Don’t Forget to Claim Crypto Losses on Your Taxes | The Motley Fool

In this clip from “ The future of Fintech ” on Motley Fool Live, recorded on Feb. 10, Motley Fool contributors Matt Frankel and Jason Hall lecture about what investors need to account for and claim with their cryptocurrency gains and losses and discuss the headaches it can create when it comes to account .

Matt Frankel: Can you take a loss on crypto ? Yes, you absolutely can. If you spend $ 2,000 on Bitcoin ( BTC -2.86 % ) and you sell it for $ 1,000, you can absolutely take that loss to the extent that you ‘re allowed to do therefore. Generally, capital losses are used to first offset capital gains at the lapp time. If that is a short-run capital loss and you have short-run capital gains, you can use it to cancel it out. I think the annual limit is still beyond offsetting gains. I think the annual restrict is inactive $ 3,000 that you can use capital losses to offset each year up to $ 3,000 of personnel casualty and then anything above that, you can carry it over to the adjacent year. But yes, if you bought Bitcoin at the extremum, for exemplar, and sold it very recently toward the end of 2021 at a loss, you can absolutely use those losses against other gains or, in some cases, against other income .
Jason Hall: For transactions besides. If you bought $ 500 worth of Bitcoin, the price of Bitcoin fell and you use it to buy $ 100 worth of goods because that ‘s all your Bitcoin was worth at that point, you still lost $ 400. It works the same way. It ‘s not going to be a set of fun for a bunch of people that have been transactional with crypto. here ‘s the other thing besides. If it ‘s just that you ‘re trading it, it ‘s the lapp thing if you ‘re a day trader. You have tons of transactions, lots of monetary value basis you ‘re measuring, and lots of accomplished gains and losses. It ‘s going to be the same thing .
Frankel: It could wholly be an account nightmare, particularly if you bought your Bitcoin at several different times. If you buy Bitcoin once and then use it to live off of for like a year, it ‘s better than if you ‘re buying or you ‘re getting paid in Bitcoin once a week, and have to figure out what the value is at the time and things like that. There ‘s a draw that it could be an report nightmare for very quickly .

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