The Crypto Summit: Thank You, Sponsors & Partners, For Supporting The Summit & The Ecosystem!

We want to take this opportunity and thank all our partners and sponsors who helped us make the consequence a success and promoted our efforts to strengthen and empower the ecosystem Held on September 18 and 19, The Crypto Summit by Inc42 Plus and CoinSwitch Kuber saw the engagement of more than 1,500 attendees Over the past decade, India has taken massive strides into the digital populace. And recently, this digital growth has accelerated chiefly ascribable to the Covid-19 pandemic. As technology has undeniably democratised how we live, work and play, it has besides brought to the fore cryptocurrencies, which have the potential to liberate India ’ randomness fiscal industry and make it more inclusive.

last weekend, we hosted The Crypto Summit 2021 — India ’ randomness largest crypto and blockchain event — to initiate dialogues on unlocking the area ’ sulfur blockchain and crypto potential, creating awareness of the opportunities they offer and fostering their adoption across technical school, startup and developer communities .
globally, the crypto market capital grew 10x, from more than $ 200 Bn in March 2020 to $ 2 Tn in mid-may 2021. And the blockchain data platform Chainalysis says that crypto investments in India grew from $ 923 Mn in April 2020 to cross $ 6.6 Bn in May 2021 .
The industry has besides witnessed a spike in interest among fooling, retail and institutional investors. Consider this : In a span of two months ( June-July 2021 ), crypto startups in India raised more than $ 130 Mn .
Crypto exchange CoinDCX emerged as India ’ s first cryptocurrency unicorn ; CoinSwitch Kuber is inching towards the unicorn condition and WazirX achieved 10x growth in just five months — recording transactions worth $ 5.4 Bn in April 2021, from $ 500 Mn in December 2020 .
To help defend and propel this increase further, we decided to host The Crypto Summit. What started as a humiliate attempt to contribute to the economy soon became India ’ s first-ever virtual conference that hosted the founders of Tezos, Solana, FalconX and Polygon. And the consultation answer was overwhelming .
We saw the participation of more than 1,500 highly engaged and reactive crypto enthusiasts who not only attended the sessions but besides shared their insights across social media channels, posted some hard-hitting questions, network and did much more ! They besides took home plate 2 days and more than 20 hours of content and insights !
This would not have been possible without our partners and diligence enablers. They helped us conduct a applaudable conference, helped with legato execution and turned out to be avid supporters and promoters of the crypto and blockchain industry .
We want to take this opportunity to thank all our partners !

Presenting Partners

CoinSwitch KuberThe Crypto Summit by Inc42: Thank You, Partners - CoinSwitch Kuber

This global collector of cryptocurrency exchanges was founded in 2017 by Ashish Singhal, Govind Soni and Vimal Sagar Tiwari. The caller launched its India-exclusive crypto platform CoinSwitch Kuber in June 2020 to simplify crypto investing for the area ’ s retail investors .
Since its India plunge, the company claims to have onboarded more than 4.5 Mn users and crossed $ 5 Bn in transaction book till March 2021. It besides claims that in the span of four months ( January-April 2021 ), it has witnessed a 350 % increase in exploiter base .
Singhal and Sharan Nair, CBO at CoinSwitch Kuber, besides took part in the summit. While Singhal deep-dived into how to build and scale a company in a tokenised earth during a hearth chat with Shailesh Lakhani, Nair joined the jury decoding India ’ s crypto landscape .
CoinSwitch Kuber session at The Crypto Summit by Inc42 Plus

Co-Presenting Partners

PolyTradeThe Crypto Summit: Thank You, Sponsors & Partners - PolyTrade

In 2014, Piyush Gupta set up the Riqueza Capital Group in Hong Kong to make barter finance low-cost and hassle-free for SMBs and MSMEs. By 2020, the party ’ sulfur web site claimed to have funded more than 250 borrowers with a accumulative loanword prize of conclusion to $ 500 Mn .
In the beginning quarter of CY 2021, he founded PolyTrade in India with the same goal, focussing on low-cost lend and quick finance to help little borrowers.

Gupta besides joined The Crypto Summit as a loudspeaker in a empanel discussion titled Building A Secure & Open Financial System On Blockchain. other speakers on the jury were Glenn Woo, Managing Director, Head of APAC, at Ledger, and Amy Zhang, VP Sales ( Asia ) at Fireblocks. The session was moderated by Akshay Aggarwal, Venture Partner at Draper Dragon Fund .
PolyTrade session at The Crypto Summit by Inc42 Plus

“ The Crypto Summit was a thoroughly platform from a cognition perspective and multiple paradigm evolving on the character of cryptocurrencies in the indian economy was quite enlightening. Experts concurring on the real-world manipulation cases of Crypto, which companies like ourselves are trying to incorporate, was heartening indeed, ” said PolyTrade ’ south Gupta when asked about the summit .

TezosThe Crypto Summit by Inc42: Thank You, Partners - Tezos

In 2014, when bitcoin and the crypto sector started to garner widespread notice, Kathleen Breitman and her conserve Arthur founded Tezos .
Tezos is a proof-of-stake blockchain and one of the first to emerge. It is besides one of the few networks with on-chain government that allows the network to be upgraded without a hard branching. A branching involves significant alteration to a blockchain network ’ south protocol that allows previously invalid blocks/transactions to become valid or vice versa .
Arthur and Om Malviya, president of Tezos India, joined the acme for a hearth chew the fat and a masterclass, respectively. While Arthur elaborated on how Tezos is powering the Web3 revolution, Om ’ mho masterclass topic was titled Leveraging Tezos To Build Agile Web3 Startups .

“ The Crypto Summit by Inc42 is an significant milestone for the entire crypto ecosystem in India. This is the time for all stakeholders in the indian technical school and startup distance to come forward, join hands and enable the future curl of invention right from India, for the world. This event helped Tezos India and all early blockchain entities to send that message forward. ” — Om Malviya, President, Tezos India

Tezos' Arthur session at The Crypto Summit by Inc42 Plus
“ We see India as a keystone commercialize in the APAC region for blockchain adoption. As the blockchain industry is growing quickly, we are committed to growing blockchain developer talent in India. We are seeing great sake among India ’ s top universities and a high participation rate for our India-based and regional hackathons, ” added Katherine Ng, oral sex of market, Tezos APAC .

Associate Partners

PersistenceThe Crypto Summit 2021: A Big Thank You, Sponsors - Persistence

Launched in 2019 by Tushar Aggarwal, Persistence powers next-gen fiscal products. It provides an ecosystem of multichain DeFi products designed to stimulate global liquid and enable seamless value exchange .
perseverance is besides collaborating with outstanding proof-of-stake networks and foundations to build Interchain NFT and Metadata standards .
Aggarwal besides joined the summit to host a masterclass titled Leveraging Blockchain To Future-Proof Your Fintech Product. During this session, he cited different use cases to explain how DeFi would disrupt today ’ south fintech and more .
Persistence session at The Crypto Summit by Inc42 Plus

OnfidoThe Crypto Summit by Inc42: Thank You, Partners - Onfido

Founded by Husayn Kassai, Eamon Jubbawy and Ruhul Amin in 2012, Onfido conducts setting verification of users and seller partners for seamless onboarding by companies. Its AI-powered system compares a person ’ mho government-issued ID to his/her facial biometrics to determine the authenticity of the ID proof .
The company has offices in London, San Francisco, New York, Lisbon, Paris, Delhi and Singapore and claims to have more than 1,500 companies such as Revolut, bunq and Bitstamp in its portfolio.

Harvinder Singh, Onfido ’ s VP of sales and operations, APAC, besides hosted a masterclass at the summit on Balancing Scale & Security For Seamless User Onboarding. The school term explained how to deal with the challenges of user onboarding in the crypto world, why traditional methods of identity proofing fail in today ’ south distant scenario and more .
Onfido session at The Crypto Summit by Inc42 Plus

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