Crypto funds, ICOs and Blockchain

Establishing crypto, ICO and blockchain funds, and launching ICOs for corporates .

The popularity of cryptocurrencies and advances in blockchain engineering has created a stove of investment opportunities for option investment managers .

Crypto funds

Investors are looking for flexible structures which enable them to invest in cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. Crypto funds allow managers to invest in and trade a portfolio of digital currencies, following traditional, alternative and raw investment strategies, such as long-only, market neutral, swerve follow, CTA, quant, long-short and AI.

Creatrust can help investors to set up crypto funds with flexibility to invest across different types of crypto token .


initial Coin Offerings ( ICOs ) enable young businesses with high growth electric potential to promptly raise money to fund their expansion. In restitution for the funds raised, which can be in traditional or digital currencies, investors receive cryptocurrency tokens providing exposure to the company ’ second achiever, or the rights to benefit from its assets and services.

Creatrust helps investors to set up funds to invest in ICOs. We can besides advise new and unseasoned businesses on launching an ICO. We support the company ( the issuer ) to create the ICO white paper explaining the implicit in terms of the offer and can besides help the ICO ’ s showman on the regulative framework, elements of the market campaign required to generate pastime in the ICO and the distribution of tokens through blockchain .

utility Tokens versus Security Tokens
Different types of tokens can be issued in the market including utility tokens, property tokens, security tokens and socially responsible or impingement investing.

Creatrust helps promoter to understand the regulative and tax framework related to these different type of nominal issue .


Creatrust supports investors to set up flexible structures which enable them to pursue opportunities to invest in advanced blockchain technologies and companies, including those operating in the fintech, veridical estate and legal sectors .

special Limited Partnership for Crypto, ICO, Blockchain

The Special Limited Partnership is a kind of companies which can be incorporated in Luxembourg by one General Partner ( GP ) and one Limited Partner ( LP – investor ) .

  • It can be set up within 2-4 weeks
  • No prior regulatory approval
  • Unregulated Alternative Investment Fund under the AIFMD
  • Its manager should be regulated only when its AUM is over > 100 Mio (500 Mio for closed-end funds)
  • The SLP can invest in any type of assets: equities, participations, bonds, loans, artworks, cars, hedge fund strategies, liquid or illiquid instruments, real estate, private equity, etc.
  • No custodian required
  • No audit required
  • No prime broker required
  • Fully Tax transparent – fully tax exempt in Luxembourg – No VAT
  • Clearing and settlement of subscriptions with Euroclear – Fundsettle 

Contacts us for more data on setting up a crypto, ICO or blockchain fund, or launching an ICO.

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