Mitch – Australind, : Cryptocurrency Consultant and Coach. Holding, Trading, ICO’s, Metaverse NFT’s and Jobs in Crypto.

About the lesson

Mitch Creates Confident Crypto Explorers by teaching them about Fundamentals, Technical Analysis and Sentiment.

By being my scholar you get dedicated crypto support from me personally.

NEW 2022 update : Those that join my exclusive community on Patreon will get bonus NFT ‘s and an inside look into the book I ‘m writing about the lessons I ‘ve learned about succeeding in life sentence.

About Mitch

– In the last 12 months he has coached 130+ clients to achieve their goals within the Cryptocurrency space.
– He made a 20x return on his portfolio between October 2020 and May 2021.
– He is in full self supported by cryptocurrencies and teaches others to do the like.
– Mitch is presently becoming accredited as a Blockchain Professional.
– He is a co-founder of Animal Concerts which is using crypto, NFT ’ sulfur and VR to transform the concerts industry through the Metaverse.
– He is gifted at explaining things just and loves using metaphors or real-life examples until you grasp the concepts clearly.

Topics Mitch can help you with

– Finding Cryptocurrency Gems Early
– His unique “ Three Portfolio Strategy ” to cover the hale marketplace.
– fundamental Cryptocurrency concepts
– open and close positions and control net income and loss etc.
– The benefits of Dollar-Cost Averaging
– What is Cryptocurrency Staking
– How to use Tradingview Tools
– basic strategies that people use with crypto
– How to use indicators in crypto
– Understanding Time-frames on charts
– Earning Interest in Your Crypto
– The importance of taking net income
– Which tax professionals can help you with paying tax on your crypto profits.
– Troubleshooting problems you ’ ra having in Crypto
– build profitable trading bots using Profit Trailer.
– Getting jobs in the Crypto Industry

I have a few curriculums that I have written. A individual school term crash naturally to get you covered, a 5 school term course of study to get you confident in trade, and more.

next Steps.
1. Request to be my student here
2. See my Calendly link for available sessions.
3. Gmail me at thecryptomitch @ gmail acid com for easier communication

My coach is not investing advice : Please take wide province for your investment decisions. Sometimes it is just decent to talk to person on the travel a few steps ahead of you.


By being my customer you get the follow bonuses which will set your crypto experience on fire !

– BONUS NFT for joining Crypto Voyager Patreon ( Offer Expires 30th Jan 2022 )
– access to my library of data and strategies that I ’ ve created over the years
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– direct Access to me via chirrup or electronic mail, for any questions
– You can journey with me in writing my book, I ‘m taking quotes from the residential district for inclusion in the record.

Message me to book your first lesson today.

I ‘m besides on Linkedin – mitchellphamilton
I ‘m on Twitter – CryptoMitchX
My Website –

If the price is besides expensive for you, join my day by day support group for crypto. Do this by Google searching “ Crypto Voyager Patreon ”. I am using that method for people who have a low budget but want regular support.

Mitch is Creating Confident Crypto Explorers.

* This Coaching is not Investment Advice *
* Do your own research *
* Invest at your own risk *
* Investing in Cryptocurrency is hazardous and can lead to personnel casualty of funds*


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