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The take after terms of overhaul ( “ TOS ” ) will apply to the agreement to provide service between CryptoConsultz, LLC ( “ Company ” ), and the individual or business entity identified on the order form for said services ( “ Customer ” ). These terms, along with the bind “ Legal Considerations, Risks and Disclaimer, ” shall hereinafter be referred to as the “ Agreement ” between the two above mentioned parties .

Service Rates
Customer acknowledges that they have been made adequately mindful of the initial rates and fees associated with services being rendered by the Company and have received a complete description of services to be rendered. Customer besides acknowledges that the Company reserves the correct to change the intend rates and charges from time to time. Any promotional offers made by the Company are contingent upon the Company maintaining its price of service goals, including but not restrict to rates charged by its suppliers. Where potential, the Company will provide the Customer with a minimum of 15 days ’ comment of any rate changes.

Payments and Fees
Customer acknowledges that the Company is under no debt instrument to provide services under the terms of this Agreement until all stated charges have been paid-in-full, and the Company has been able to adequately verify the cogency of said payment .

Recurring Payments
Recurring payments will become due and account payable on the beginning day of the calendar month following the completion of the first gear invoice term, and will continue as such for all subsequent invoices. Any explanation that becomes past-due may will be subject to a 10 % late payment fee, and may be suspended or disabled for non-payment at any time at the exclusive discretion of the Company. Accounts suspended or disabled for non-payment may be subject to a restitution cathexis due and collectible anterior to service being restored. Any accounts that are not collectible by the Company will be turned over to an outside solicitation agency. If your account is turned over for collection, you agree to pay the Company a “ Collection Fee ” of not less than $ 150, in addition to any fees that may be imposed by the outside collection representation or its legal theatrical performance. All services that the Company offers are considered to be provided on a strictly prepaid footing .

refund policy
All services rendered by the Company are provided on a non-refundable footing. This includes, but it not limited to, seance fees, software fees, seminar fees, webinar fees, monthly fees, upgrade fees, professional services fees, and bandwidth overage fees, regardless of usage. In addition, if your account is canceled by the company for rape of this Agreement or the attach acceptable consumption policy, all payments made to the Company become completely non-refundable. Customer agrees not to charge back any recognition batting order payments for services rendered. In the event that a customer files a charge back or other requital dispute, they will be considered to be in rape of this agreement and may be submit to collection action as described in the “ Payments and Fees ” section above .

Service Cancellation

Scheduled Services :
If the Customer is unable to attend a schedule appointment, the Customer may cancel the appointment. Cancellations must occur no less than twenty-four ( 24 ) hours anterior to the appointment time .

Cancellations with > 24 hour notice :
The Customer will be charged a minimum $ 25 cancellation fee for appointments cancelled greater than 24 hours anterior to the scheduled appointment meter. The Company ’ s $ 25 cancellation fee is applied to each hour of services that are cancelled. The Customer can cancel the appointment by accessing the connection and following the directions as outlined in the session confirmation e-mail that is sent by the Company ’ s third party scheduling supplier .

In order for the customer to be considered for a partial refund for cancellations made more than twenty-four ( 24 ) hours anterior to the scheduled appointee time, the Customer must complete the refund request form found on the CryptoConsultz web site at hypertext transfer protocol : //www.cryptoconsultz.com/customer-service.html

Refunds issued are at the delicacy of the Company and are not guaranteed. If a refund is approved and issued, the Customer will be refunded the original leverage price less the above named $ 25 cancellation tip charged for each hour of services cancelled. The company is under no duty to provide this refund but will consider the circumstances for which the appointment was cancelled when evaluating refund requests for cancellations made greater than twenty-four ( 24 ) hours prior to the scheduled appointee time. Refunds requests will be evaluated and processed within 30 days of request date. The Customer will receive an e-mail from the party outlining the determination of the refund request. The company is not liable for delays in refunds made by the payment march ship’s company .

Any reschedule sessions must be scheduled and completed within the agenda handiness posted on the date of the cancellation. CryptoConsultz LLC does not guarantee rescheduling handiness as the appointee times available are dependent on the necessitate for services and adviser handiness. In the event that a client is not able to find an clear appointment prison term at the time of appointee cancellation, the node forfeits the seance and will not be offered a refund or extra opportunities to reschedule .

Cancelations with < 24 hour poster : In the consequence that the Customer cancels a school term less than twenty-four ( 24 ) hours prior to the scheduled appointee meter, the Customer will not receive a refund nor will the Customer be guaranteed an opportunity to reschedule the appointment clock time. The company is under no debt instrument to offer rescheduling opportunities, however, if the Company elects to offer the Customer a reschedule opportunity the Customer may be charged a drop-in tip of $ 39 . Under no circumstances is the ship's company or its staff obligated to cancel or reschedule appointments for the Customer. The Customer may request such aid which will be provided as a courtesy to the Customer when available . Non-Scheduled Services : Requests to cancel non-scheduled services may be made by the Customer by notifying the Company ’ s Billing Department. such requests can be made by emailing the request to billing @ cryptoconsultz.com. All requests for military service cancellation must be made a minimum of 10 days prior to the reclamation date of the service being cancelled. failure to provide notice at least 10 days anterior to the renewal date will result in a wax billable monthly bicycle prior to cancellation. Where all services are considered to be provided on a strictly prepaid basis, no prorated or partial derivative refunds will be made. All outstanding invoices must be paid in full prior to requesting cancellation . no-show policy In the consequence the Customer does not attend an appointment and does not cancel the appointment anterior to the scheduled appointment time, the Company considers it a “ no-show ” date. no-show impact the consultants who anticipate the school term equally well as other clients who could have been seen in the spot that was missed. The ship's company is under no obligation to issue refunds to Customers for no display appointments nor is the Company obligated to offer the Customer an opportunity to reschedule no express appointments. In the consequence the company does offer the Customer an opportunity to reschedule a no appearance appointment the Customer will be charged a drop-in tip of $ 39 . The Company has the properly to suspend or restrict the Customers schedule privileges and refuse any future services in the event of a no indicate appointment . termination policy All sessions purchases, goods, services, or other sales are national to our 6-month passing. Refunds for purchases made will not be issued. The party is under no obligation to provide services for purchases made greater than 180 days from purchase date. It is the duty of the Customer to ensure that the services purchased are available within the exhalation date prior to making a purchase . virtual Consulting Session Process Scheduling & Payment CryptoConsultz LLC uses Zoom for the Company ’ s virtual consult sessions provided to the Customer. In club to participate in virtual consult sessions, the Customer must complete the CryptoConsultz Intake Form which includes a associate to the Terms of Service, outlined here, adenine well as the Legal Considerations and Risk Disclaimer as outlined below. The Customer must agree to these Terms of Services ampere good as the Legal Considerations and Risk disclaimer in regulate to proceed to the third base party scheduling web site www.Calendly.com. In order to complete the scheduling work with Calendly, the Customer must make the payment for services in full. After the Customer has completed the CryptoConsultz Intake Form, scheduled the session through Calendly and made the requital for services in full, the Customer will receive an electronic mail outlining the “ Meeting Details. ” Connecting to Virtual Consulting Sessions prior to the scheduled seance time, the Customer can connect to the meet through the merging link provided in the in the “ Invitation ” electronic mail. failure of the Customer to locate the “ Invitation ” email and/or access the meeting yoke prior to the Customer ’ s scheduled seance does not obligate the Company to provide the customer with a refund. The Customer is provided a courtesy “ Meeting Preparation ” electronic mail from the company with instructions on how to connect. It is the province of the Customer to prepare for the meet and address any connectivity issues anterior to the meet and before the twenty-four ( 24 ) hour cancellation deadline . The Company offers virtual consult sessions through Zoom as a courtesy to the Customer but is in no manner obligated to provide seance through virtual consult platforms. In the event that the Customer or a representative of the Company is unable to connect to about, a phone reference will be provided . The caller does not accommodate for technical difficulties on the Customer ’ sulfur end. It is the province of the Customer to test all devices and connectivity platforms prior to the schedule meeting time. The company is not obligated to provide customer accompaniment in addressing connectivity problems . Delayed reference Sessions The Company allows a ten ( 10 ) minute decorate period to account for delays in meet times for Customers, regardless of the reason for delay. The company is not obligated to provide a refund to the Customer for meetings delayed less than ten ( 10 ) minutes from the schedule meet meter . In the consequence the Customer is late, the Customer is required to call the CryptoConsultz support occupation at 360-601-8800 to report the delay. The company does not guarantee that corroborate staff will be available on demand before, during or after the Customer ’ s session time. See Customer Service response times for details. The Company ’ south adviser will wait on the meeting for ten ( 10 ) minutes in club to allow the customer to join the call or virtual school term. Should the Customer fail to connect to the meet within ten ( 10 ) minutes prison term the school term will be terminated and considered a no express. Refunds will not be given for no express appointments. See above `` no show '' terms for details. If the Customer connects to the meet within ten-spot ( 10 ) minutes of the scheduled seance begin time, the meet will continue as scheduled. No extra clock will be added to the consultation session time to accommodate for session delays due to Customer delay. The company is under no obligation to make further attempts to contact the Customer during times of meet delay but may do then as a courtesy to the customer in the event a meet is delayed . In the event the Company ’ s example has a stay in joining a session, the Customer agrees to wait on the channel for ten ( 10 ) minutes to account for the Company ’ s grace period as outlined above before terminating the seance. Should the Company ’ s representative fail to join the suffer within ten-spot minutes, the Customer will be offered a full refund in the sum of the original purchase price for the school term. alternatively, the Customer may elect an opportunity to reschedule the session along with a complementary extra thirty ( 30 ) minutes of consultation time which can be scheduled within six ( 6 ) months of the master purchase date .

In the event the Company ’ randomness congressman is less than ten-spot ( 10 ) minutes late to the meeting, the Customer will be given the opportunity to extend the meet time by fifteen ( 15 ) minutes or will be given a complementary 15 moment consultation school term which may be scheduled within six ( 6 ) months of the master purchase date .

In the event of any delays, the Customer can request a refund or complemental seance, as outlined above, by submitting a Customer Service Request on the Website .

charge Errors
Customer acknowledges that the Company will make it ‘s best attempt to ensure that all invoices are correctly issued. however, should Customer note any possible errors, Customer agrees to notify our Billing department within 15 days of the issue of the errant invoice. After 15 days, all invoices will be assumed to be correct, and no farther placard adjustments will be made .

Billing Department Inquiries : placard @ cryptoconsultz.com

No Lease Implied
Customer acknowledges that the Company is providing a service, and no binding lease of physical equipment or actual estate is in any way implied as share of this agreement .

privacy policy
ship’s company will not sell, rent, borrow, give, or differently qualify of any type of customer provided information to any third base party unless compelled to do so by police or in cooperation with any jurisprudence enforcement investigation. company reserves the right to collect and utilize any customer information, including, but not limit to email addresses and vane web site cookies, for home trailing and/or market purposes .

irreverence of Terms
Should Customer violate any of these terms, the Company will attempt to contact the customer by electronic mail or telephone before taking any action where evitable. however, the Company will pursue whatever legal action is necessary to serve its best interest in these cases, even if that should necessitate the pause or result of Customer ‘s services without any type of notification .

charge Response Times
The company does not guarantee that support staff will be available on demand before, during or after the Customer ’ s school term clock time. Customer Service inquiries can be made by filling out the Customer Service Request Form. Requests will be prioritizes at the discretion of the Company. CryptoConsultz LLC makes no guarantee to complaint reaction times but does make every effort to address Customer requests in a timely manner, typically within 3-5 business days .



You must read the keep up “ Legal Considerations, Risks and Disclaimer ” incision before : ( one ) making use of services provided by CryptConsultz LLC ( the “ Company ” ) and any and all information available on the web site ( south ) of CRYPTOCONSULTZ LLC located at www.cryptoconsultz.com ( the “ Website ” ). This “ Legal Considerations, Risks and Disclaimer ” section applies to services provided and any and all information available on the Website or through communications with CryptoConsultz LLC. The contents of this “ Legal Considerations, Risks and Disclaimer ” section outlines the terms and conditions applicable to you in connection with ( iodine ) your use of CryptoConsultz LLC services and of any and all data available on the Website ; and/or ( two ) your engagement in any educational/coaching sessions or seminars offered. In each casing in addition to any other terms and conditions that we may publish from time to clock relating to virtual currency, blockchain technology and fiscal transactions ( such terms hereinafter referred to as the “ Terms ” ). This “ Legal Considerations, Risks and Disclaimer ” section may be updated from time to time and will be published as contribution of the latest version of the Website which shall be available on the Website. You shall be obliged to check the latest available version of the Website anterior to participating in any CryptoConsultz LLC services, including but not limit to educational/coaching sessions, seminars, telephone/email/other communications .

The information set away in this “ Legal Considerations, Risks and Disclaimer ” section may not be exhaustive and does not imply any elements of a contractual relationship. While we make every fair attempt to ensure that all information provided to clients and available on the Website ( all the information provided/available to customers through communications or on the Website hereinafter referred to as the “ Available Information ” ) is accurate and up to date, such material in no way constitutes professional advice. The company neither guarantees nor accepts responsibility for the accuracy, dependability, stream state or completeness of the available data. Individuals intending to participate in fiscal transactions or investments should seek professional advice anterior to acting on any of the available information .

Given the changeable and largely unregulated condition of distributed ledger technologies, businesses and activities deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency-related businesses and activities, the Company has spent a significant sum of time and resources to vet valid information to provide to customers .

The company does not recommend purchasing Tokens, Coins or other forms of currency or property for inquisitive investment purposes. Cryptocurrency, virtual/digital currentness, and Tokens are sold as digital assets, similar to downloadable software, digital music and the alike. The company does not recommend that you make such purchases unless you have anterior experience with cryptanalytic tokens, blockchain-based software and distributed ledger engineering and unless you have taken independent professional advice .

The caller does not provide any opinion or any advice to purchase, sell, or otherwise transact with virtual/digital currency and the display, publication or communication of all or any part of the available Information shall not form the footing of, or be relied upon in connection with, any shrink or investment decision .

No part of the available data should be considered to be business, legal, fiscal or tax advice regarding the ship’s company, the coins/tokens/digital currency/virtual currency or any of the matters to which all or any part of the available information relates. You should consult your own legal, fiscal, tax or other professional adviser regarding the available data .

In no event shall the Company or any stream or former employees, officers, directors, partners, trustees, representative, agents, advisors, contractors, or volunteers of the Company ( hereinafter the “ Company Representatives ” ) be liable for : ( one ) any loss of profits, lost savings or incidental, indirect, especial or consequential damages, arising out of your practice or inability to use the services or products offered by the Company or the rupture of any of these Terms by you or by any third party ; ( two ) any security risk such as hack attacks, loss of password, loss of private key, or alike ; ( three ) mistakes or errors in code, text, or images involved in the in any of the available information ; or ( four ) any data contained in the available information or any expectation promise representation or guarantee arise ( or purportedly arising ) thence ; ( five ) any losses resulting from the excitability in pricing of Coins, Tokens, Cryptocurrency, Virtual/Digital Currency or other currency in any countries and on any rally or market ( regulated, unregulated, primary, secondary or differently ) ; ( six ) any losses or damages arising out of or in connection with the purchase, function, sale or otherwise of the Coins, Tokens, Cryptocurrency, Virtual/Digital Currency or other currency ; or ( seven ) arising out of or in any way connected to your failure to by rights secure any secret keystone to a wallet containing Coins, Tokens, Cryptocurrency, Virtual/Digital Currency or early currency, ( jointly, the “ Excluded Liability Matters ” ) .

The available information is provided on an “ as is ” basis and without any warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied. You assume all duty and risk with deference to your use of the available information and buy of any amount of Coins, Tokens, Cryptocurrency, Virtual/Digital Currency and their habit. If applicable jurisprudence does not allow all or any partially of the above limit of liability to apply to you, the limitations will apply to you lone to the maximal extent permitted by applicable law. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable jurisprudence, you hereby irrevocably and flatly forfeit : ( i ) all and any claims ( whether actual or contingent and whether as an employee, office holder, regent or in any other capacity whatsoever or howsoever arising ) including, without limitation, claims for or relating to the Excluded Liability Matters, any payment or repayment of monies, indemnity or otherwise that you may have against the company or against any of the Company Representatives ; and ( two ) publish and discharge the Company and all of the Company Representatives from any and all liability ( of any nature or howsoever arising ) it or they may have to you. If for any reason you hereafter bring or begin any action or legal continue in deference of any title purported to be released and discharged pursuant to this paragraph or these Terms, or otherwise attack to pursue any such claim against the Company or any Company Representative then you hereby irrevocably and unconditionally undertake to indemnify, and keep indemnified the Company and all Company Representatives fully on demand from and against : ( a ) all liabilities or losses suffered by the Company or any Company Representative ; and ( barn ) all fair costs, charges and reasonable expenses ( including without restriction reasonable legal costs and expenses ) sanely and by rights incurred by the Company or any Company Representative, in each casing by cause of or in joining with the bring or beginning of such carry through or pursuit of such claim by you. If any provision or part-provision of this “ Legal Considerations, Risks and Disclaimer ” section is or becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable, it shall be deemed modify to the minimum extent necessity to make it valid, legal and enforceable. If such alteration is not potential, the relevant provision or part-provision shall be deemed erase. Any modification to or deletion of a planning or part-provision under this “ Legal Considerations, Risks and Disclaimer ” section shall not affect the cogency and enforceability of the rest of this “ Legal Considerations, Risks and Disclaimer ” section .

The company does not make or purport to make, and hereby disclaims, any representation, guarantee or undertaking in any form any to any entity or person, including any representation, guarantee or undertake in relation to the truth, accuracy and completeness of any of the data set out in the available information .

By howsoever accessing and/or accepting monomania or communication of all or any separate of the available information, you represent and warrant ( and shall be deemed to represent and warrant ) to the caller on the date of such access or on the latest date on which you retain possession of all or any partially of the available data as follows : ( a ) you are over 18 ( eighteen ) years of historic period ; ( bacillus ) you agree and acknowledge that the available information does not constitute a prospectus or offer document of any sort and is not intended to constitute an crack of securities in any legal power or a solicitation for investing in securities and you are not bound to enter into any compress or tie legal commitment ( cytosine ) you agree and acknowledge that no regulative authority has examined or approved of the available Information, no legal action has been or will be taken under the laws, regulative requirements or rules of any legal power and the issue, distribution or dissemination of all or any part of the available information to you does not imply that the applicable laws, regulative requirements or rules have been complied with ; ( five hundred ) you have a basic degree of understand of the operation, functionality, use, storage, transmittance mechanisms and other material characteristics of cryptocurrencies, blockchain based software systems, cryptocurrency wallets or other relate token storage mechanisms, blockchain technology and ache shrink engineering ; ( east ) you agree and acknowledge that the Company is not apt for any indirect, especial, incidental, consequential or other losses of any kind, in tort, compress or otherwise ( including but not limited to loss of tax income, income or profits, or loss of use or data, or loss of reputation, or loss of any economic or other opportunity of any nature or howsoever arising ), arising out of or in connection with any acceptance of or reliance on the available information or any separate thereof by you ; and ( degree fahrenheit ) all of the above representations and warranties are true, complete, accurate and not misleading from the time of your last access to and/or possession of ( as the casing may be ) the available information .

All statements contained in the available information, statements made in any press releases or in any place accessible by the public and oral statements that may be made by the Company or the caller Representatives ( as the event may be ), that are not statements of historical fact, establish “ ahead looking statements ”. Some of these statements can be identified by advanced terms such as “ purpose ”, “ target ”, “ anticipate ”, “ believe ”, “ could ”, “ estimate ”, “ expect ”, “ if ”, “ intend ”, “ may ”, “ plan ”, “ potential ”, “ probable ”, “ plan ”, “ should ”, “ would ”, “ will ” or other similar terms. however, these terms are not the exclusive means of identifying advanced statements. All statements regarding the Company ’ s fiscal position, commercial enterprise strategies, plans and prospects and the future prospects of the industry which the ship’s company is in are advanced statements. These forth looking statements, including but not limited to statements as to a company ’ randomness tax income profitableness and growth, expected gross profitableness and emergence, prospects, future plans, other expected diligence trends and their matters discussed in the available information regarding the company are matters that are not historic facts, but alone estimations and predictions. The Company makes no representation or guarantee on having made any predictions or estimates or expectations on the basis of any formula, any mathematical or scientific model or calculate, or having made any ascribable and proper enquiries or having undertake any independent research or studies or otherwise. These advanced statements involve known and strange risks, uncertainties and early factors that may cause the actual future results, performance or achievements of a ship’s company to be materially different from any future results, operation or achievements expected, expressed or implied by such advanced statements. Given that risks and uncertainties that may cause the actual future results, performance or achievements of a ship’s company to be materially different from that expected, expressed or implied by the advanced statements in the available information, excessive reliance must not be placed on these statements. nothing contained in the available information is or may be relied upon as a promise, representation or undertake as to the future performance. Further, the Company disclaims any duty to update any of those advanced statements or publicly announce any revisions to those advanced statements to reflect future developments, events or circumstances, flush if modern information becomes available or other events occur in the future .

hazard FACTORS
You should cautiously consider and evaluate all hazard factors and all other information contained in these Terms before deciding to participate in CryptoConsultz LLC services. All risk factors which are material to you in making an inform judgment to participate in cryptocurrency, digital/virtual currentness, Token sales and blockchain engineering should be evaluated by the customer. The Company takes no liability for such risk .

privacy POLICY
By using the Company ’ s web site and/or participating in the Company ’ mho services, you agree to your personal data, ( i.e., your e-mail address, name, address and other details personal to you ) being processed by the Company for its occupation purposes or the purposes of build, promote, and convey ( about ) the Company ’ sulfur clientele platform. The company agrees to keep your electronic mail address and other personal data private and not share it with the public ( for example, by selling to any third base parties ).

The distribution or dissemination howsoever of all or any separate of the available information may be prohibited or restricted by the laws, regulative requirements and rules of certain jurisdictions. In the case where any such restriction applies, you are responsible for informing yourself in obedience of the same and for observing any such restrictions which are applicable to your self-control and/or dispersion of all or any part of the available information at your own expense and without indebtedness to the Company. Persons to whom a copy of all or any part of the Available Information which has been distributed or disseminated, provided access to or who differently have all or any separate of the available information in their self-control shall not circulate it to any other persons, reproduce or otherwise circulate any information contained herein for any purpose whatsoever nor permit or cause the same to occur .

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