7 Best Crypto Trading Platforms to Buy Bitcoin in India

Did you know which country has the highest numbers of crypto owners and the best platforms to buy Bitcoins ?
Although the amerind Government is so far to make up its thinker on cryptocurrencies, India has the highest number of crypto owners globally .
not sharing this confusion with their lawmakers, Indians are all but hesitant towards buying crypto .
however, it ’ randomness easy to lose hard-earned money with the piles of useless information floating around social media and messaging apps.

well, lose no more .
I ’ ve summarized some of the best avenues in India to buy Bitcoin and crypto in cosmopolitan .
But if you don ’ triiodothyronine know about these foreign calculator currencies, then you should credibly start with :

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptos are digital currencies backed by Blockchain engineering. Blockchain is a decentralize database that syncs in real-time with all its users. so, it ’ sulfur diaphanous and immutable .
A more detail explanation is over here :

That being said, the value of any crypto coin is based on the people. More buyers translate to higher prices. similarly, a sell-off can bring the value of any crypto to the footing .
presently, the acme 5 cryptocurrencies by market contribution are :
top 5 cryptocurrencies
now, let ’ s head over to India ’ second best crypto trade platforms .


Paxful is a peer-to-peer ( P2P ) crypto marketplace. At Paxful, you ’ ll see versatile sellers putting offers for the buyers to grab .
paxful crypto trading
Payment methods depend on the individual seller. But you ’ ll find great flexibility in using any payment pour .
Paxful charges transaction fees to the sellers based on the wallet you use. These amounts vary as per the transaction size and are lesser if you use Paxful ’ s own wallet .
interestingly, Paxful sellers can set their own crypto prices and trade limits. You can buy Bitcoin, Ether, and Tether with them. While the trade seems easy on Paxful, I ’ ll recommend it for boost users .


Zebpay is one of the sure platforms in India to buy crypto from. You can purchase several cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, etc .
Zebpay advertises to use 98 % of memory as ‘ cold ’ for their users. In short-circuit, cold storage remains disconnected from the internet when sitting dead and is excellent for security .
This platform has an extra membership tip if you don ’ thyroxine trade wind at least once a calendar month. Zebpay pays you up to 6 % interest for holding crypto. This interest goes up to 12 % if you lend cryptocurrency .
They have an exchange chopine in summation to a wallet to store the buy crypto. Zebay is headquartered in Singapore and operates globally .

CoinSwitch Kuber

CoinSwitch is a mobile-only crypto trade platform exclusive to India .
coinswitch kuber-crypto trading india
You can use CoinSwitch Kuber to buy more than 80 cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin .
With this platform, you can start with adenine little as INR 100. It has multiple payment features for the indian ecosystem like UPI, debit and credit cards, depository financial institution transfers, etc .


Binance is the global leader in P2P crypto trading. It has patronize for hundreds of cryptocurrencies. The platform is huge, with countless currencies to invest.

binance crypto trading platform
Binance besides has a native mint, Binance mint ( BNB ). And there is an obvious incentive if you use BNB with them .
Binance doesn ’ t commission you for deposits .
It designates VIP levels to its users based on the measure they trade. You upgrade your VIP level as you trade more, paying lesser trade fees with every level-up .
Binance has excellent flexibility and a big repute. But, the bluff number of options can be overwhelming to beginners. so, it ’ randomness best for medium to advance users .


Unocoin is India ’ s homegrown cryptocurrency platform to buy Bitcoin, Ether, and Tether. The web site is straightforward to navigate and feels intuitive from the beginning .
furthermore, you have this calculator on the home screen to tell you about the charges like transaction fees, service fees, and current value in INR .
unocoin-crypto trading
Unocoin besides has an exchange portal site comprising 38 cryptocurrencies. They have systematic buy plans for investing sporadically in humble amounts. You besides have the options to earn interest on your crypto holdings for a stage set tenure .
You have to pay a 0.5 % fee for buying or selling Bitcoin. additionally, they will charge you an 18 % extra as GST charges on every transaction .
Besides, you can trade Bitcoin with any Unocoin exploiter without any fees. And there is no tip for receiving Bitcoin into your Unocoin wallet. similarly, you don ’ metric ton give any operating expense charges for crypto-to-crypto trade, except for the ineluctable network fees .


BitBns is a slightly promote crypto exchange based in India. It has support for hundreds of cryptocurrencies. You can quickly check the current price, lowest buy limit, and associated fees before going for the purchase .
bitbns-cryptocurrency exchange
While it can be intimidating for beginners, it ’ s very enlightening careless. You can keep your crypto assets in BitBns wallet, and they do have support for 3rd party crypto wallets .
interestingly, BitBns has its own cold wallet, which, unfortunately, was out of stock at the fourth dimension of this compose .
There are besides scheme to earn pastime if you interest your crypto. But the best matter is, you can start with just INR 100 for buying crypto assets .
BitBns fees depend on your trading level, amount, and the specific coin. overall, this platform has great choices to start your crypto travel. You can use it as a web app or download its apps for Android and io .


WazirX is the largest crypto exchange in India which was acquired by Binance in November 2019. Based on the popularity, you can expect the user interface to be aboveboard .
wazirx-bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading
WazirX is a crypto exchange, P2P crypto network, and an NFT marketplace–all rolled into one. It has a massive crypto catalog to trade-in. And the tip depends on the subject coin of choice .
due to the Binance acquisition, you can expect the integration of some services between these platforms, which is a well thing considering Binance ’ s reputation and services .
WazirX has mobile apps for Android and io. additionally, you can download background clients for Windows and macOS .

Conclusion  👨‍🏫

Please notice that crypto investments come with some marketplace risks. This is merely recommend for people with technical cognition of cryptocurrencies and bad appetites.

indeed, if you have what it takes to dabble in the crypto world–above listed platforms can serve you the best .
And should you need any learning, Geekflare has many crypto titles to make you comfortable with these new-age digital currencies .
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