Quantitative Associate at Interlay

We are looking for a quantitative Associate to add fiscal expertness to our team and help develop and improve our effect product interBTC ( cross-chain algorithmic stablecoin pegged to and physically redeemable 1:1 for BTC ). As a quantitative Associate, you will develop a deep sympathize of our products and become the go-to person for questions on fiscal aspects thereof. Your ultimate goal will be to help us optimize the gain likely for our users while maximzing profits for network operators ( “ Vaults ” ). This will involve market and intersection research, interacting with other protocols, developing investment and fluidity mining strategies – and playing an active function during product purpose. You are our perfect candidate if you have a strong cut record of working with a hedge fund, investment trust, or a DeFi protocol. You are self-managed and used to working in a high-tech ( outside ) environment, and not afraid of learning to use new tech/tools. You are passionate about the opportunities of decentralized finance but besides leery of its challenge and able to see through ballyhoo and FUD – and quick to deep-dive ( or already have ) into this fast-paced diligence. And, survive but not least, you are able and have the solitaire to lay out fiscal concepts to founders and members of the technical school team in non-expert terms.

What you will do

  • Provide financial expertise during product development and improvement cycles to qauntify earning potentials and financial risks
  • Analise market (and blockchain) data to identify meaningful trends and opportunities for us as a business and for our network stakeholders
  • Identify product and integration opportunities between Interlay’s and other DeFi products (AMMs, lending markets, stablecoins) and assist with prioritizing our integrations roadmap
  • Develop token and liquidity mining programs to bootstrap trading activity for both interBTC and other network tokens
  • Assist in risk management analysis of interBTC collateral assets and DeFi integrations


  • At least two years working in a hedge fund, investment bank, or a DeFi protocol
  • A excellent understanding of derivatives (options, futures) and structured financial instruments such as CDOs
  • A data-driven approach to problem-solving using Python, R, or other programming languages
  • A degree in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Economics, Finance, Physics, Quantitative Finance, or a related field with relevant work experience
  • Excellent communication skills focussed cross-functional collaboration with the executive, product, and development teams
  • Experience in contributing to research communities and/or efforts, including publications in relevant journals or conferences
  • Ability to operate and work effectively in a remote setting

Nice to have

  • Previous experience in crypto and/or in a startup is a strong positive (but not a must)
  • Understanding of the risks of decentralized applications

About us

We are an early-stage blockchain inauguration, envisioning a future anyone can use any digital asset on any blockchain, trustless and without limitations. Our flagship intersection is interBTC – a 1:1 Bitcoin-backed asset, collateralized, interoperable, and censorship-resistant. interBTC enables everyone to invest, earn and pay with BTC on any blockchain, realizing the truthful release nature of Bitcoin and decentralized finance.

We are a team of 20 ( and growing ), distributed globally across Europe ( primary time zone ), North America, and Asia. We live decentralization and foil. We ’ ra 100 % outside, all our code is open source, our products are community-owned and backed by top-tier research. We are consecrated contributors to advancing Bitcoin & blockchain technical school since 2015 and believe in the electric potential of a community-owned fiscal system, through ballyhoo and FUD .


  • Research-oriented team
  • Solve novel problems
  • Stock options
  • Remote working
  • 30-day vacation
  • Allowance for a co-working space
  • Yearly retreat

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