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Shiba Inu ( SHIB -4.64 % ) was one of the trendiest cryptocurrencies to come out of 2021, seeing explosive returns throughout the year. If you were golden adequate to invest and sell at just the right moments, you could have made a hearty total of money .
however, Shiba Inu has since plummeted by more than 71 % from its peak in October. While it could potentially rebound, it may struggle to keep up with its stronger competitors over the long condition .
If you missed out on Shiba Inu, that ‘s oklahoma. There ‘s another cryptocurrency that has the potential for unplayful gains, and it ‘s a safe overall investment, excessively : Solana ( SOL -4.02 % ) .
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Will Solana thrive in 2022?

Solana was one of the break stars of the crypto global last year, with its price eminent by more than 11,000 % over the course of 2021. While it has slipped since then ( falling by roughly 50 % since its all-time high in November ), that besides means it ‘s more low-cost proper now — making it a fresh opportunity to buy.

There are several reasons why this year could be a beneficial one for Solana. For one, it ‘s steadily gaining traction in the decentralized application ( dApp ) and non-fungible keepsake ( NFT ) spaces, becoming a solid rival to Ethereum ( ETH -3.13 % ) .
Ethereum is still the leader when it comes to dApps, but its slow transaction times and high fees have resulted in developers and users flocking to Solana. While Ethereum is in the process of updating its network to increase its speed and lower its costs, that is n’t expected to be completed until erstwhile adjacent class. That ‘s a lot of time for Solana to continue gaining commercialize share .

In summation, Solana recently announced its latest project, Solana Pay, which is a peer-to-peer payment protocol. Through Solana Pay, users can make real-time payments to merchants using SOL ( Solana ‘s native nominal ) or any early Solana-supported cryptocurrency. With near-zero fees and small affect on the environment, Solana Pay could be more low-cost and effective than other payment coins, such as Bitcoin.

Some have even compared Solana Pay to PayPal, saying that it could potentially revolutionize the manner cryptocurrency is used as a form of requital .

Is it time to invest in Solana?

Solana could have a bright future, but like all cryptocurrencies, it ‘s calm notional at this point. cipher can say for certain how Solana will perform ( or whether it will succeed at all ), which can make it a bad investing .
Before you buy, make surely you ‘re only investing money you can realistically afford to lose, and prepare yourself for more excitability. even if Solana does succeed over the hanker terminus, it will likely be a rough road along the room as crypto continues to find its foot .
besides, double-check that the rest of your portfolio is in good shape before investing in crypto. Because Solana is a bad investment, it ‘s judicious to ensure you have a strong, diversify survival of stocks in your portfolio. This way, if Solana does flop, you ‘ll have plenty of solid investments to fall back on.

Shiba Inu is n’t the merely cryptocurrency to have seen phenomenal earnings over the past year, and Solana ‘s growth streak could be just getting started. If you ‘re uncoerced to take on higher risk for the electric potential to earn substantial returns, Solana could be the investment for you .

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