to increase awareness of the crypto ecosystem to the global view, interface blockchain and digital asset owners from every corner of the world. SUMMIT FOCUS Blockchain Ecosystem DeFi & NFTs Digital Asset Trading & Trends WEB 3.0 Metaverse Gamefi EVENT SNAP SHOTS 30+ Speakers & Panellists 2 Keynotes 7 Panel Discussions 20 Key Leader/ Selected Sponsor Presentations 2 Days 30000+ Online Attendees

500+ global Attendees over two days PARTICIPANTS Crypto Community Government & Regulatory Bodies C-Level & Directors Blockchain & Crypto Pioneers DeFi & NFT Projects VCs Investors & Business Leaders family Offices Investors celebrated Media Agencies PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Global DeFI Investment summit Series offers an incomparable platform to connect with diligence experts, get your commercial enterprise done and position your company for future achiever. Get attention from Crypto Community, Investors, Influencers & Media Get Interviewed by clear journalists and bloggers Gives your platform and market leading the matchless opportunity to side your stigmatize, services and tools within the technical and developer community Broaden your exposure in the marketplace and create a positive impression on as many people in your business residential district as possible. A pitch opportunity that will unite some of the agile entrepreneur and high-impact influencers who might be prospects for your products or services. Build relationships with those who offer products or services that might be of value to you or your clients. Build partnerships and alliances and understand cutting edge innovative technologies, which will define and drive the future of the industry. BENEFITS OF PARTNERING ◆ Meet founders, DeFi & NFT investors and get in-depth insights for investments research investing opportunities in global future-tech companies ◆ Brand recognition & Awareness within a winder geographic localization ◆ Exchange marketplace views and investment ideas with peers ◆ Announce your platform to the relevant hearing

◆ Grow your credentials as a Thought drawing card ◆ Access to influencers & Developers

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