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Crypto Invest Summit 2019 October immediately that summer is formally coming to an end ( but, damn it ‘s still hot out here in Long Beach ! ), we start to look towards all the fun stuff that happens in the fall out hera in SoCal and that includes my favored family town conference CIS LA ! Crypto Invest Summit happens twice a year, but the October event constantly seems special to me. not only is it one of the largest conferences on the West Coast, it besides is my proverbial crypto stomping grounds and The ‘ Stache will once again be a media presenter and loudspeaker at the event ! If you missed my gambling control panel ( here ‘s a video of last events gaming dialog box I did where we by and large talked about gambling…. Look for my bet on redemption panel this October tho ! ) and exist podcast earlier this class, you wo n’t want to miss it this time around. here are some more details on Crypto Invest Summit and why you might want to join me and all the rest of the SoCal crypto crew at the best crypto conference in the west !

By The Numbers

Before we get into how amazing CIS is going to be THIS October, let ‘s take a look back at last years event to get an idea of all the amazing things packed into this 2-day event :

cis la 2019 october I thought this graphic was reasonably cool and broke down some of their numbers in a great ocular way. now that we have an idea of what ‘s in storehouse for us. Let ‘s look at some details for the approaching event in October .

CIS LA 2019 October

cis speakers october 2019

From the beginning announcement we have a great lineup of speakers already and if experience has taught me anything, the CIS team has some more amaze guests lined up that will be announced soon. I am excited to hear Tim Draper talk again a well as my friends David Bleznak, Pomp, Austin Davis, & Crystal Rose. Who would you love to see in this batting order ( post a comment below ). You can check out the full list of speakers here and make certain to look out for more as they are added. I besides love that CIS makes it fairly low-cost to attend this consequence, unlike some other conferences, and right now they calm have an early boo ticket you can snap up for just $ 199. now, if you want to grab your ticket right aside, then please use my 20 % deduction code at check out : CRYPTOSTACHE20. No sense in paying full price if the ‘ Stache can get you a dismiss right ? ? ?

If you plan on going, let me know so we can link up at the consequence and hang out ! Until then… ‘Stache That Crypto Friends!
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